Mewshi and the Mystic Bells
Developer(s) Hammy Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo StarGame
Release Date(s)
Summer 2015
Adventure Mode
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Mewshi
Predecessor Mewshi's New Adventure: Secret of the Golden Fish

Mewshi and the Mystic Bells is a 2.5D game for the Nintendo StarGame made by Hammy Games Inc.

In Other Languages

Language Name
Spanish Mewshi y las Campanas Mystic
Japanese Mewshiとミスティックベル (Mewshi to misutikkuberu)
French Mewshi et les Cloches Mystiques
Italian Mewshi e le campane Mystic

Beginning Cutscene/Plot

Mewshi  and Waddlenote are digging through Mewshi's attic when a box falls on Waddlenote. Mewshi walks over to see what happened when a book falls out of the box. Mewshi picks up the book while Waddlenote struggles to lift the box he is pinned under and notices that only the first page has writing. The writing says "Save the Bells from the Void" and then some smudges. Mewshi tosses the book back into the box and traps Waddlenote underneath it again.

New Features

  • X and Y Abilities
  • Mario can now ride Yoshi species and give them additional abilities
  • 6-player multiplayer
  • Special eggs can be thrown by their namesakes (ex. Mewshi Egg)


A: Tap to jump, hold to flutter jump, accept.

B: Tap to swallow enemies, hold and use joystick to aim egg, release to throw egg, deny/back.

X: Tap/hold/tap repeatedly to use X Ability.

Y: Tap/hold/tap repeatedly to use Y Ability

1: Open pause menu, alternate deny/back.

2: Go through doors, alternate accept.

Right Shoulder: Open screenshot menu.

Left Shoulder: Open Wi-Fi menu.

Joystick: Move around, aim.

Touch Screen: Select and use backup item, use additional Mario ability.


Image Name Health Advantage Disadvantage X Ability Y Ability Description Unlock By
MewshiCatching Mewshi 5 hits Better attack, better traction Worse ice sliding By tapping X, Mewshi can claw enemies By holding Y near a wall, Mewshi can climb walls Mewshi is back and with two new abilities!  It's his mission to stop Bleck Rat from messing with the timeline! Starter
Waddlenote exited! Waddlenote 4 hits Better jump

Worse attack, worse knockback, can be carried around by drafts

By holding X after jumping, Waddlenote can glide By holding Y near an enemy, Waddlenote can latch on to an enemy Mewshi's friend and honorary aeronautics expert, Waddlenote loves the air, except when it gets polluted. Beat 1-0: Tutorial
DiggyMole MNASOTGF Diggy Mole 4 hits Better traction, better attack, can climb short walls Worse knockback By tapping X repeatedly, Diggy Mole can dig in certain areas and slash enemies with his claws By tapping Y, Diggy Mole can light up an area with his flashlight, tap Y again to put it away Diggy Mole loves finding minerals so he can see if they are edible. Start 2-4: Mining on the Underground Lake
KittyBerry Kitty Berry 5 hits Better jump, can heal other players Worse attack By tapping X repeatedly near a container, Kitty Berry can jingle her bell to reveal what is inside the container By holding Y and aiming with the joystick, Kitty Berry can grapple on to blocks with her tounge, release Y to grapple Kitty Berry is joining Mewshi on his adventure! She likes to think of herself as a ninja nurse. Start 4-3: Beach Resort Blowout
Blushi Blushi 6 hits Better attack, better defence, faster swimming Worse jump By tapping X, Blushi can headbutt enemies, knocking them back By tapping Y in water, Blushi can blast bubbles at enemies Blushi is working on his degree in marine biology, so he likes being in water. Start 4-6: U.S.S Moneybags
Yoshi M&SPD Yoshi 5 hits Better jump, better attack Worse traction By tapping X repeatedly after swallowing an enemy, Yoshi can supercharge his spit attack, tap X when fully charged to fire By holding Y and pushing the joystick left or right, Yoshi can perform an Egg Roll Yoshi has a big nose and an even bigger heart. Start 1-7: Dark Yoshi Pass

Special Eggs

Image Name Ability
Yellowegg Mewshi's Egg When the touch screen icon is activated, eggs hatch into Baby Mewshies that have 1 hit and scratch enemies once a second
Pinkyoshiegg Kitty Berry's Egg Eggs can heal nearby players, and when the touch screen icon is activated, stick to walls
Blueegg Blushi's Egg Eggs can knock back enemies, and when the touch screen icon is activated, go underwater
Greenyoshiegg Yoshi's Egg When the touch screen icon is activated, eggs can trap enemies and let Yoshi eat them


Image Name Use
Yoshicoin Coin Score goes up by 10 when collected, worth 1 coin in the Shop
Blueyoshicoin Blue Coin Score goes up by 50 when collected, worth 5 coins in the Shop
Redyoshicoin Red Coin Score goes up by 100 when collected, worth 10 coins in the Shop
Pbutton P Button Press to spawn Blue Coins
NSMBWiiRedRing Red Ring Spawns 8 Red Coins for a limited time, if all are collected a powerup spawns
Yoshi's Beta Cookie Cookie Restores 1 hit of health, give 20 points when eaten
Berry Red Berry Gives 10 points when eaten, and when 20 are eaten a 1-Up spawns, when 60 are eaten a 3-Up spawns, etc.
Dream Lum Berry Sprite Bulgeberry Makes the player slightly bigger
Dream Leppa Berry Sprite Spiceberry Makes the player able to shoot fireballs with a touch screen icon
Dream Rawst Berry Sprite Freezeberry Makes the player able to shoot iceballs with a touch screen icon
Dream Rindo Berry Sprite Manyberry Creates two clones of the player that follow you and attack for you
Dream Shuca Berry Sprite Thunderberry Makes the player able to shoot thunderballs with a touch screen icon
Dream Pamtre Berry Sprite Randomberry Makes the player randomly able to shoot fireballs, iceballs and thunderballs with a touch screen icon
Dream Pecha Berry Sprite Flyberry Makes the player able to slap enemies with a tail with a touch screen icon and glide 
Dream Tanga Berry Sprite Bombberry Makes the player able to throw bombs with a touch screen icon
Purplequartzcoin Purple Coin Score goes up by 1,000 when collected, worth 100 coins in the Shop
1-Up Gives 1 extra life
3-Up Gives 3 extra lives
A bronze 1-Up 5-Up Gives 5 extra lives
A silver 1-Up 10-Up Gives 10 extra lives
15-Up Gives 15 extra lives
A diamond 1-Up 30-Up Gives 30 extra lives
A platinum 1-Up emitting a silver aura Mystic 1-Up Gives 99 extra lives
A platinum Super Bell without eyes emitting an intense rainbow aura Mystic Bell Recieve after beating a world boss (bold in the world list), gives a new ability to all players
A diamond Super Bell without eyes and with an emerald ringer Legend Bell

Recieve after beating a mini-boss (italic in the world list)

Midway Flag Checkpoint in a level

Worlds and Levels

Bold means a boss level.

Italic means a mini-boss level.

World Name Levels Overworld Music

1-0: Tutorial, 1-1: Mewshi's Property, 1-2: Shrubby Mildlands, 1-3: Treetop Tango, 1-4: Scratchy's Hut-Fort, 1-5: Goon Lagoon 1-6: The Great Scratch-Scratch Tree, 1-7: Dark Yoshi Pass, 1-8: Big Billy's Banjo-off

Grasslands, All the Way - Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story Music Extended30:00

Grasslands, All the Way - Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story Music Extended

Duney Desert 2-1: Sandrowl-ing Dunes, 2-2: Sand Dune Gulch, 2-3: Dryville, 2-4: Mining on the Underground Lake, 2-5: Sandstorm Sally, 2-6: Underground Passageway, 2-7: Sand Surfing, 2-8: Drynado Chasing
Let's Listen To Video Game Music! 07 DS Desert Hills01:27

Let's Listen To Video Game Music! 07 DS Desert Hills

Winter Wonderland 3-1: Penguin Panic, 3-2: Slip Valley, 3-3: Glacial Lake, 3-4: Commander Waddle's Ice Bunker, 3-5: Freezefreeze Blizzard, 3-6: Glacier Maze, 3-7: Packed Ice Plaza, 3-8: Emperor Penguin's Ice Kingdom
Aloha Beach 4-1: Cheep Cheep Flop, 4-2: Crystal Sands and Eager Miners, 4-3: Beach Resort Blowout, 4-4: General Hazel's Sneaky Submarine, 4-5: Crazy Sea Storm, 4-6: U.S.S Moneybags, 4-7: Sinking Feeling, 4-8: Moby Chomp's Shipwreck
Kirby Triple Deluxe - Grassland - Music00:51

Kirby Triple Deluxe - Grassland - Music

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