Metroid Prime: Battlefield
MPBF Cover
Metroid Prime: Battlefield is an online-based FPS that features the characters of Metroid, mainly Metroid Prime.
Developer(s) Retro Studios, Platinum Games
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo eXtreme
Release Date(s)
April, 7 2020
Story Mode, Alien Swarm Mode, Local Battle Mode, Online Battle Mode
Age Rating(s)
Cero B
Pegi 12
Genre(s) FPS, Adventure
Series Metroid, Metroid Prime
Predecessor Metroid Prime: Fedoration Force
Successor None
Media Included Nintendo Optical Disc

Metroid Prime: Battlefield is an online-based FPS that takes place in the Metroid Prime universe developed by Retro Studios and Platinum Games, and is the 7th installment in the series. Metroid: Prime: Battlefield is not canon to the official Metroid timeline. The game features characters such as Samus Aran, Sylux, Rundas, and many more. With the use of the NX's powerful hardware, battles can have up to 128 players a server. The game's development for NX was revealed in E3 2017 and later released on April 7th, 2020.


Metroid Prime: Battlefield features characters from various Metroid games, mainly Metroid Prime. The list of characters includes:

Image Name Race Description
Samus Aran Human (With the DNA of Chozo and Metroid) Samus Aran is an intergalactic bounty hunter who lost her family to Space Pirates. She was taken to Zebes, adopted by the Chozo where she was infused with their DNA and was raised to become a warrior. She later joined the Federation Police under the command of Adam Malkovich but left to become a Bounty Hunter.
Dark Samus Pure Phazon Dark Samus is a a being of Phazon that took on the resemblance of Samus Aran.
Sylux N/A Sylux is a powerful bounty hunter that has a strong hatred for the Galactic Federation and Samus Aran.
Spire Diamont Spire is a rock-cored Bounty Hunter who is the last of his species. He seeks to see the true fate of the Diamont race.
Trace Kriken Trace is a cold, swift Bounty Hunter of the Kriken Empire. Like most Kriken, at a certain age, he was exiled by his clan and sent to a distant planet as a rite of passage to find new planets to invade for the Kriken Empire.
Kanden Genetically-engineered Enoema Supersoldier. Kanden, part of the Enoema species, was the brainchild of the Enoema Living Weapons Project, an experiment to create an invincible "supersoldier", however, Kanden's mind could not withstand the complicated neural combat encoding sequences. This completely transformed his mind, leaving him as a ferocious, unbelievably powerful and dangerously unpredictable monster.
Noxus Vhozon Noxus is a powerful Vhozon hunter that wanted to protect the Ultimate Power from those who have evil intentions.
Weavel Cybernetic Space Pirate Weavel is a Space Pirate special-forces warrior who was converted into a cyborg after his entire body was irreparably damaged in a past battle with Samus Aran.
Rundas Phyrgisian Rundas is an ice-wielding Bounty Hunter who was one of the very few Phrygisians able to use it's ability as a Hunter.
Ghor N/A Ghor is a cybernetic Bounty Hunter, capable of merging his body with a large armor suit. He is the veteran of the liberation war of Wotan VII. Ghor was heavily injured as a result of the war and was forced to modify much of his body with state-of-the-art cyberntic replacements. Only a mere 6% of his original body remained.
Gandrayda N/A Gandrayda posses metamorphic abilities similar to Jovia XII's inhabitants. She could assume the form and abilities of most living things, including creatures and even machines differing significantly in size.
Normal Trooper Human Normal Troopers are stand troopers part of the Federation Marine.
Missile Trooper Human Missile Troopers is taller than any standard trooper encountered in the Prime series, and fires powerful missiles.
Demolition Trooper Human Demolition Troopers are members of the Galactic Federation who are outfitted with explosive weaponry for special missions. While capable of destroying the strongest of barriers, they are not very effective in combat, due to lighter armor, and often rely on others to cover them while in battle.
PED Trooper Human PED Troopers are part of the PED Marine which are Federation Marines in the Galactic Federation. They have a Phazon Enhancement Device attatched to their suit, giving them the ability to utilize Phazon to increase the power of their suits.
Zenith Cybernetic Human Zenith is an original, new character added to Metroid Prime: Battlefield. He is a former member of the Galactic Federation and temporarily helped out with the Space Pirates. After his betrayal to the Space Pirates, he was attacked and lost most of his body. When he woke up one day, he had his body fully repaired but still to this day does not know who repaired him. He is equipped with a Minigun on his arm, an enormous Gatling-style machine gun with a large rotating barrel, complete with a large white underslung ammunition case and two handles. He's able to fire four bullets at a time at the rate of ten times a second.
Cryixis Unknown Cryixis is an original, new character added to Metroid Prime: Battlefield. Not very much is known about Cryixis. He is much more mysterious than Cryixis. All known about him is he has a rapid-fire arm canon shooting beams at the rate of five times a second.


The game plays just like previous installments in the Metroid Prime series. (Not including Pinball, Federation Force, and Blast Ball.) You shoot with A, charge by holding A, shoot missiles with Y, morph ball/roll around with X, target with L, aim with R, and jump with B.


Name Image Description
Combat Hall
Combat Hall is one of the default multiplayer arenas from Metroid Prime: Hunters, and makes a return here in Metroid Prime: Battlefield.
Data Shrine
Data Shrine is another arena from Metroid Prime: Hunters that makes a return to this game.
Processor Core
This is one of the last rooms Samus enters on Alinos. It has two lava processors located at opposite ends of the room.
ubterranean gets its name from its traits: it is the farthest room away from the general area of Arcterra, and it has a bottom floor.
Arcterra Gateway
Arcterra Gateway
Arcterra Gateway is the landing area for the Alimbic planet Arcterra. It is a naturally large and open space, making it an ideal landing place. It is not shielded from the elements, and because of Arcterra's extremely cold weather, the Arcterra Gateway is completely covered in ice and snow.
Celestial Gateway
Celestial Gateway
Celestial Gateway is a room in Metroid Prime Hunters on the Celestial Archives.
Crossfire Chaos
Crossfire Chaos is one of the default multiplayer arenas from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and makes a return here in Metroid Prime: Battlefield.
Sidehopper Station
Sidehopper Station is a Space Pirate station in orbit around Tallon IV. It is shaped very similarly to a large Sidehopper, as seen in the selection menu.
Shooting Gallery
The Shooting Gallery is a multiplayer stage in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and is composed of four main areas. It has Chozo architecture, but contains Dark Aether water.
Spider Complex
The stage scenery is based on the Phazon Mines from Metroid Prime. The stage is composed of a main room with two levels connected through two spiderball tracks, the upper level being only a small circular walkway that contains a randomizer behind the wall, and a ring shaped passageway that goes all arround the main room that serves as a way to travel to the upper level without using the magnetic tracks and to access more safelly other areas of the level.
Frigate Orpheon (DLC Stage)
Frigate Orpheon is a DLC stage which is based off the Firgate Orpheon from Metroid Prime.
Planet Mira (DLC Stage)
Planet Mira is a DLC stage which comes from Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is the first, last, and only stage to come from another game. Due to the size of the stage, Planet Mira can only be played with 128 players.

Expand Mode

Most of the maps have Expand Modes, which are larger versions of the stages so larger servers don't make stages feel crowded. However, there are some maps that are meant for larger servers and do not need an Expand Mode.

Gameplay Modes

Alien Swarm Mode

Alien Swarm mode is a mode for both a single and multi player mode. The objective is to survive in the selected map for 10 minutes while all sorts of aliens from every Metroid game come to attack you. All your upgrades such as missiles, morph ball, and bombs are all scattered around the map to make the mode more difficult.



Local multiplayer in Metroid Prime: Battlefield works just like it did in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Up to four players can battle in an arena. You can also play Alien Swarm Mode locally.


Online multiplayer is the main function of Metroid Prime: Battlefield. Servers have a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 128. Players can choose the size of the server they want to play with to avoid any sort of lag. Players also have an option to set voice chat on or off. If the player is under the age of 13, voice chat is restricted until they are of 13 years old. 

Battle Modes

Most of the battle modes featured in Metroid Prime: Battlefield return from Metroid Prime: Hunters.  These modes include:

  • Battle
  • Survival
  • Prime Hunter
  • Nodes
  • Defender
  • Capture
  • Bounty

Server Sizes

  • 8-Player Server
  • 16-Player Server
  • 32-Player Server
  • 64-Player Server
  • 128-Player Server


Track Number Name Plays In Link
001 "Prime Battlefield" Title Screen/Menu Screen
002 "Online Menu" Online Mode Menu Screen
003 "The Lobby" Online Mode Battle Lobby/Hunter Select Screen
004 "Theme of the Battlefield" Combat Hall, Crossfire Chaos, Shooting Gallery, Sidehopper Station, and Spider Complex
005 "Celestial Gateway" Data Shrine, Celestial Gateway
006 "Processor Core" Processor Core
007 "Arcterra" Subterranean, Arcterra Gateway
008 "Multiplayer Echoes" Crossfire Chaos, Sidehopper Station, Spider Complex, Shooting Gallery
009 Frigate Orpheon Main Theme Frigate Orpheon
010 Mira (Part 1) Planet Mira
011 "The Swarm" Alien Swarm Mode
012 "Samus Intro Fanfare" Battle Intro
013 "Settings" Settings Configuration
014 Zenith's Theme Alien Swarm Mode (When Playing as Zenith)
015 Cryixis' Theme/Credits Credits


Image Name Type Description
Light Suit Samus DLC Costume The Light Suit Samus DLC adds a new costume to Samus allowing her to use her light suit.

It is sold for $2.99.

Dark Suit Samus DLC Costume The Dark Suit Samus DLC adds a new costume to Samus allowing her to use her light suit.

It is sold for $2.99.

Fusion Suit Samus DLC Costume The Fusion Suit Samus DLC adds a new costume to Samus allowing her to use her light suit.

It is sold for $2.99.

Fedoration Force Trooper DLC Character The Fedoration Force Trooper DLC is a 'new character' based off the chibi Galactic Fedoration troopers

in Metroid Prime: Fedoration Force. It is sold for $3.99

Frigate Orpheon DLC Map The Frigate Orpheon DLC is a new map based off the beginning stage in Metroid Prime. It is sold for $1.99.
Planet Mira DLC Map The Plate Mira DLC is the first and only map from a game outside of Metroid. It is Planet Mira from Xenoblade Chronicles X. The DLC is sold for $2.99

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