Originally called Metroid Prime 4: Legends but I was not the first to think about that title.


After the events of Metroid Prime 3, the galaxy is at peace. Samus is taking a rest from bounty hunting and is relaxing at Sandlia, a beach planet. She gets an emergency signal from the GF. They have sent a sector of their army to the Merusian Galaxy. Not one of them survived. So Samus rushes to the planet. The Gunship is hit by an oncoming asteroid. She falls out of the ship. This greatly damages her. With 1 Energy left, a space pirate comes along and esily knocks her out and steals all of her items. It turns out she crash landed on planet Cavis. The only things she has are the Power Suit, Combat Visor, and the Scan Visor. She goes around finding old and new upgrades ass she travels throug all the planets in the galaxy and its sun, Merusia itself. Will Samus Aran survive or will she perish like the soldiers? Well it's kind of obvious but she survives.


Samus encounters two types of bosses: space pirates that usually have a puzzling fight where you have to find the weakspot and the Metroids that have adapted to special enviroments and you have to find the beam that will destroy them better.

  • Sectroid- A Metroid that has adapted to the jungle-like planet, Biolide. It crawls around and jumps at its prey. 
  • Kraid- This toxic beast is gigantic and packs a punch. Use Super Missiles and Kraid will go down like the monster he is.
  • Pyroid- A Metroid that has been coated with the same substance as the Varia Suit. Because he is a fire enemy and a Metroid, the Ice Beam just plain destroys it.
  • Cryoid- This Metroid was mutated by special Phazon that made it an ice monster and 100% imune to ice. The Plasma Beam is mandatory.
  • Hydroid- The last special Metroid has been changed to resemble a jellyfish but is now weak to the Wave Beam.
  • Phantoon- This guy is a skull shaped ghost. When it hides, use the Ghost Visor to attack it. Grapple on to all of its weakpoints and then attack the eye.
  • Phaze- A strange creature made of Phazon. Looks deformed and can fire a number of weapons.
  • Ridley- Your arch-nemesis that flies around and tries to kill you. Very dangerous.
  • Dark Samus- Your clone that has all of your abilities.


  • Morph Ball
  • Bombs
  • Spring Ball
  • Spider Ball
  • Boost Ball
  • Screw Attack
  • Missile Tanks
  • Super Missile Tanks
  • Power Bombs
  • X-Ray Visor
  • Thermal Visor
  • Ghost Visor
  • Charge Beam
  • Diffusion Beam
  • Plasma Beam
  • Ice Beam
  • Wave Beam
  • Laser
  • Grapple Beam
  • Varia Suit
  • Gravity Suit
  • Speed Boosters
  • Space Jump

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