C'mon, Frank's Hideout is this way...
Micheal, before reaching to Frank Jimsworth's Hideout.

Michael Castillo
Made by Alange95 (tbc)
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Location Baltimore
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) C96 Mauser Pistol



First Appearance Night of Thieves: First Hunt
Latest Appearance Night of Thieves: At Dawn's End

Micheal Castillo (or simply called Micheal) is a male character who is the main protaganist of the Night of Thieves series. Micheal is a teenager who is a Cop in training who is on a journey to stop a gang leader named Frank Jimsworth and his army of thieves and gangsters from taking over the city.


Micheal was born in 1922 and lives in a time where gangs run amok through cities and cause harvoc. He was raised by two parents and his dad was a Cop and he trained Micheal at a young age so he can survive the outside world. Years later, Micheal is a teenager and started to become a much better cop in training until a new threat arrives at the city named Frank Jimsworth and his army of thieves of gangsters. He goes on a new journey with his friends to stop Frank and his army and save the city from harvoc and destruction.


Night of Thieves: First Hunt

Night of Thieves: At Dawn's End

General Information

Physical Appearance

Micheal has long, straight brown hair, he also has black eyes and is pretty strong for his age as he does daily training with his father. Micheal usually wears a black suit with a red tie and black shoes, Micheal also wears a black hat on his head. He is shown to have many items in his pockets which he uses on his journey. Micheal is also tall for his age as his height is 5ft and 4 inches.

Personality and Traits

Micheal is a Cop in training and his a generous, but brave person who defends the streets of Baltimore from evil threats. Micheal is very intelligent, but tends to joke around alot.


  • Micheal can weld a C96 Mauser Pistol, which can defeat enemies in a couple of shots.
  • Micheal can also hold a Whip, in which he can use to solve puzzles.
  • Micheal can as well hold a Knife, which can defeat enemies in a couple of hits.


  • Several signs show that he's a music lover.
  • Micheal doesn't really care for his hair, which explains why he has long hair.