The Micalites are the worshippers of Micaliye on Aeo. The Micalite religion is most common in Aereus, as that is where it originated; Micaliye is also considered the patron goddess of the country in the Kresthitan Pantheon.


Micaliye's first interaction with Aeo was in the creation of Noah. After ruling over the city for hundreds of years, the citizens realized she was immortal and she was murdered out of superstition. When she returned in an identical incarnation, they realized she was a deity and the Micalite religion was formed.


A group of Micalites moved to Aelai, intending to act as missionaries to the native Elves, while also helping the human colonization. They built the town of Blanc and a temple to Micaliye in the province of Ordir. They are one of the factions in the game for the Slave to Fate to interact with, and potentially join. They can support any of the major factions.

Followers of Micaliye

This quest is either obtained upon first talking to any of the Micalites, or given automatically during progress through the main quest. This quest must be completed during the course of any of the main faction's quest lines; the exception is the Independent path, where the player may choose to ignore them.

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