Michael Jackson's Thriller is a hybrid beat-em-up/shooter video game from Lone Planet Productions. It is being developed for the PlayStation 4, with plans to port it to the Nintendo Switch in 2017.


The dead are rising from their graves to terrorize civilians. Among the zombies is the famous pop star, Michael Jackson. After being cured by scientists, Jackson sets out to find whoever is unleashing the undead forces.


Gameplay is very similar to the classic game, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, most notably the arcade and Genesis versions. Players take control of Michael Jackson as they travel to locations around the world to fight zombies, vampires, ghosts, and other undead creatures.

Jackson's main attacks involve his dance moves. He can perform a stylized kick, as well as spin around to charge his fedora, which acts as a boomerang. However, spinning will slowly drain Jackson's health. If the player holds the kick button long enough and walks the opposite direction, he will perform the Moonwalk, which replenishes health for a limited time.

Jackson can also pick up guns and use them against enemies (a homage to the music video of his song, "Smooth Criminal"). Five types of guns can be used: rifles, pistols, shotguns, snipers, and machine guns.

  • Rifles are well balanced weapons, and the first guns Jackson can find.
  • Pistols don't deal much damage, but they don't put any weight on Jackson in terms of movement.
  • Shotguns don't reach very far, but each bullet packs a ton of attack power.
  • Snipers deal more damage the farther away Jackson is from an enemy. They have the longest shooting distance.
  • Machine Guns have a rapid fire function, and are perfect for taking down hordes of enemies. However, they slow down Jackson the most out of all five guns.

If the player catches a comet falling from the sky, Jackson will become a cyborg that can deal even more damage and fire missiles.

Approaching Bubbles the Chimpanzee will save the player's current status (which includes lives, score, and the level they are in).

In each stage, there are three letters that form the abbreviation "P.Y.T.". Collecting all three will grant Jackson an extra life.

You can find mirrors throughout each stage. If Jackson walks up to one, he can talk to the Man in the Mirror and upgrade his abilities.

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