Mewshi's New Adventure:Secret of the Golden Fish is a new game for the Shadowchrome 66, Wii U and Nintendo Nexus. It is a colab between GreenStar Studios and DarkGaming Studios.


The evil Bleck Rat has captured Zack Goomba and Yoshi and has taken the Sacred Golden Fish from the Ancient Temple. After being stolen from it's place in the temple, a curse falls on Yoshi's Island, causing the Island to go into a permanent drought that lasts until theGolden Fish is put back into it's rightful place.As Yoshi's Island slowly is turning into a barren desert, Mewshi,Waddlenote, Diggy Mole, and Kitty Berry team up to save their friends and retrieve the Golden Fish.

Playable Characters

Image Character Abilities: How to Unlock
MewshitheDinocat MNASOTGF Mewshi Default
Waddlenote MNASOTGF Waddlenote Default
KittyBerry MNASOTGE Kitty Berry Default
DiggyMole MNASOTGF Diggy Mole Default
Yoshi MNASOTGF Yoshi
Zack Goomba
Lectro DLC (Shadowchrome exclusive)
Mario DLC (Wii U exclusive)

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