Mia is Skip and Sqak's beautiful young mother who first appears in Skip and Sqak. She helps out by saving the game's progress.

Physical Appearance

Mia is a young adult with dark black fur, her lips are pink and has green eyes.

She wears a light brown straw hat, a pink T shirt tucked in to pink shorts buckled by a belt, yellow gloves up to her shoulders, and green boots up to her knees.


Skip and Sqak

Mia first saw Skip on the beach and takes him home to her other son, Sqak. After Skip showed her and Sqak about Emperor Dante's plan, she helps the duo's quest to save the world by saving their progress. She always adores her children and treats them like babies, so later when the 2 heroes aren't getting along, she screams "STOP IT! I hate it when my babies fight..." and gives a face looking like she was about to cry.

In the final level, Mia was locked in a cage with her friends, when Her 2 kids freed her, she hugged them tightly and kissed both of them right in front of some Ant soilders(!) and is later seen hugging her kids while their friends cheered for defeating Emperor Dante.

In the 100% ending, Mia was feeding her 2 heroes soup like babies.