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Michael is an antrhropomorphic greninja and is the emperor of the 4 siblings' home planet. He was known to be murdered during the night and nobody knows who did it.


Born as a froakie with violent power, his parents were impressed when he attacked his sister because he was born with ultimate water powers while his sister had none because he absorbed her powers using the stone. After killing his sister on accident, his father was impressed to see his sister die.

Mikey didn't appreciate his father's impression after the death of his sister and Mikey was told that he will start hurting everybody when he becomes a fully evolved greninja. Then as Mikey evolved into a frogadier, he entered the ballot to see which second form Pokemon would become new emperor (since the old emperor is too old to be the emperor), Mikey was put into battle against a servine.

His battle against the teenage servine ended with Mikey prison shanking him and snapping his neck as the final blow. Then as he had fought more and more second evolved Pokemon, he felt sorry for brutally beating and killing the other pokemon and was chosen as emperor.

Pthe next day, he allowed his friends dahlia, chestnut, arty, Cleo, Enzo, demon, flames and lioness into his home planet and they all moved in with then. This was the time his monarchy ended. During the night when he was making a midnight snack, he heard a window being broken and someone broke in. He fought this intruder, but he lost. His death was a broken piece of glass being jammed into his neck and shanked by knives.

After his friends found out about this, the 4 siblings declared war on each other for the throne and allied theirselves with many forces and squads as usually.

  • Demon and Enzo are allied with each other, the adno squad, and any other squad in the planet war.
  • Lioness and flames are allied with each other, the sonic squad, Mario squad, the UT squad, the RPG squad and other squads in the planet war.


Mikey wears a turquoise shirt and I do not know his other attributes, thank you.


Mikey was known to be violent, rude and cold to anything and anyone who comes across him. He then feels great remorse and sadness after accidentally killing his sister because of the voices inside of his head.

He was even shown to be emotionally tortured by his father for being violent and never wanted to hurt anybody. He can be angry whenever he sees high analyzation and sometimes sad, so there would be no reason to hurt him.


    WARNING: This article here contains spoilers for my new series war of the planets. Please read at your own risk.

When Mikey was making a midnight snack after he became hungry in the middle of the night, he heard someone breaking a window and went to look who it was. It turns out it was a ringtail cat with purple hair, gloves and a bandana with black swirls. She had pulled a piece of the broken window from the window panes and got into fighting stance.

Mikey believed in himself and used his water powers to take out Ivy, but she dodged all of them and shot Mikey with her venom. The poor defeated greninja felt defeat and weak that he fell to the floor and coughed. He felt venom streaming through his veins, blood stream and body, ivy walked up to him and grabbed onto the broken window shard.

She grabbed Mikey by the head, impaled his neck with the shard, the evil ringtail cat grabbed some knives and prison shanked him with them. She then flies out of the window, but not without grabbing Bambi the cat's claw and scratching him, getting out a kitchen knife (that looks like killer yoshi's) and Impales it into his body.

When the others found out about the death of Mikey the greninja, 2 older siblings Enzo and demon declared war against their younger siblings flames and lioness. There is a law in the Panthera universe that older siblings can only declare war against their younger siblings.

And then The Pokemon police department came me found Ivy walking out of the greninja household. They questioned Ivy, but all the things she said were lies.

"Umm, yes. The Galaxy warriors did that! T-they broke in and killed the emperor! It's all true and I did not even see it!" - Ivy, being a liar about the death of mikey. The reason why Ivy killed him was because she was emotionally tortured by him and he was too rude to her so she drove him into extinction.

The planet war is still going on today.

Known victims

Nothing would be known, but it should be stated that Mikey had killed almost everybody since of how violent he is.

His own sister

Used his water attacks and drowned his own sister inside of a fish tank and used water gun to fill it up and closed it tightly.

A female braixen

Shot her by using a steel diver. Bullet hole unknown, but on the head.

A male Servine

Prison shanked him and snapped his neck.

Every second evolved Pokemon

Some deaths known, some unknown.


  • Both Mikey the greninja and Queen oasis have both things in common: they were killed and their allies and daughters have declared war on each other.

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