Metroid Prime 4: Clone
Developer(s) Retro Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
North America- November 3rd, 2013

Austrailia- November 3rd, 2013

Europe- November 4th, 2013

Japan- November 5th, 2013




Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) First Person Adventure
Media Included Wii U Disc
Metroid Prime 4: Clone is a first-person adventure game developed by Retro Studios, and the fourth game in the Metroid Prime saga. After the events of Metroid: Other M, Samus must defeat the Space Pirates before they use a cloned version of Phazon to infect their enemies' bases.


After Dark Samus crippled the Space Pirates in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Samus and the Galactic Federation sighed in relief. However, they didn't realize that the Phazon War was over... it had only just begun...

When the Space Pirates regrouped, they immediatly tried to create a chemical "clone" of Phazon that they could control. However, it took them two years to perfect it after the beating they took by Dark Samus. Unfornatly, they perfected their "clone" and is planning to bring chaos to the galaxy and emerge as rulers. They just need to defeat their main threat...

Intruction Manual

Samus, after the events of Other M, is patrolling the galaxy in search of a bounty when the Gunship signals a distress message. Samus then finds that it came from a military base on a nearby planet. She heads inside the base, but the doors mysteriously close behind her... Samus then finds strange happenings in the base. Robotic humanoids hostile to the bounty hunter, and power gone from more then several rooms. When Samus defeats a squad of Space Pirates, she realizes that she has been tricked, and that the Pirates have destroyed communications with her ship in the fight.

Samus eventually realizes that the Pirates have been using a new form of Phazon. Samus then tries to locate the Phazon before heading into the Storage Room. She destroys containers of the Phazon, but a huge tank of the liquid breaks behind her, mutating her suit into one that shoots out the deadly liquid in energy beams. She uses this to her advantage as she makes her way though the base, blasting the Pirates as they try to fight back. However, when Samus reaches the lowest part of the base, she finds something similar to Mother Brain. The two fight each other and Samus wins the fight. However, the Mother Brain activates time bombs though the entire base. Samus escapes the base, but she and her ship are blown into a jungle by the explosion. Her ship is destroyed, and Samus walks into the jungle, hinting at another Prime game.

If the player has a 100% completion rate, a puddle of red Phazon drips down a ravine as it turns to turn blue. When it turns completly blue, it starts bubbling.


As in the other Prime games, Clone is a first-person adventure, with the player seeing though Samus' eyes. Each room is seperated with a varity of doors which either open with a blast from the Arm Cannon, or when Samus walks up to it. However unlike the other games, sometimes the player goes though 2D Morph Ball puzzles, usually involving Power Bombs. As the game moves along, the player locates Pirate Data, information about what the Space Pirates have been doing, creating, and even hints to another Prime game. In Multiplayer, players fight in special arenas, or work together to fight a boss.


See more at: Metroid Prime 4: Clone/Bosses


Image Description How it is Unlocked
Varia Suit Artwork 1 Start the game.
Varia Suit Artwork 2

Start the game.

Space Pirate Artwork 1 Defeat 5 Space Pirates.
Space Pirate Artwork 2 Defeat 100 Space Pirates.
Space Pirate Artwork 3 Defeat 500 Space Pirates.
Clone Suit Artwork 1 Unlock the Clone Suit.
Boss Artwork 1 Defeat 3 Bosses.
Boss Artwork 2 Defeat all the Bosses.
Misc. Concept Art Win the game with a 60% completion rate.
Varia Suit Artwork 3 Win the game with a 80% completion rate.
Clone Suit Artwork 2 Win the game with a 100% completion rate.
Gunship Model Win the game twice.
Dark Samus Model Have Metroid Prime 3: Corruption save data on your Wii U.
Metroid Prime Model Have Metroid Prime Trilogy save data on your Wii U.

Cross-Save Feature

This new feature of the Prime series, the Cross-Save Feature allows players to unlock special content in Clone simply by having save data of other Prime games. You can select which features to use and dis-select.

Feature Data Needed Description
Power Suit skin Metroid Prime downloaded from the Wii U shop. Use the orginal Power Suit to reenact the orginal Prime game. Except there's no Metroid Prime. Sorry. The suit changes colors when you wear a different suit.
Dark Samus skin Metroid Prime 2: Echoes downloaded from the Wii U Shop. The Dark Hunter arrives on the Pirate Station to exact her revenge on Samus... Play as her for the first time and make your way though Space Pirates to find Samus... (You don't find Samus.) The suit does not change colors when you wear a different suit.
PED Samus skin Metroid Prime 3: Corruption save data. Use the PED Suit to fire REAL Phazon at your enemies!
Fusion Suit skin Metroid Prime Trilogy save data. The Fusion Suit allows you to use the orginal suit from Metroid Fusion! When you wear the Clone Suit, the suit turns red and the visor turns orange.
Unused Concept Art Metroid Prime Trilogy save data. Unused concept art just for you. Have fun.


  • The game manual says the events of Metroid Prime 4: Clone takes place two months after Metroid: Other M.

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