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Metroid 5: War
Developer(s) Legend Studios Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Genre(s) Adventure, Action, RPG
Single Player, Multiplayer (seperate)
Age Rating(s)
T for Teen
Media Included Wii Disk.

Metroid 5: War is the sequel to Metroid Fusion. Directly after the destruction of SR388 and the B.S.L, Samus is caught by the Federation, and after the trials and whatnot are cleared, Samus Aran is given another mission.


As Samus flew away from the many pieces of shrapnel of the wreckage, the GFS Vengeance received a small blip on the radar. They caught up to it, and discovered that it was Samus' ship. They captured her, and her name was soon cleared. Yet there was always something else... the GFMC squad Stealth 7 had lost contact with the GF in the orbit of planet of Alkou V, and none of the investigation teams had returned. Aran was dispatched to Alkou V. She soon discovered that this was only one of the planets in a massive Space Pirate operation, which has the objective of overthrowing the Galactic Federation. Samus travels to the heart of the operation, one planet Utren, but she is immediately knocked unconscious. When she awakes, she is in a Space Pirate stasis tube, and her Fusion suit is nowhere to be seen. She shatters the tube, and sets off in search of her suit. She discovers it in a laboratory, and as she dons it, an alarm goes off. As she exits, swarms of the pirate militia wearing modified fusion suits attack her. She escapes to her ship, and is given orders to locate 8 pieces of data, which if found, can be used to hack into the main supercomputer of the operation, and destroy it and the planet. She proceeds to do this, and fights a modified version of the Mother Brain, in order to gain access to the terminal. Samus escapes the planet as it simply explodes. However, this sparks the Space Pirates to initiate a war... So the next game has a plotline!


1st person, gameplay similar to Prime 3. It also, though, includes a multiplayer function with many arenas. Also, in a way similar to Super Metroid, you select which upgrades you need to use at whatever moment.
Visors and their functions:

  • Combat - Default visor
  • Scan - Scan objects
  • Command - Command ships
  • Tech - Hack into technology, can have many functions depending on the hacked tech.
  • Energy - Includes the function of thermal, but can also detect any type of energy

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