This article is only for Mickey Mouse's appearance in Cartoon All-Star Rumble. For other appearances of this character, please visit Mickey Mouse! Thank You! - Afro

Mickey Mouse
Voice Actor(s)
Chris Diamantopoulos
First Appearance Steamboat Willie (1928)

Mickey Mouse (ミッキーマウス, Mikkīmausu) is a starting fighter in the game Cartoon All-Star Rumble, who along with all other fighters in the roster is making his first apperance in the series. Like almost all other characters in the game, Mickey's design remains true to his original Disney incarnation, while also adding touches or realism such as his shorts being made of cotton. Overall, Mickey appears as 3D incarnation of the famous mouse. His voice clips will be provided by his current voice actor, Chris Diamantopoulos who provides his voice in the Mickey Mouse shorts. His moveset reflects many of the character's famous incarnations such as Fantasia, Steamboat Willie, and the modern Mickey Mouse shorts.





On-Screen Appearance

Victory Fanfare

Role in The King of Darkness

Palette Swaps



Voice Actors

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