Micheal Conrad
Micheal Conrad wearing Resistance Force armour (Paradox: Redemption)
Current Age Late-20s to early-30s
Date of Birth Late 2345
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive (2355)
Empire of the Alphas, Resistance Force
Main Weapon(s) Plasma blaster
Vulnerable To Plasma shots
First Appearance Paradox
Latest Appearance Shattered Time
Shoot first; if they're still alive shoot again; if they survive that then feel free to ask questions when we get back to base.
Micheal Conrad, Paradox

Fleet Captain Micheal J. Conrad is a major character in the Paradox series. Despite not being playable for the majority of the series, he has been confirmed to be playable in the upcoming game Shattered Time. There is  a little bit of controversy as to whether the Micheal Conrad from Star Pilot is the same one as from the rest of the series, and Metroidfan01 (tbc) seems to be avoiding releasing information.


Due to the war-torn world he was born and raised in, Conrad is a tough-as-nails soldier with absolutely no place in his heart for mercy. This trait makes him a valuable asset to the Resistance Force once he deserts the Imperial Navy.