This is a guide for Metroid Online



In Metroid Online, you play as a Metroid. Since Metroids can evolve, you can too! Metroids evolve every time they absorb 50 Life-Energy. When you attack an opponent sucessfully, (see Actions) you will see a message showing how much Life-Energy you recieved. Keep Track of your Life-Energy here.


Sometimes, you will be asked to perform an action, in this case, you must pick an action to continue. Some examples are:


Attack an enemy, if you win the fight, you will recieve Life-Energy.


You will ignore the enemy and try to pass it.


Go to the Save Page (see Saving) and record your game data.

Don't Save

Don't save.


Click on the links to move from room to room.


At certain points in the game, you will be asked to save, you don't have to, it's just recomended.

How to Save

To save, go to the Save Page and record your game data with your signature.

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