Metroid V is a fan game currently in preproduction.


At the outset of the game, Samus and Ridley are battling on a world formerly inhabited by the Chozo. During their fight a Chozo device of unknown significance is accidentally activated. Soon, Samus and Ridley's consciousnesses are swapped between their bodies. The two become separated in the disorientation that follows, and Samus ends up with the space pirates, who are unaware of what's happened.

Following this, Samus must carefully sabotage the plans of the space pirates, without giving away her identity. As Ridley constantly attempts to reach Samus, Samus must prevent the Space Pirates from killing him, and taking out her body in the process. Meanwhile, the pirates are coming close to a revelation that could put the fabric of the universe itself at risk...


Players experience the game through Samus's first person perspective, as in previous 3D entries to the Metroid series. The most significant departure from the rest of the series is the addition of the ability to fly. Samus is capable of fully 3D flight through her environment, limited only by the atmosphere's density. Respecting this, most environments are much larger and more open than those of previous games.

Samus has access to a significant amount of space pirate technology to replace the items that are with Ridley. These include a new gunship and technology analogous to the scan visor.

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