Full Name Mica
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Location Argon Castle
Current Status Alive
Class Argonian Princess
Argonian Royal Family
Family and Relations
Hirocon (Father)
Ability/ies Telepathy
First Appearance The Return: StarTropics III
Latest Appearance The Return: StarTropics III

Mica is the princess of the alien planet Argon and is the primary damsel in distress in the Star Tropics series. Introduced in 1990's Star Tropics where she was trapped inside a pod like the other Argonian children she returned in 1994's Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II where she had a telephatic link with Mike Jones and called him to help rescue her and the others. After sixteen years of no apperances at all she returned in Vined Inc.'s The Return: StarTropics III

The Return

Since her last apperance where she returned to her new home planet of Argon with her father Hirocon, Mica had been living life as the crown princess and next in line for the Argonian throne in a relatively happy life with her people. However she missed the human boy Mike Jones who had saved her and her people from the clutches of Zoda twice before. She maintained her telepathic link with the boy to keep in touch.

When the clones of the evil alien Zoda appeared on Argon Mica was the first to be captured and kept by the clone Zoda-A the strongest of the clones and held within a prison in her own castle with her father. Using her telepathic link she summoned Mike to come to Argon to rescue her and the other Argonians. She told him that her messangers had Tetrads which were the pieces to putting together a beacon to the castle which he could also use to defeat the clone and hopefully Zoda once and for all. Upon being rescued by Mike her reunion with the human boy was only short before he once again had to return to C-Island and his home.