Metroid Genesis
Metroid: Genesis is the newest installment of the Metroid series, helmed by Exotoro. In this installment, you play as a new character who is under the mentorship of Samus.


Scientists manage to recreate Samus' power armor and have given it to a young woman for testing. Samus finds out about the project and forces it to shut down, but she sees potential in this new power suit user. Samus trains the young woman on what she believes to be a peaceful planet until a mysterious parasite turns the friendly creatures into monsters. To complicate matters, Samus is severely injured and has to send the new person out on a quest to find the parasite's base and destroy it.




Character Info
AlexArmorAlex Alex is the only playable character in this game. She uses a modified copy of Samus' power armor, which comes with sliding capabilities instead of a morphball (supposedly that was the only thing they couldn't replicate out of fear that it would crush her bones). She plays how you would expect Samus to play; she jumps, shoots stuff from her cannon, and store & fire missiles.





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