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A Metroid Larva.

Name: Metroid Larva (meh-troyd)
Height: .5 feet in diameter (average)
Weight: 2.0 ounces
Homeworld: Presumed SR388

Mysterious creature found on planet SR388 for which is thought to also be its native planet. Thought to be parasitic. An airborne life form totally capable of flight through it's almost weightlessness.

Shortly after hatchling from a Metroid Egg, hatches into an almost jelly-like creature. Totally see through, its outer hide is transparent throughout its body until it has time to harden and gain its greenish-brown luster.

It seeks out a sort of "companionship" shortly after hatching, latching on to the closest organism it comes across. After it's hunger instincts kick in, that companionship drive is suppressed and replaced with the overwhelming urge to feed.

This is the most crucial time in the Metroid life cycle, for up until 24 hours, it has no way of protection, whether it be from native species or environmental hazards. Its fangs are still relatively soft and feel like soft rubber, and will not harden until they have been exposed to enough environmental pressure. They are very reclusive and shy, therefore strengthening the lack of hatchling sightings in the wild.

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