The Mewtwo Army is the main villainous group commanded by Dr. Mewtwo. They consist a lot of bad Pokémon or corrupted Pokémon. Their main goal is to take over the PokéMutant World, and elimate the Shine Emperor and the Gold Master, with the help of the Dark Skull Army, another evil army from the evil demons. They keep invading the PokéMutant World each and every time.

Supreme Leaders/Generals/High Ranking Members

Dr. Mewtwo

Shadow Lord (also commands the Dark Skull Army)

Seven Destructive Rulers

Axellon "Axel" E-Ville


Other members/Invaders

Any corrupted or bad Pokemon

PokeMutant Villa

Ancient Desert

Snowball Hilltop

Tropical Resort

Slimy Jungle

Rainbow Cloud Land



Volcano Island

Gold Master's Palace

Shine Emperor's Palace

Goals/Villainous Plans

Main Goals

  • To eliminate the Shine Emperor and the Gold Master.
  • To defeat Renan, his friends and their heroic allies.
  • To corrupt all the Pokemon in the whole wide world.
  • To take over PokeMutant World, convert it into Mewtwoland, and rule it.
  • To make the Shadow Lord proud.
  • To kidnap the Shine Emperor's daughter, allowing Dr. Mewtwo to marry her.

Other Goals


  • Cannons
  • Guns
  • Swords
  • Magic Scepters
  • Mewtwo mechanics