Metroid Prime 4: Mutation (メトロイドプライム4変化, Metoroido Puraimu 4: Change) is an upcoming game for the Wii and fourth instalment of the Prime series. The story takes place a few hours after Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


After destroying planet Phaaze and Dark Samus, Samus flies off being ses out. When she wakes up she sees the glass around her is broken, and there are a few dead Pirate bodies on the ground. Samus scans the computer next to her containment unit to find she was asleep for a whole month! She then scans the Metroid's containment unit computer to find it mutated into Samus's form and escaped blasting the Pirates and the glass around Samus. It for some reason did not harm Samus, perhaps assuming she was dead or no threat.


Varia Suit

Tallon Suit

The Tallon suit is an organic powersuit that was fused with a Tallon Crab. It gives Samus the same ability of the Gravity Suit with a claw for an arm cannon.

Chozo Suit is the same suit as the one in metroid fusion.



The Space Pirates used the Hunter Phazite on a few subjects. Each one with a different ability.


Princess Archipirata.

  • Archipirata
    • The Pirates tested some of the Hunter Phazite on the Space Pirate Princess, Archipirata . She uses a Space Pirate designed powersuit. After Samus defeats her, she gains the Wave Beam.
Hunter Kraid
        Was injected with Phazite
        Samus gets the Chozo Suit when defeated
  • Hunter Ridley

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