Metroid 64
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Release Date(s)
JP November 6, 1998

NA June 29, 1999

Age Rating(s)


Genre(s) Action, Adventure
Media Included 256 Megabit Cartridge


Samus was getting a new assignment from the Intergalactic Space Police, but she was assigned to go investigate K-2L, her Home Planet that was attacked by Ridley's Army. Since them, it has been a vacant ruined earth settlement in the middle of space. The reason she has to go there is because there have been reports of lights flashing on the surface and Spaceships coming in and out. Once she gets to K-2L, she starts having terrible memories of the attack and of when her parents were killed by Ridley. She is then awakened from here daydreaming when the ground starts rumbling. A spaceship lands on the surface. Out of the spaceship come Ridley and and Space Pirates. K-2L is their Secret Hideout. She over hears them saying hey are going to launch a Phoenix into space to blow up half of the Universe (the one Samus and the good guys live on). Samus must gain access to Ridley's Hideout, hijack their plans, and kill Ridley once and for all; the fate of the Universe is in her hands!


K-2L Surface

Samus's Hometown

Hideout Hallway



Samus's Ship land in K-2L.




Chamber 1: sX36>

Chamber 2: tY47/

Chamber 3: aZ19+

Chamber 4: aZ19-

Ridley's Lair


Power Suit

Varia Suit

Underwater Suit

Wall Suit

Power Beam

Wave Beam

Plasma Beam

Omega Beam

Flame Cannon

Bomb Cannon

Morph Ball

Screw Attack


1. Space Pirate Guards

2. Space Pirate Leader

3. Metalops

4. Cyberborg


Samus battling Space Pirate Guards on K-2L Surface.

5. Mecha Kraid

6. Morpheel

7. Gamma Metroid

8. Zeta Metroid

9. Omega Metroid

10. Ultra Omega Metroid

11. Mother Brain

12. Ridley


  • Metroid 64 was originally going to have an expansion on the Nintendo 64DD, but it was scrapped when the 64DD failed.
  • N64 Magazine said that Metroid 64 would release in Europe on December 8, 2002, but since Metroid Prime was soon to be released, it wasn't released.
  • In Japan, Metroid 64 is known as Metroid IV: Ridley's Revenge.

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