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Mhygal (ミゲル Migeru (Miguel) in the Japanese version) is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Abstract Requiem and is encountered as a playable unit in the Vlasais and Al Marxia Route and as a non-playable ally on the Sacrue Route.


Mhygal is an eccentric man whose family are from Vlasais, but he was born in Sacrue, making him a Sacruean citizen. While in Sacrue he enjoyed being a teacher as his profession and hunting as his hobby. When the first firearms were invented in recent years, he took a great fascination to them and began training with them immediately. Being a skilled hunter, he quickly gained reputation in his village as being an expert with this musket. His parents moved back to Vlasais while he stayed in Sacrue to continue teaching in a school nearby. Because of Sacrue's war against Al Marxia, Mhygal was conscripted into the Sacruean army as a Sacruean citizen much to his dismay, and was put on the musket squad due to his reputation as a hunter. He is the quickest at solving equations in the army.

SacrueSigil Sacrue Route SacrueSigil

In the Sacrue Route, Mhygal makes an appearance in Chapter 14 when the Sacruean Army leaves the battlefield and surrenders, being demoralized by overhearing their commander reveal the King's true intentions behind the war. He is one of the many soldiers seen retreating the battlefield and tells Avery that most of the soldiers that they are retreating and going back home to their families. He is not seen again after this.

VlasaisSigil Vlasais Route VlasaisSigil

Mhygal joins Avery in the Vlasais Route in Chapter 6. As the Sacruean army takes a shortcut through Vlasais to get to Al Marxia, the Sacruean army march through the town where his parents retired. As soon as the Sacruean troops are met with Vlasaic resistance, a fight breaks out in the town. Worried about his parents, Mhygal decides to lay low and search for them. After speaking to Avery or Prince Lester of Vlasais, he finds out that they are alive and well, and joins the player's forces as he is unhappy about Sacrue's advancements and war declaration as well as the fact he identifies closer to Vlasais rather than Sacrue. He stays in the player's army to stop Sacrue's attacks and protect Vlasais, which is directly in between Sacrue and Al Marxia.

AlMarxiaSigil Al Marxia Route AlMarxiaSigil

In the Al Marxia Route, Mhygal is an enemy unit first seen in Chapter 10. During the map, he is one of the many enemies deployed on the map. If he is killed before the boss is defeated which makes the map end, he will be killed and thus unrecruitable when he reappears in Chapter 13. In Chapter 13, the Al Marxian army fights to protect wounded Sacruean soldiers who are under attack from the monsters in the Ghavara Forest. During this map, he and a few other units are green units that must survive throughout the map. Each soldier gives a different reward after the map if they survive. If Mhygal survives, he will join the player's army as a sign of gratitude and since the Sacruean commander ditched him and the wounded soldiers in the forest as they were of no use to her. As well as this, he was unhappy with his conscription in the Sacruean army and fights for Al Marxia to protect his native Vlasais, which is the country that separates Sacrue and Al Marxia. Since Vlasais is neutral and does not take much action in the war through its army, he sees the Al Marxian army as a better opportunity to protect the land his parents hail from.


Mhygal is a very eccentric man who can be loud and overbearing when one meets him, wanting to be fast friends with people he meets. He often thinks outside of the box, often thinking up of new inventions while off the battlefield. He has a deep fascination with firearms as well as the physics of the world around him, always eager to learn new things and teach others. Mhygal loves his previous occupation as a teacher and loves to inspire those around him and educate them. However he can overdo this and come off as condescending and over-the-top. He is also quite quick to change his mind on things, which can be seen when he defects from Sacrue and fights for the other two kingdoms. He is also quite quick to do anything that benefits him or his friends the most, even if it leaves someone unhappy or it involves treason.

In his supports with Avery, he expresses regret at firing at live human targets and practically hunting them instead of just hunting casually for animals, but understands it is something that he has to do to contribute in the war. In other supports, Mhygal grows a better sense of loyalty as he befriends the people in his army and learns new perspectives of life from them as well as teaching them something of his own. It is shown he cares deeply about his family and will do his best to do them proud and protect them. Even though he enjoys living in Sacrue, he feels closer to his Vlasaic blood.


=Personal Skill

Mhygal's personal skill is Immunity, meaning that he is affected by status effects and debuffs for only as half as long. This means he can confidently be put into the range of an enemy that deals debuffs or ones that deal status conditions, making him less susceptible to debilitating conditions such as Sleep, Burn and Berserk.

Growths & Modifiers



Mhygal is the Vlasaic version of the name Miguel, which is the Spanish and Portuguese form of the common name Michael. The name Michael comes from the Hebrew nameMikha'el meaning "who is like God?". Michael is one of the seven archangels in Hebrew tradition and is considered the Patron Saint of Soldiers due to his portrayal as the leader of heaven's armies in the book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Bible.


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