This page is for Mickey Mouse in the game, Cartoon Fighters for the Wii U . Please do not edit this page.

Character Description

Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character and is Disney's mascot who first appeared in the short film, Plane Crazy. He is a well rounded character and is great to use for beginning players. Mickey uses his paintbrush he took from the wizard Yen Sid in Epic Mickey for most of his attacks. His Final Smash also pays tribute to the Epic Mickey series. 



Mickey Mouse, as he appears in Cartoon Fighters.

Mickey's Attacks:

Standard Special Paint/Thinner Splash
Side Special Paint/Thinner Stream
Up Special Paintbrush Spin
Down Special Fireworks
Final Smash

Remote Detonator

Moveset Description

Standard B: Paint/Thinner Splash

Using his magic paintbrush, Mickey will shoot a ball of blue paint directly at a foe, dealing 5% damage on contact. Occasionally, a blast of green thinner will be shot out of the paintbrush, which instead does 8% damage onto an enemy.Standard B: Paint/Thinner Splash

Side B: Paint/Thinner Stream

Mickey uses his paintbrush to blast out a stream of paint, which deals 7% damage onto an opponent. Every once in a while, a stream of thinner will instead be blasted out of Mickey's paint-brush, which deals a total of 11% damage onto a foe.

Up B: Paintbrush Spin Mickey jumps up and uses his paintbrush like a helicopter to either deal damage to an enemy or to get out of a sticky situation as another jump. If this attack does come onto contact with an opponent, it will deal 8% damage.

Down B: Fireworks

Mickey will crouch down and set a series of colorful fireworks onto the battlefield. If a foe gets caught amongst these explosives, they may accumulate up to 3%-36% damage.

Final Smash: Remote Detonator

When activated, Mickey pulls a remote from his pocket and presses the button, which triggers a series of fireworks throughout the arena. Fighters that happen to find themselves in the midst of this powerful attack will rack up a total of 3%-150% damage.

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