Metroid Ultra (known in Japan as メトロイド更新, or Metroid Updated) is a game for the Nintendo 4-Screen Tablet. Director Austin Neal says this game is for people who like the Fire Emblem series of games. The game's battle sequences are like the grid-type battles of the Fire Emblem games, so many people call it Metroid X Fire Emblem, like Hyrule Warriors (The Legend of Zelda X Dynasty Warriors) and Pokken (Pokémon X Tekken). It was completed and released in 2014, and the latest update for the game was in October of 2014. Metroid Ultra is rated T.


You start the game by creating your avatar. You customize the look and the name of your character. You also choose the color of your Zero Suit and Power Suit. You start out on a tutorial to learn the controls. After that, you and Samus Aran (CPU or second player) go on missions assigned by your commander, Adam. There is also a story mode where you and Samus must defeat a new evil alien species, the Keelias, from the ten planets that they are on.

In-Game Relationships

The relationships in the game also work like Fire Emblem's system. The more you pair two people up in battle, the more friendly they become, to the point of a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship to marriage. Director Austin says that many people will most likely end up marrying Samus.

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