Mewshi and Blushi
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Platform(s) Unknown
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Story, Speed Run, Hard Story, Online Multi-player
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Genre(s) Adventure Platform
Series Mewshi and Blushi
Predecessor None
Successor Unknown
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Mewshi and Blushi is an upcoming 3D platform game for Wii U and it will be released in 2014 It involves both Mewshi and Blushi, and other characters are being rumored.


Mewshi and Waddlenote were eating some fruit from the Verdant Grassland. Sudden, there was a bunch of Scratchers and other enemies that they stole all the fruits of Verdant Grassland and all the grasslands. Bleck Rat appeared from an portal from an another dimension with his gargantuan bag. All the fruits are inhaled by that bag. When all the fruits were there, Bleck Rat goes back to the portal with his minions. Mewshi and Waddlenote were to dash to the portal but the portal was directly closed. Waddlenote was upset but Mewshi encourages Waddlenote and they leave. Sudden, they stopped and they saw Blushi. Mewshi and Waddlenote meet him and goes talk what happened. Blushi had an idea. He told to Mewshi and Waddlenote that there's a mystic portal that it can be opened in Verdant Grassland. So they go to adventure with rapidity.

Verdant Grassland must be completed.

Mewshi and Blushi founded the portal to an another dimension. They opened the portal and goes into it to defeat Bleck Rat and save all the grasslands in Yoshi Island. Now the real adventure begins....


Every world has 6-8 levels and 2 boss levels.

Image Names Levels Description
Verdant Grassland

1-1: Green Wood 1-2: Lush Plains 1-3: Abundant Hill 1-Miniboss: Ratter  1-4: Hilled Meadow  1-5: Treetop Land   1-6: Terrace Plateau  1-Boss: Tree Monster

Your starting world. It has recently been terrorized by a tree monster.
Polluted Factory

2-1: Smoke Industry 2-2: Toxic Labratory 2-3: Poison Swamp 2-Miniboss: Rat Scientist 2-4: Noxious Bog 2-5: Chemical Marshland 2-6: Garbage Quagmire 2-Boss: Morasser

An factory opened by Bleck Rat, so he could pollute Yoshi's Island.
Crystal Caves 3-1: Diamond Valley 3-2: Jade River 3-3: Lazuli Falls 3-Miniboss: Rat Miner 3-4: Quartz Mines 3-5: Pearl Cavern 3-6: Amethyst Quarry 3-Boss: Emerlite Bleck Rat's mining facility. He is mining to uncover the jewel monster.
Blooper Tides 4-1: Aqua Seas 4-2: Hydrocean 4-3: Drenched Waves 4-Miniboss: Rat Fleet 4-4: Torrent Ship 4-5: Whirlpool Waters 4-6: Flooded Dock 4-Boss: Captain Yellowteeth It has been seen that a rat pirate fleet has been seen here. Bleck may be behind it.
Murky Forest

5-1: Shadowed Woods 5-2: Black Canopy 5-3: Vine World 5-Miniboss: Ratchet 5-4: Nightime Treeworld 5-5: Starry Woodland 5-6: Dusk Jungle 5-7: Dim Timberland 5-Boss: Thicketer

Another tree monster has been spotted here. As well as Bleck Rat's minions have been chopping the trees in this darkened forest.
Railway Mountain 6-1: Carriage Brawl 6-2: Traintop Fight 6-3: Loose Freight 6-Miniboss: Conductor Vermin 6-4: Mountain Tracks 6-5: Station Rails 6-6: Elevated Line 6-7: Sierra Railsystem 6-Boss: Rat Train A mountain that will lead you to a freezing summit. This area is covered in railway tracks.
Absolute Summit 7-1: Snowy Flats 7-2: Polar Crest 7-3: Chilly Bluff 7-4: Frigid Snowland 7-Miniboss: Frozen Fish 7-5: Glacial Top 7-6: Distant Hail 7-7: Arctic Point 7-8: Coldest Height 7-Boss: The Iceman Ice, ice, ice is everywhere here. Lots of ice, bottomless pits and a dangerous world over all. It leads to a fiery core.
Pyro Ridge 8-1: Blazed Crater 8-2: Fiery Rim 8-3: Scorching Pits 8-4: Ignitited Land 8-Miniboss: Fire Monster 8-5: Lava Lake 8-6: Magma Lagoon 8-7: Flaming Plains 8-8: Violent Core 8-Boss: Heatagon The fiery core of a Volcano. Make it through here and you get to Bleck Rat's Lair.
Unknown Lair 9-1: Airship Raid 9-2: Bleck's Airship 9-3: Airship Center 9-4: Throne Room 9-Miniboss: Bleck Rat 9-5: Rat Runway 9-6: Sewer of Rat 9-7: Toxic Rat Runaway 9-8: Bleck Rat's Castle 9-Boss: Bleck Rat The final world in this game. It also holds the final encounters with Bleck Rat.
Rainbow Space *-1: Botanic Base *-2: Run Away! *-3: Crazy Canyon *-4: Sinking Ships *-5: Ghostly Oak *-6: Supersonic Trains *-7: Freezing Flights *-8: Core Heat *-9: Castle Siege *-X: Master Stage*-0: Final Challenge The star world. The game's hardest levels are all held here.


Icon Name Description Stats Abilities
Mewshi the Dinocat "The hybrid of cat and Yoshi is back and he is ready to fight against Bleck Rat again in his first 3D adventure!" TBC Cat Powers
Blushi "The Blue Yoshi with hair and a hat is going to help Mewshi defeat the evil Bleck Rat!" TBC Element Eggs
Waddlenote "Mewshi's partner is ready to help Blushi to kick Bleck Rat's butt and help the heroes fly." TBC Fly high