Time for one last battle.

Metroid Prime 4: Reconstruction is a first-person shooter adventure game developed by Vector Gaming, Inc. and Retro Studios and it is going to be published by Nintendo. It takes place after the events of Metroid Fusion, where Samus announces her retirement from her work in the Galactic Federation and now lives as a full-time bounty hunter, until the Galactic Federation calls her once again asking to her to go to into a new mission: Investigate the activites on the planet Chelo, where Space Pirates activity are discovered. Samus, having a personal vendetta againt the Space Pirates, decides to accept one last mission before her retirement.

Reconstruction is going to be released for the Wii U alongside a sister game that tells the story of Samus' previous mission before the events of Reconstruction, called Metroid Prime Hunters: Discoveries on the Nintendo 3DS, also developed by the same system.


After the events of Discoveries, Samus decides that she doesn't wants to work for the Galactic Federation anymore and decides to continue her bounty hunter work. Two months later, the Galactic Federation finds Samus and contacts her to talk about the discovery of Space Pirates work on the planet Chelo. Samus accepts the mission, as she thinks it is a way to end the Space Pirates threat on the universe. On the Chelo planet, Samus discovers Ridley, whom she fights and later discovers that it was a fake one, created by an energy force called the Treiglad. The Galactic Federation tells Samus that the Treiglad is actually a more advanced version of the remaining Phazon that once spread out throught out planets and that the Planet Chelo is probably where they found said energy force, since there is no more remains of the energy on the planet. They find out that the Treiglad was actually spread through out the Vurma System. The Galactic Federation also reminds Samus that the Treiglad is an energy whose power is unknown to anyone and that Samus must destroy it before the Space Pirates can do anything with it.









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