Mick Cool and YE: Overman's Nightmarish Return is a game being made by Boulder Games Inc. and Bomb Productions Games. It will come out for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Boulder Dimension System and other videogame consoles.


It starts out with Overman Supreme thinking about changing the world to his likings. So he decides to get help from The Nightmare King. Mick Cool and YoshiEgg Nook individually hear about this and decide to stop them, with help from their friends such as The Groo and Micool. But little does Mick and YE know, their friends are being cloned into evil spirit versions of themselves.


There are certain worlds you have to go through in order beat bosses, eventually leading to the final bosses.

Green Egglands

Tropical Jungle

Fried Desert

Illusion Iceland

Cracked Canyon

Boilbub Volcano

Spirit Badlands

Overman's Supreme Land


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