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Developer(s) Amuza
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan October 21, 2015
25px-Flag of USA October 21, 2015
Flag of European Union October 21, 2015
25px-Flag of Australia October 21, 2015
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013T 12Rating OFLC M
Genre(s) Third-Person Adventure
Series Metroid (series)
Predecessor Metroid Fusion
Media Included Wii U:

Media CD icon Optical Disk
Media DL icon Digital Download

Metroid Dread (also known as Metroid 5 and Metroid V) is a game for the Wii U that released in 2015. It is the eleventh entry in the Metroid series and is set to take place after the events of Metroid Fusion in which Samus diobeyed her orders and destoryed the X parasite and SR388 have been destroyed. The Galactic Federation is after Samus, who has gone into hiding.


The Metroids and X Parasites have been eradicated. The galaxy is at peace.

I was first hired by the Galactic Federation to foil the plans of the Space Pirates on Planet Zebes. They had been using Metroids to attack Galactic Civilisation, under the order of Mother Brain.

After I successfully destroyed the Space Pirate colony, the Galactic Federation hired me once again to eradicate the Metroid population from their home planet, SR388. I followed their orders, however saved a newly hatched Baby Metroid.

The Baby Metroid was stolen from captivity by the Space Pirates. I immediately returned to Planet Zebes, to find the Space Pirates had rebuilt the colony. I once again destroyed their base and ruined their operations.

Due to my success, the Galactic Federation asked me to escort their team for a search of SR388. I was attacked by the X Parasite and almost died. Fortunately, the Galactic Federation saved my life by injecting Metroid DNA into me.

However, I learnt they had designed a Metroid breeding program, and were able to progress a Metroid lifespan in a couple days. I disobeyed the Galactic Federation’s orders, and destroyed the facility, ending the Metroid and X Parasites. Since then, I have been forced into hiding to avoid capture from the Galactic Federation.

-- Samus's Opening Monologue

Metroid Dread takes place sometime shortly after Metroid Fusion. Samus is in hiding from the Galactic Federation after eradicating the X parasite even though she was given orders not to by the Federation.

Adam Malkovich, who has remained as the Gunship's AI, has been hacking into the Galactic Federation systems to stay updated on their activity and if they are close to discovering Samus. However, Adam learns that the Galactic Federation have begun testing on genetic mutations to improve humans after the success of fusing Metroid into Samus Aran.

Knowing the risk this plays, Samus infiltrates the Galactic Federation's base of operations in space withinin this solar system, the Z Nebula. Samus boards on a unmonitored lower hangar in the Research Centre. Since her last mission, Samus powered down her Power Suit for fear of it creating another SA-X

Samus sneaks her way through the nebula in her Zero Suit to learn more about the classified project, which leads her to discovering the Galactic Federation's motives of creating a new SA-X that has no agency and can be controlled to follow orders and replace Samus. Unfortunately, the SA-X breaks out during operation and cannot be contained. It lets out a number of other creatures being held in the Emergency Medical Wing. From the breakout of the creatures, the Z Nebula's systems have automatically shut down as a security measure, and Samus decides to show herself to the Galactic Federation members.

At first the members of the Galactic Federation appear hostile, but instead ask Samus to solve the problem of the SA-X running amock. They give her the only suit they have available, the Fusion Suit, and Samus heads to find the SA-X.

Within the Kinetic Keep, Samus finds walls covered in cells that hold genetically engineered creatures. She encounters the SA-X, who lets all the creatures out of their cells, setting the Z Nebula into immediate evacuation. 

The Z Nebula's systems are still down, making progress through more areas of the nebula impossible. Samus goes to Sector One where records and systems are maintained, and reboots the nebula sending it back online.

This leads Samus to the Roundtable, the central chamber of the Z Nebula. A large golden statue of Samus fighting enemies is located in the centre of the room. Samus goes through The Royal Botanical Gardens, and encounters a genetically engineered version of Kraid. After defeating the beast, Samus finds Johnathon Vasquez, the current charirman of the Galactic Federation, in Vacationland. She learns that he had been working with the Space Pirates to perfect the genetic engineering process in creating their perfect superhuman. In return, the Space Pirates asked that their commanders being recreated too.

Disgusted by the Chairman Vasquez's actions, Samus goes to defeat the other commanders that are running free on the nebula. She finds Vahast who has taken over Keaton's Dump. After his defeat, Samus is chased down out of the Dump by another commander, Rovinia. She cannot be defeated as none of Samus's weapons work against her.

Next, Samus encounters Evirmier in the Starborn Labs. After his defeat, the Observation Deck shows a large part of the nebula breaking off from the rest of the ship. Samus uses her gunship to travel to the destroyed part of the ship, named Rovinia Wreckage. Samus finds Rovinia occupying the wreckage, and boards her gunship to defeat Rovinia.

The last area accessible to Samus is The Weekend District, the nebula's entertainment sector. Inside, Samus finds a "Explore Zebes" exhibit. She travels through the Crateria, Brinstar, and Maridia habitats finding them mostly destroyed by some creature. Within the Norfair habitat, Samus encounters Ridley, recreated through genetic engineering.

With all the Space Pirate commanders defeated, Samus returns to the Roundtable and encounters the SA-X and can defeat her with all her new technology.

After defeating the SA-X the statue of Samus defeating enemies crumbles to pieces, revealing an opening into the Galactic Federation Armory. Inside, Samus finds Johnathon Vasquez, who has genetically recreated himself over hundreds of times, and is storing all his bodies within the Armory.

Samus opens fire on Vasquez and all his hundreds of bodies. Samus is unable to cause much damage, but in the middle of the fight, Samus is badly affected by the Metroid DNA in her body. The Metroid DNA has been invading her body and slowly growing, causing Samus to mutate. The Metroid DNA creates the Metroid Beam, which is able to drain the life power out of enemies. From here, Samus is able to defeat all the clones of Vasquez, but stops attacking when his original body is all that remains.

Vasquez explains that contrary to Samus's beliefs, he was actually doing good for the galaxy. He has found that a far-off alien race has been slowly headed towards their solar system. Everything the alien race has come into contact with has been obliterated, and so Vasquez has been attempting to create weapons they can use to stop the alien race before they reach their solar system. The Galactic Federation and Space Pirates had signed a Peace Treaty to ensure they would work together or risk eradication, and Vasquez cloned his body so many times to ensure that after his original body passed away, he would remain chairman of the Galactic Federation to ensure that the federation will always be lead by someone with good intentions.

The Metroid DNA has mutated Samus so far that she has subconsciously repressed information throughout the adventure and it is starting to take over her body. Vasquez says he can help Samus and remove the Metroid DNA from her and save her from being taken over by the Metroid. Samus agrees, and Vasquez operates on her. The operation is a success, and Samus heads to her gunship and flys away in the direction of the alien ship.


Picture 1 10-26-19

View of what appears on the GamePad and TV

Metroid Dread returns to a 3rd-person view of the world, like in Metroid: Other M . However, unlike that game, the camera remains in an 'over-the-shoulder' position like the Batman Arkham games .

The game was notable for its use of the TV screen and the Wii U Gamepad. Each screen displayed a different view of the world. The TV Screen would function similar to the Combat Visor of the Prime Series. This means it would show a view of the game world in clear detail, including a radar and health bar.

The GamePad screen would function similar to the Scan Visor. This means the player would be able to scan the environment of the Z Nebula to learn more about each part of the ship and its history. The Scan Visor shows a very blurred and undetailed version of the world, so it cannot be constantly looked out throughout the entire game.

It should be noted that many of the game's entries are incorrectly scanned, as the Metroid DNA mutates Samus's genetics throughout the game and causes her to subconsciously discard important information. All entries are updated to the truth after the game is completed.

The gameplay is more in vein to the earlier 2D games within the Metroid series. Samus travels through the interconnected world of the Z Nebula, where each different sector can be accessed from numerous points within other sectors, as well as the central Roundtable. Upgrades are found hidden throughout the world and can be mostly collected in a lot of different orders. There are also plethora of sequence breaks in the game, that enable the player to complete the game through a number of different ways. 


New Equipment

  • Flashlight: Acquired in Sector One, the Flashlight casts a bright light out of Samus's left hand. This can light up dark rooms and solve light based puzzles. The Flashlight can also be used in combat to temporarily stun some enemies.
  • Echo Boots: Acquired in The Royal Botanical Gardens, the Echo Boots make Samus's movements extremely loud, which can be used to disorientate enemies with no eyes. it allows Samus to travel through many areas of the Botanical Gardens out of the Morph Ball, as many of the enemies can only find Samus through sound.
  • Spin Latch: Acquired in Vacationland, the Spin Latch enables to Samus to perform a spinning attack on enemies. The main use of the Spin Latch is its ability to to create a dent in walls that Samus can latch on to, enabling her to stand and shoot whilst up walls.
  • Vacuum Cannon: Acquired in Keaton's Dump, the Vacuum Cannon allows Samus to suck up small objects and enemies into her arm cannon and shoot them back at environment. This can be used to destroyed elements that the missiles cannot, as well as attack spectral enemies.
  • Force Sphere: Acquired in Starborn Labs, this is a heavy sphere that can be projected out of Samus's arm cannon. The sphere is very heavy, and can be used for weight-based puzzles, as well as a effective attack in combat.
  • Metroid Beam: Acquired in the Galactic Federation Armory, this is the only new beam introduced in the game. It is only unlocked part way through the final boss, and has the ability to suck the life force out of enemies. The beam is created as a consequence of Samus's genetics being modified by the Metroid DNA.

Returning Equipment

  • Wave Beam
  • Ice Beam
  • Plasma Beam
  • Grapple Beam
  • Hyper Beam
  • Charge Beam
  • Wide Beam
  • Tractor Beam
  • Missile
  • Super Missile
  • Morph Ball
  • Bomb
  • Power Bomb
  • High Jump Boots
  • Varia Suit
  • Gravity Suit
  • Space Jump
  • Screw Attack
  • Speed Booster
  • Spring Ball
  • Boost Ball
  • Spider Ball
  • Seeker Missile

The Boost Ball has been modified can now travel over the surface of water, like a rock bouncing ontop of water. The Speed Booster can also allow Samus to run over water.


The entire game takes place on the Z Nebula, and follows Samus as she travels through the numerous different sectors of the nebula.

The nebula is designed as the Galactic Federation's main base of operations in space within this solar system. As such, it features many extra sectors that would not be normally featured on a Galactic Federation ship. As such, the Z Nebula is often referred to as a town and community on its own.

Sector Description
The Research Centre is the main centre for research into the genetic engineering project. Much of the sector is dedicated to researching and experimenting on genetically created organisms. The sector also has a large medical wing, in which the organisms are operated on to be modified and understood. The Resarch Centre has large maintenance system that Samus uses to sneak through at the beginning of the game before she shows herself.
The Kinetic Keep is detached from the rest of the nebula but surrounded by other sectors. It is in a constant spinning motion in open space, but a magnetic force projected from all sides of the keep and the surrounding sectors keeps it from floating out of the nebula. Inside, the spinning motion plays into many of this sectors platforming and puzzles. Its main use is for the storage of the genetically engineered creatures, which cover the walls of the sector. Beta testing of the creatures is also conducted here.

Sector One is the main place the holds the Galactic Federation's records for the solar system. The Z Nebula's systems are also kept and maintained within Sector One. From the breakout of the SA-X and the genetic creatures, the place is shrouded in darkness as many of the lights and systems have been destroyed or powered down. This makes the sector full of creatures that hide in the dark, and many puzzles that are solved with light and darkness.

The Royal Botanical Gardens are the Z Nebula's only gardens where oxygen is created and harvested to be dispersed through the rest of the station. It also hosts the Nebula's water reserve, the drinking water for all members onboard. The Galactic Federation begun testing on the genetics of the flora and fauna within the sector, causing plant monsters that can devour Samus. However, they can only sense Samus through hearing. This means much of the sector is originally traversed through in the Morph Ball, as it makes little noise.
Vacationland is where all the onboard members call home. The sector hosts all the apartments and homesteads of the crew, including the children that were born on the station. The sector is designed around the Vacationland Apartments, which a very tall spherical chamber that all other rooms stem off of. This makes the sector traversed very vertically, rather than the mainly horizontal design of all the other sectors. A lot of propaganda for Chairman Vasquez and the Space Pirates can be found in the sector, which is altered to Samus's mind by the Metroid DNA.
Keaton's Dump is the location where all of the garbage created on the nebula ends up. It is mostly off-limits to low-ranking officials, as it is also the secret headquarters of the Space Pirates that are working alongside the Galactic Federation to solve the problem of the oncoming alien race. The Dump is flooded with trash water, that plays into many of the sectors platforming and puzzles.
Starborn Labs is the main locale where experimental weaponry and technology are created for the Galactic Federation. The Labs were completly disconnected from the genetic engineering project, however following the breakout of the genetic creatures, many went to the Starborn Labs. The sector revolves around weight based platforming and puzzles. 
Rovinia Wreckage is a portion of the Z Nebula that was broken off from the main station after the beast Rovinia destroyed the sector. Formerly known as the History Hall, the sector harbors many of the Galactic Federation's historical artefacts and exhibits that are designed to teach onboard members about the history of the Federation and the solar system. Due to the destruction of the sector by Rovinia, many areas of the sector take Samus inside the halls and traversing on the outside walls of the space station. Samus however cannot go on the outside walls without the Spiderball or Gravity Suit, or she will be lost to space.
The Weekend District is the main entertainment area aboard the space station. The area is covered in bright lights and fun exhibits for the onboard members to relax when they are not on duty for the Galactic Federation. The sector is the primary user of the Nebula's electricity reserve, and many of the puzzles use electricity to be solved. The district is notable for its large "Explore Zebes" station, in which a faithful creation of Planet Zebes habitats are located. Unknown to the public, the habitats were mainly created to aid in the process of genetically creating the Space Pirate commanders.
The Galactic Federation Armory is a hidden sector within the Nebula that is directly underneath the Roundtable and can only be accessed from destroying the Samus statue above it. Inside the Armory, all of the Galactic Federation's weapons are stored. Johnathon Vasquez also stores the hundreds of copies of himself he has created within this sector.

Key Areas

  • Lower Hangar
  • Biology Block
  • Contaminated Cells
  • Decontamination
  • Maintenance Access
  • Utility Room
  • Experimentation Facility      
  • Federation Sanatorium
  • Corridors of Vasquez
  • Research Education Centre
  • Procedure Ward
  • Emergency Medical Wing
  • Operating Room
  • Elevator Shaft
  • Hero's Foyer
  • Observation Deck
  • Holding Cells North
  • Holding Cells East
  • Secure Access
  • Critical Condition Cells        
  • Ventilation Halls 
  • Alpha Testing Ward
  • Derelict Trial Facility
  • Beta Testing Ward
  • Genetic Patient Viewing
  • Zero-Gravity Chamber
  • Unknown Examination
  • Maximum Security Holding
  • Sector One Atrium
  • Authorised Entry Procedure
  • Stored Records Room
  • Record Manufacturing
  • Supercomputer Storage
  • Service Team Headquarters
  • Winding Passage
  • Vasquez Legal Division
  • Evidence Locker
  • Detention Centre
  • The Chairman's Table
  • System Preservation Room
  • Staff Quarters
  • Z Nebula Main Systems Room
  • Botanical Gardens Entry     
  • Greenhouse Dome
  • Vasquez Greenhouse
  • Aviary
  • Federation Statue Hall
  • Experimental Flora Dome
  • Abandoned Water Reserve
  • Water Reserve B
  • Nebula Graveyard
  • Fauna Experiment Chamber
  • Breeding Facility
  • Outdoor Courtyard
  • Overgrown Observation
  • Restricted Dome
  • Vacationland Lobby
  • Chairmen Honor Hall
  • Fountain of Vasquez
  • Vacationland Apartments    
  • Elementary School
  • Primary Recreation Room
  • Federation Library
  • Open Offices
  • Ballroom
  • Most Wanted Centre
  • Main Movement Corridors
  • Penthouse Heights
  • Chairman's Hangar
  • Vasquez's Office
  • Garbage Chute
  • Trash Compactor
  • Landfill Chamber
  • Flooded Dumping Ground  
  • Recycling Centre
  • Space Disposal Unit
  • Toxic Holdings
  • Elevator Shaft
  • Rubbish Processing Channel
  • Sewerage Mainframe
  • Sewers Junction
  • Space Pirate Headquarters
  • Secret Detainment Facility
  • Hidden Genetic Engineers Lab
  • Gene Pool
  • Analysis Headquarters
  • Processing Gallery
  • Technology Development
  • Human Affairs Department 
  • Laboratory Main Offices
  • Testing Area
  • Preliminary Manufacturing
  • Creationarium
  • Blackroom
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Genetic Engineering Pavillion
  • High-Risk Examination Facility
  • Nuclear Plant
  • Damaged Hangar
  • History Main Hall
  • West Wing
  • Federation Memorial
  • Destroyed War Room
  • Hall Exterior
  • Historical Museum             
  • Federation Chairmen Exhibition
  • Artefact Storage
  • Galactic Enemy Showcase
  • Main Gallery
  • Planetarium
  • Peace Exhibit
  • Reactor Core
  • Neon Plaza
  • Chozo Theatre
  • Stars Avenue
  • Federation Studios
  • Ampitheatre
  • Intergalactic Viewing Deck 
  • Food Court
  • Upper Deck
  • Federation Bar
  • "Explore Zebes" Park
  • Crateria Habitat
  • Brinstar Habitat
  • Maridia Habitat
  • Norfair Habitat
  • Welcome Centre                 
  • Weapon Containment
  • Armory Halls
  • Vasquez Storage Centre


  • This is chronologically the latest game in the series, taking place a short time after Metroid Fusion which previously held the title.
  • The game went through many different iterations throughout development. The game was originally called Metroid Starborn, but was eventually scrapped and overhauled part way through development. Many elements of the original game remain in its final iteration, including the name of Starborn being in Starborn Labs.
  • Keaton's Dump is likely a reference to Chairman Keaton, one of the Galactic Federation's former chairmen.
  • Many hints to the game's plot twist can be found throughout the game. The Peace Treaty signed by the Galactic Federation and Space Pirates is found within Rovinia Wreckage, and propaganda for Johnathon Vasquez and the Space Pirates can be seen in Vacationland.