Metroid 4: The Necrosis War
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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 4
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Platform(s) Nintendo NX, Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC M rating
Genre(s) 2.5D Platformer, Metroidvania, Action-Adventure, Exploration
Series Metroid
Predecessor Metroid Fluxuation
Metroid 4: The Necrosis War is an upcoming Metroid Game for the Nintendo NX & Visus Sphere. It is the third Metroid Game developed by Darklight Studios and takes place inbetween its other two, taking place about 20 years after Metroid Fluxuation. The game focuses on two main characters; Samus & Aria. The prior had been noted to be missing for several years after going rogue around Metroid Fusion while the latter was raised by scientists of the Galactic Federation to train and hopefully replace Samus as a figure of hope for the public of the Galactic Federation as Samus had lately become known as an enemy of the Galactic Federation and was slandered as having worked with the Space Pirates.


Approximately 20 years after the events of Metroid Fluxuation the galaxy is still in turmoil, the Space Pirates are still running amock leaving a stain of the Galactic Federation's record due to their innability to deal with the menace, meanwhile Samus has been searching for Chozo history on a chain of planets known as the Agrius Cluster in which a Chozo Underground City was discovered.

Meanwhile deep within Galactic Federation territory, a young woman known as Aria is the test subject of a Galactic Federation experiment in which she's been trained in the knowledge the Galactic Federation has acquired from Samus' combat skills and Ancient Chozo scripture to help Aria take the mantle of defender of the galaxy as the Galactic Federation considers Samus a threat now.

However on the day in which Aria was planned to be revealed to the public, an attack from the Space Pirates causes her to be captured and taken to the Space Pirate System known as Meora where Aria must escape, fortunately however, Aria was given a Power Suit created by the Galactic Federation from technology extracted from Samus' own Power Suit in hopes to protect her from such danger. Along the way Aria find traces of another prisoner also escaping the Meora System.


Chapter 1: Escaping Gemero II Prison

Aria's Storyline

Aria wakes up, remembering only parts of that fateful day she was told she'd become a protector of the people. Aria was never sure what the scientists meant by this, the public, what would they think of her. It didn't matter now, as more memories flooded back into her mind of the Space Pirates attacking and a large pirate teleporting directly in front of her and grabbing her before she could even resist.

The Scientist she knew as Michael had only a few moments to hand her a curious device before being captured by Space Pirates himself. Aria looked around where she was to find she was in some sort of rocky prison, confused by what was going on she heard voices outside the bars of her cell and looked and only saw space pirates, the sworn enemy of the Galactic Federation, the ones she was trained to hunt and destroy. Aria quickly rummaged through her pockets hoping the device was still with her, however found them empty, realizing that the Space Pirates had taken it. Aria, however didn't need to wait long to figure out what to do as gunshots heard in rooms beyond hers called for the guards to abandon their post allowing Aria to break down the back wall of her cell and escape.

Enemies Description
Space Pirate Grunt The grunts of the Space Pirate army, they are not very strong although their sheer numbers can make them a greater threat, their armour is rather pathetic and their energy weapons are poorly optimized leaving them vulnerable to being overwhelmed easily.
Space Pirate Sniper Grunts with long-range weaponry, they have virtually no armour although their shots can traverse an entire room, you'll know if you are in one of these Space Pirate's sights due to the aiming lasers they use.
Flying Space Pirate Space Pirates with jet packs, allowing them to hover in the air, they guard the vertical shafts of various areas and are able to fly around to attack the player, they are as weak as their ground-limited counterparts however making it easy to shoot them down.

Navigating the mysterious and carved corridors of the cells, avoiding the Space Pirates from detecting her presence, Aria soon reached a map room where she found where the Space Pirates were keeping her device, a few floors up from her current location, Aria moved on from the Map Room, soon reaching the room, she soon found her device and activated it, revealing it to be Aria's Power Suit. In addition, Aria found the suit was equipped with an Arm Cannon (which comes with the Charge Beam), a small supply of Missiles, some Bombs and an ability known as the Morph Ball. However as Aria stepped into her suit, the alarm went off alerting the Space Pirates to her location, without any other option, Aria faced off against the Space Pirates quickly taking them down with the Arm Cannon able to overwhelm them with superior technology despite their superior numbers.

Items Description
Power Suit Specialized armour, only two exist in the known universe, one was created by the Chozo at least 3 decades ago to protect Samus Aran from danger, the second is a hybrid of Chozo and Galactic Federation Technology created for Aria to provide her with armour that would last her for her whole life while also mimic the capabilities of Samus' Power Suit. Both Suits are able to take the technology of other races and adapt any weaponry and tools to their suits to become more versatile.
Power BeamEnergy Beam A powerful energy cannon made by the Chozo and refined by the Galactic Federation, the weapon is able to utilize the seemingly infinite energy of the Power Suits into a directed attack. The Energy Beams are not exceptionally powerful although do provide fast and effective cover fire.
Charge BeamCharge Beam A more powerful sub-version of the Energy Beam, the Charge Beam requires absorbing energy from the Power Suit for a brief period of time before unleashing a devastating attack that deals significantly more damage easily destroy certain enemies in one shot.
Bomb Necrosis WarBombs Equipment specifically designed for the Morph Ball, the Bombs are able to blow up weakened walls as well as propel the Morph Ball into the air allowing it to fit through elevated gaps too small for Samus or Aria to fit through normally.
Morph Ball Samus PowerMorph Ball Aria PowerMorph Ball A handy tool that was accidentally found when making Aria's Power Suit and had been long integrated into Samus' Power Suit, the Morph Ball is a curious tool that allows the user to morph into a small ball shape allowing them to traverse small areas not normally possible due to the limited flexibility of the Power Suit.
MissileMissiles Powerful artillery for the Power Suit, Missiles are able to opened armoured doors and break through some tougher enemies shielding. The Missiles are slow firing and unlike the Energy Beam have a limited supply, however Missile upgrades can be found scattered the game to increase this capacity.
Enemies Description
Ripper Sometimes called living platforms, Rippers are small arthropods that are found all across the galaxy, they're known for their ability to float seemingly indefinetly and their incredibly tough shells which are seemingly immune to all forms of damage, for the most part they are more like an obstacle than an enemy although freezing them does allow them to be used as platforms without taking damage.
Sidehoppers Bizarre, bipedal insects, Sidehoppers are as their name suggests, known for hopping on either of their sides. They are not particularly dangerous although due to their size are a bit hard to avoid, thankfully they can easily be taken down due to their fragile exoskeletons.
Skree These weird bat-like creatures are known to dive bomb anyone or anything that they see that they deem a threat. The Skree have been tamed and mechanically enhanced by the Space Pirates to allow them to drill through the ground making them even more dangerous than their purely biological counterparts.
Zeb Beetle creatures that are known to burrow underground and fly up when something approaches them, they then charge at whatever alerted them. Zebs are very weak however and can be easily defeated, they are more of a pest than anything to most of the galaxy.

With the Space Pirates defeated, Aria continued onwards now with a map built into her Power Suit she was able to easily find her location. Aria finding a new area to access thanks to her missiles finds traces of the damage the one whom helped her get free in the rooms following, seemingly having decimated the Space Pirates and even blown the doors clean off.

Soon Aria reaches a computer station where she finds a more detailed map of the prison system including the main elevator shaft out of the prison area. Continuing through the system of rooms, Aria soon reaches the elevator shaft only to find it has collapsed likely due to the other escapee, however her attention is soon caught by a rumbling sound coming from within the rubble, suddenly a Space Pirate Captain erupts from the rubble, although battle damaged it still stands ready to fight Aria.

Boss Description
Space Pirate Captain An elite sub-type of Space Pirate, Space Pirate Captains are heavily equipped in weaponry and maneuvarability thanks to their technology which they based on Samus' own Power Suit to allow to perform quick dashes similar to a mini-Shine Spark. The Space Pirate Captains require power cells to give them energy to carry the heavy weaponry and this leaves them vulnerable to flanking from behind.

Aria dodges the captain's quick fire weaponry and works her way around to its back by dodging its dash attacks to attack its power cells which are providing it with protection. Eventually Aria destroys the power cells causing the Space Pirate Captain to explode from the damage inflicted. Looking up Aria sees that several small ledges leading up to a tunnel can be used to help her escape as she begins heading up to escape and hopefully find the other escapee.

Samus' Storyline

A small prologue begins before the player can begin playing.

It is stated that Samus had been investigating the Agrius Cluster for supposed Chozo information, however what is revealed is that it was a trap laid by the Space Pirates to capture her, being ambushed and completely surrounded, Samus was taken out by a massive army of Space Pirates and taken to the prison cells in the Meora System on the planet Gemero II, Samus is shown to have had all excess equipment removed from her Power Suit although the Power Suit itself was unable to be removed seemingly having killed a few guards in the process.

Samus wakes up to find herself chained by her gun arm and both legs to the prison wall as the Space Pirate Guards outside are moving the bodies of the dead Space Pirates out of the cell. Quickly thinking and with haste, Samus open the gun arm on her power suit allowing her to crush the chain around the arm with her hand setting her free allowing her to begin her escape.

Samus quickly gets up shooting the chains off her legs allowing her full movement before the guards even have a chance to react. Samus quickly guns them down before making her escape, navigating the rooms of the Prison she checks her map to find that her ship's signal was being detected far away from her although did indicate she was underground. The bounty hunter began to navigate her way through the maze of rooms, searching for some way out. Not too long after, Samus finds a Super Computer the Space Pirates were using to keep track of the Prisoners in the area, Samus notes that a few other prisoners were being held hostage and calls attention to the Super Computer Room to allow those prisoners to escape, Samus readies herself for the waves of Space Pirates that begin to crack down on her location as they enter the room she lays waste to them with a combination of energy shots, bombs and missiles. Soon however she hears the Super Computer announce that Security System Gamma had been activated and Samus watches as the Super Computer transforms into a large cybernetic organism somewhat similar to a Beetle. The Security System Gamma attacks Samus as a last resort to stop the Bounty Hunter.

Boss Description
Security System Gamma The Super Computer and main data storage of the Prison Area of Gemero II, the Security System Gamma is able to transform from its stationary Super Computer form where it is able to process nearly 12 trillion functions a second to its combat-able Beetle Form which is heavily armoured and equipped with a powerful horn capable of releasing charges of energy in a spiraling motion making it hard to avoid.
Items Description
Trident Beam Necrosis WarTrident Beam The Trident Beam is an upgrade to the Power Beam allowing for additional shots to be fired that rotate around the core energy blast. Though these shots do not have as much power packed into them they provide a greater area of impact for the attack as a whole making enemies that dodge the weapon have to take greater evasive movements to get out of the way.

Despite the machine's size and Samus' lack of a complete arsenal the bounty hunter destroys the machine with swift and accurate shots destroying its horn allowing for shots to its weak core to be placed. Samus finds the core and crushes it absorbing the data of the Security System Gamma giving her the Trident Beam allowing Samus to fire an additional two smaller blasts in addition to the main one to have a greater area of impact. Samus now having eliminated a large proportion of the Space Pirates in the Prison as well as having dealt with the Security System Gamma continues towards her new destination, an Elevator Shaft where the Super Computer had noted was the main exit to the Prison.

Samus with her new Trident Beam makes her escape setting off charges on several doors causing them to erupt in a fiery blast destroying several Space Pirates on the other side. Soon Samus reaches the Elevator Shaft although finds it to be guarded by more Space Pirates, quickly dispatching them the elevator arrive although Samus is only greeted by a Space Pirate Captain, not particular interested in fighting the creature, Samus picks up a Mine the Space Pirates were going to use to ambush Samus and adapts its technology to her own creating a Minethrower Upgrade to the Arm Cannon.

Items Description
Minethrower A destructive although dangerous weapon, the Minethrower shoots mines that grip into most surfaces and onto creatures and can be detonated remotely or when out of range of Samus' Arm Cannon. The Mines glow making it easy to keep track of where they've been placed, the Mines can also be used to act as temporary weights although usually at least 3 are needed to have any significant impact on weight detectors.

Samus easily overwhelms the Space Pirate Captain by burying it under a landslide from the wall behind it after setting off the mines. Samus takes the Elevator up however begins to detect massive numbers of Space Pirates closing in on her, a bit confused, it only takes Samus a second to hear the drill boring through the wall next to her, Samus fires multiple mines at the wall and detonates it busting the drill mechanism and leaving a gaping hole in the wall, it also destabilizes the Elevator panel causing it to lose its artificial gravity and fall back down. Samus quickly jumps into the hole shooting down the few remaining Space Pirates finding herself in a natural cave system built between the cave and the surface by some animals and reinforced by the Space Pirates. Samus begins to investigate hoping a path to the surface can be found.

Chapter 2: The Gemero Mines

Aria's Storyline

After entering the tunnel, Aria is stunned to find that a machine had been obliterated through the center, unsure if this was the other escapee, Aria continues on finding several paths blocked off due to rubble (if Samus didn't go through these areas they can be accessed). Aria eventually reaches a large stone room rather distinct from the prison and the tunnels.

If Samus had not encountered the Pirate Security System Beta then Aria enters the room to find a mysterious light filters from far above, possibly sunlight from the surface. However as Aria attempts to cross the room she accidentally activates a trip wire in which a machine that had been camouflaged in the room activates itself ready to combat Aria. The young fighter however overcomes the machine which she identifies as the Security System Beta, upon its defeat the machine falls apart and Aria walks over to it, picking up what looks like the core her Power Suit absorbs the core informing her of the newly gained ability for her Morph Ball, the Spider Ball allowing her to attach to walls and ceilings while in Morphball form and move along them with ease.

Boss Description
Security System Beta Another of the Space Pirate's security systems, Beta was pulled from its post to deal with the escapees, more mobile than its Gamma counterparty, Beta is able to camouflage itself to remain hidden. It looks more like an arachnid, some believe its design was based on the creature, Yakuza. Beta is fast and can attack with volleys of energy bombs.
Items Description
Spider Ball The Spider Ball is a special upgrade to the Morph Ball, its ability allows the user to, while in Morph Ball form, stick to walls and ceilings allowing them to traverse to areas not previously accessible. The Spider Ball is a bit slower than the regular Morph Ball although does allow for bombs to be placed while in this form.
If Samus does fight the Pirate Security System Beta then Aria enters the room finding it to be in a state of semi-destruction, a large machine left in pieces in the middle of the arena while the curious room was covered in battle marks from whatever fought the machine. Aria continues on, cautious of just how dangerous this fellow escapee may be.

Enemies Description
Geemer A spined beetle-like insect, Geemers are small creatures that pose little threat to most due to their slow movement and only defense being the spines on their back. Geemers can interestingly climb along walls and ceilings thanks to their powerful legs.
Metaree A flying semi-mammalian creature, Metarees are known as the nastier cousins of Skrees, stronger, larger and faster, Metarees not only will dive bomb the player but also ascend back up for multiple swoops.
Kago It's not entirely positive whether these things are animals, plants, fungus or some massive cluster of cells. Kago are known for being a blockade to all and come in two variations; Large Cluster Kago which cling to floors and Long Kago that block pathways with their extended mass. Kago are extremely durable, the best way to destroy them is to fire multiple missiles into their core until it erupts, although if the user runs out they'll regenerate quickly.
Waver A hybrid of Crustacean & Avians, Wavers will target anything they deem a threat and ruthlessely hunt that individual down. Wavers spin as they float making them rather dangerous and when spinning fast enough they can deflect beam shots.
Choot Curious cephalopod creatures, Choots are known for being able to survive on land and propel them up into the air to slowly float downwards, this allows them to target and ambush their prey from above.
Sciser A Crustacean creature often known for being found both on land and in the water. Scisers on land are rather harmless due to their sluggish movement and only ability being to pinch at very close range, their aquatic counterparts however pose a much greater threat as they can condense water into small explosives that detonate after a small amount of time.

Continuing on from the curious room Aria finds that a large landslide has impeded her progress, however quickly notes a weak point in the rubble and using her Morph Ball Abilities rolls through a series of very small tunnels to reach some sort of mining area.

Enemies Description
Rynite Small crystal mite-like creatures, Rynites are natives of Gemero II's underground, Rynites are dangerous due to their ability to reflect energy blasts back, it's best to handle them with ballistics.
Backoro A Bizarre chimp-like creature, Backoro swing along the Stalagtites of the Mines eating the crystals they find as food. Backoro will attack Rynites and anything shiny including Power Suits.
Mining Robot Although built for the purpose of mining, these robots are capable of defending themselves with their blowtorches & drills, very slow and some are even incapable of moving they really only pose a threat if near explosives or at point-blank range.
Armoured Space Pirate An upgraded Space Pirate, these possess better armour than their lower ranked counterparts which provides them with sizeable protection from energy blasts, although they are still weak to ballistic weapons.

Getting back into the open tunnels, Aria passes by various amounts of mining equipment and gemstones while fending off against the security that had tracked her down. Soon getting to the Command Room of the Mining Area, Aria checks the computers and finds that she is close to a large structure on top of the surface and determines that there is likely some way off the planet in or around the structure. However just as she is about to take a closer look at the structure an energy blast destroys the computer console as Aria dodges to see the attacker. A large crystalline beast, having been lying in wait for Aria stands there bellowing in laughter at Aria, the creature bashes its two fists together before engaging Aria in combat.

Boss Description
Rynite Behemoth It is unknown what the Rynite Behemoth's relationship is to the mite-like creatures seen elsewhere in the mines, some believe it is the king while others believe it to be the mature form. The behemoth is very dangerous able to generate energy blasts from the focused light of its crystals. In addition its sturdy body allows it to ram without worrying about damage to itself. Its rocky back is weak to energy weapons although like other Rynites attacking its crystals with energy weapons will just fire the shots back.
Items Description
Reflector BombReflector Bombs A variation on the bombs, although not requiring extra ammunition, reflector bombs inflict less damage than their counterparts, however what they can do is reflect shots within their blast radius back where they came, amplified to inflict more damage.

Confronting the beast, utilizing her more mobile movement and attacking the creatures weaker back, Aria eventually triumphs over the creature as it falls and explodes in a fiery display. approaching the remains of the creature Aria picks up one of the crystals to inspect it, however as she does the Power Suit absorbs it giving her the Reflector Bombs. The data banks of Aria's suit confirm information about the crystals and their potential as anti-energy defenses. Aria, concerned at the purpose the Space Pirates could have for such a thing continues onwards through the mines.

Searching for the way out, soon finding what she had hoped for, the surface.

Samus' Storyline

Traversing the twisting tunnels, Samus finds herself in an absolute maze of rooms, however as she dwells deeper into the cavernous areas, she passes by several points in which the security system detects her and sets off explosives making it impossible for her to go back.

During this traversal of sections of the tunnels, Samus may come across a mysterious room that is built with rather advanced technology. Samus determines that the room is not of Space Pirate origin however picks up an unusual signal upon entering the room, quickly readying to fire, Samus quickly hears the sound of something invisible moving and fires a shot, causing the Security System Beta to become visible and attack.

Eventually Samus reaches a large pit-like area in the tunnels, she soon realizes this area was designed to be a trap, as another Space Pirate Captain lands near her using some sort of buffer in its leg armour to prevent it taking fall damage. Samus readies herself to battle the Space Pirate, not entirely sure of its battle capabilities.

Boss Description
Space Pirate Captain II Another of the Space Pirate Captains, this one is more powerful than the last, boasting greater armour all around and a special upgrade to its leg armour allowing it to leap great distances to avoid damage. It will tend to cling to the walls and ceilings to keep out of Samus' gunfire.
Items Description
Hi-Jump Boots An upgrade to the Power Suit's armour, the Hi-Jump Boots allow the user to jump higher than usual thanks to lightening the overall weight of the armour as well as installing gravity reduction pads in the bottom of the boot plates. This variation does not come with the sibling ability, Spring Ball however.

As the Space Pirate Captain crashes into the wall after being defeated, its body falls near Samus who goes to make sure it's dead, in the process acquiring the Hi-Jump Boots ability. Samus uses her new ability to reach the doorway from which the Space Pirate Captain came through, hoping it would lead to the surface.

Entering through the doorway, Samus found herself in a peculiar building, quickly determining that the Space Pirates had constructed it, likely as a base of operations for whatever the tunnels were used for. Navigating through the high tech corridors and navigating passed the small security defenses located all over the area, Samus soon reached a control room where she hoped to find a way out, with luck the computer in the room included a map of the facility denoting it as the geothermal station. Samus also checked the files of the computer on regards to the prison in which it noted around a dozen prisoners, with profiles of each one, however one caught her interest. A supposed, Federation Super Soldier that had been monitered by Space Pirate Intelligence as being highly dangerous and likely to be the Federation's new replacement for Samus.

Concerned by this revelation, Samus checks the name of the subject, Aria. Samus then downloads the data into her Power Suit to keep track of it and destroys the computer system, continuing through the facility to eventually reach the surface where the facility is connected to.

Chapter 3: The Warbird Hangar

This is the last Chapter in which Aria and Samus travel seperately, after this point the player can explore the previous areas with the weapons acquired to find hidden secrets. The areas remain in the state they are found in Aria's section of the storyline hence why there are less hidden items in Samus' early chapters. In later chapters the player chooses to either explore as Aria or Samus with access to various hidden areas, the reason for the other staying with the ship is explained in the Chapter's introduction.

Aria's Storyline

Upon reaching the surface, Aria soon finds that the planet she's on is rather barren, with little to no true vegetation aside from some low growing moss. Aria looks around and soon sees the large structure she had identified earlier. Navigating along the rocky terrain, Aria soon reaches the building after passing a few Space Pirate outposts. Finding no traces of her fellow escapee along the way, Aria fears that the escapee has been taken down by something far stronger although calms herself as she also considers that if the escapee were still alive they would likely take Aria as a threat and attack her.

Reaching the building, Aria navigates her way through a series of air shafts on the exterior to reach a security room where her Power Suit gains access to the main interior of the hangar. Within this security room, Aria finds what she had been hoping for, a ship to get off the planet, however finds that its being protected by four generators, the closest to her became her target as she began her progression towards the generator.

Enemies Description
Space Pirate Soldier Highly trained, Space Pirates, some believe that these Space Pirates unlike the others are trained in secret, having learned techniques from the Galactic Federation and using said techniques against the Federation. They are well armoured and highly dangerous thanks to their mobility and high-rate of fire weapons.
Space Pirate Refrigeration Soldier A special variant of the soldier's designed to withstand the cold, these Space Pirates have ice-resistant armour and can regenerate their health when in the presence of Joulins, in addition they carry larger weapons to their regular counterparts which though slower in firing, pack more of a punch.
Zeela Small, bug-eyed creatures, Zeelas store energy in their body and move around sideways, similar to crabs. They are insectoid in appearance and can release stored energy when threatened into explosive energy blasts from their two tubes near their eyes. They also have a sticky mucus which allows them to climb onto walls and ceilings and stay there as well.
Joulin Large, floating creatures, normally known for being non-agressive, they absorb heat into their body, usually making areas around them much colder, Joulin then release this energy in the form of a mysterious purple-black mass that floats around before exploding, no one knows why the Joulin do this although some theorize that they come from a rogue planet with no home star.

Working deeper into the facility, Aria soon reaches the generator's room and not to her surprise, she had been tracked. The small security cameras dotted all over the place had been sending enemies to her this entire time and with the rest eliminated their boss had set itself up in the Generator Room as a last resort. Aria asks the leader it's name to which the creature replies, laughing at the question, although tells her, stating that it'll be the last thing she hears before she dies as the creature, identifies itself Weavel, stating that it used to be a bounty hunter, however after almost all of its body was destroyed, the Space Pirates recovered the remains of its brain and constructed the new suit Aria was seeing before her eyes. Weavel then apologizes to Aria stating that it's nothing personnal, it's just business before engaging her in combat.

Boss Description
Weavel A highly-trained, cybernetic bounty hunter. Weavel was thought to have gone into hiding after his encounter with Samus Aran while seeking the Ultimate Power, however Weavel is stated as having ended up heavily damaged from subsequent battles with other individuals. Weavel has the unique ability to split his body in half, his lower body becoming a turret while his upper body acted as a flying melee attacker.
Items Description
Super MissileSuper Missiles A variation of the Missiles, Super Missiles pack more of a punch although are much rarer and thus should be conserved, only to be used in dire situations. The Super Missiles are stated to have an extremely powerful energy source within them, some believe it is a nuclear warhead.

In swift combat, Aria battles the almost robotic bounty hunter, quickly discovering it to be even more dangerous thanks to its ability to split into two bodies, however Aria in her swift movements defeats the bounty hunter, who falls to the ground in a wreckage. Aria walks over to the defeated adversary who congratulates her on defeating him and asks her to finish the job, Aria is unsure about this however Weavel swiftly reminds her that she is a product of war and will eventually have to kill others like him. Aria complies with Weavel's wishes and delivers the final blow destroying Weavel's brain in the process. Aria walks over to check on the body and acquires a new ability, Super Missiles. With Weavel defeated, Aria continues on her mission and de-activates the generator, checking her map for the next closest one, she finds it to be deeper in the facility in an area called the Cryodome.

Beginning her progress towards the Cryodome, Aria quickly discovered that her Power Suit could not protect her against the crippling cold temperatures within the Cryodome and the immediate surrounding area. Aria checks the suits logs for information about this problem, the suit brings up information about the Power Suit stating that the suit is able to adapt to temperatures with the use of an internal heat source aside from Aria herself, thus giving her a protective armour from the heat and cold as the suit would regulate internal temperatures. However, the suit also states that said upgrade is currently impossible as such a device did not come with the suit. Aria determines that the best course of action is to seek out an Armoury within the hangar as it may contain the armour of the Refrigeration Soldier's. Aria backtracks to the Security Room where she finds the armoury she was hoping for had been sealed shut by a door only able to be opened by the Super Missiles she acquired from Weavel.

Aria then begins her trek to the armoury in hopes of finding the Refrigeration Soldier's Armour. Navigating her way through the guarded rooms, Aria soon reaches the Armoury although to her dismay is greeted by the Security System Alpha, which had taken form as a large centepoidal robot, with little hesitation, Aria readies her Arm Cannon to attack the Security System.

Boss Description
Security System Alpha The most powerful security system, Alpha was designed to resist self-destruction should its central brain be destroyed. The System is set up so that each segment of its body can act independently from each other, although this does leave each segment slightly weaker due to the necessity for more internal systems. Each Segment comes attached with high powered ion lasers capable of blasting through solid concrete. Thanks to the design of the armoury, these lasers reflect off the ceiling and floor causing havoc.
Items Description
Charge BallCharge Ball A direct upgrade to the Morph Ball, the Charge Ball allows the individual to perform a quick dash with the Morph Ball, this dash is powerful enough it will break through special blockades although is not as powerful as directly sprinting, it does allow for access into tighter locations.

Aria destroys the many segments of the Security System Alpha, finally bringing down the last one after a long battle. Reaping the rewards of her success, Aria picks up the remaining technology of the Security System Alpha gaining the Charge Ball, allowing Aria to access the sealed off Space Pirate Armour that had been designated as "Nucleo". Aria lifts up the suit and quickly finds it melds with her current one, giving her the powers of the two suits combined, Aria dubs her new suit as the Pyronia Suit.

Items Description
Pyronia Suit A more enhanced version of Aria's Power Suit, this suit allows Aria to traverse areas of extreme heat and cold due to the suit's internal thermal control. The Suit cannot provide protection from hazardous materials and overall only slightly increases Aria's physical defenses.

With her new suit providing her protection from the extreme cold, Aria begins her movement back to the Cryodome. As Aria exits the Armoury she hears a massive explosion not too far from her as the entire facility shakes violently before finally ceasing. As Aria passes by the seeing platform into the hangar she sees a massive hole in the wall near the front, indicating something incredibly powerful broke through. Aria pauses to think about the cause and wonders if it could be the other escapee, Aria dismisses the idea however as a power of that scale would spell doom for her.

Continuing through the busted facility, her route changes due to the damage from the explosion, however Aria soon reaches the Cryodome once again and finds her suit has adjusted itself to keep her warm. Tracking through the cold environment she comes across a computer room which gives her a clearer picture on where the generator is. However after accessing the computer she quickly realizes its a trap as the computer morphs into its true form, a large flying machine that refers to itself as Security System Delta.

Boss Description
Security System Delta A secret Security System the Space Pirates had been working on, the Security System appears to be able to greatly control the thermal temperature of the room its in able to turn it up to make the floor dangerous to touch or cool it down to the point where the floor is slippery. Delta is also able to fire special lasers that home in on targets.
Items Description
Burner BeamBurner Beam A powerful variation of the Standard Beam, this version uses super-heated energy to produce a blast so intense that it can melt through a 10 foot wall of Ice. The Burner Beam also can ignite nearby enemies on fire and has a slight splash effect to its shot that causes it to damage nearby enemies when it impacts with a wall or object.

Aria soon takes down the tricky Security System, as it crashes, Aria lands a final blow to its chest creating a hole for her to jump through, as she does so she gains the Burner Beam allowing her to progress even deeper into the Cryodome, with the problem of Ice Walls becoming negligible, Aria soon reaches the generator and finds it to be unguarded, de-activating the generator, Aria finds that the Space Pirates had predicted her movement and had rigged the Generator to blow, as the timer activates, the intercom announces that the Cryodome is set to explode, Aria quickly makes her escape finding that her only way out was directly into the hangar's main area. With no other option, Aria exits the Cryodome and finds herself face to face with her fellow escapee, Samus Aran. Aria notices that the ship she was de-activating the generators for has had its other two generators de-activated as well. Aria asks Samus what's going on and Samus simple responds to Aria telling her that Space Pirates have set up a trap and that she should prepare herself for whatever is coming their way. Aria agrees as the two hear a mysterious rumbling sound followed by huge footsteps, causing the ground beneath them to shake. From the entrance of the hangar two massive claws jut through the metal doors, tearing through them with ease. The creature on the otherside then blasts both doors off causing a massive dustcloud to temporarily obscure both Aria's and Samus' visors. As the dust settles, the two hunters come face to face with the monsterous beast, Kraid, seemingly impossibly revived, the beast glares as the two and readies itself to fight.

Boss Description
Kraid A monsterous creature that is one of a number of Space Pirate Commanders, Kraid has his DNA saved in the Space Pirate's most secretive Databases allowing them to bring him back when they can, although due to his sheer size the process takes a long time, hence why unlike other commanders Samus has only had a run in with him once. Kraid uses his sheer size to fight, flinging his claws like boomerangs and shooting large spiked projectiles at the two hunters.

With a great level of difficulty the two hunters successfully work together to get up to Kraid's head and deal a massive blow to the point that Kraid's body, lifeless from the damage it had taken falls to the ground. Although read to celebrate their success, they are cut short by the sudden arrival of more Space Pirates. With no other options Aria and Samus hop into the latter's Gunship and take off, fleeing Gemero II, only to find the ship's hyper drive had been removed to prevent it leaving the star system.

Samus' Storyline

Reaching the surface, Samus finds that the planet, Gemero II was rather barren of life, quickly coming to the conclusion that it was likely the Space Pirates had terraformed the planet to suit their needs as signs of life were present across the planet in very small clusters, Samus soon began to pick up readings of the hangar making her way towards the signal combatting the few Space Pirate Scouts wandering about.

Enemies Description
Dragon Mysterious creatures that are known to live in both water and lava, Dragons that are green live in water and camoflauge themselves as seaweed to trick prey, they are very dangerous able to release high energy blasts of water from their mouths. The Red Dragons are the ones that live in lava and are even more dangerous, direct contact can ignite a person who is not wearing protective armour and the Red Dragons breathe fire.
Alcoon A land equivalent of the Dragon, Alcoons have evolved with a set of legs allowing them to leap out of the water or lava and move around, Alcoons can be considered the most dangerous variant as due to their mobility they will hunt down their prey.
Geruta These powerful, mechanically enhanced mammalian-like creatures were altered by Space Pirates to serve the purpose as ambushing security. Gerutas have naturally hard skin which protects them from energy blasts, they are still vulnerable to missiles although their high speed makes them hard to hit. Their only point weak to regular energy blasts is their head.
Geruboss Said to be the leader of the Gerutas, Gerubosses were previously thought to be a creation by the X-Parasite however it was discovered that the Geruboss was an experimental upgrade to regular Gerutas, these bigger and more powerful versions have mechanically enhanced arms so strong they can crush metal and are immune to missile damage, one's only hope is to target their head.
Geryn A large rhino-looking creature that is known to be a native of Gemero II, Geryns are extremely aggressive and often try to ram anything they see, the Space Pirates are known to have an issue with them as their horns are explosive and can be discarded by the Geryns who hurl them when in danger to ward off predators and Space Pirates alike.

Eventually Samus reaches what appears to be a large fort guarding the outside of the hangar. Navigating her way through the fort Samus soon reaches the control room, upon activating one of the computers to find the main passage into the fort, she is halted by a large beast that appears to have been the Alpha of a group of wild creatures she'd encountered earlier on, the Alpha Geryn. This large, bulky creature like its smaller counterparts is able to throw its regenerating horn like an explosive as once it strikes a solid surface it ignites in a fiery explosion.

Boss Description
Alpha Geryn The Alpha of a pack of Geryn, Alpha Geryns are the most dangerous of their kind, they are much more experienced in combat and often have scars to show for it. This Alpha Geryn in particular is nicknamed among the Space Pirates as "Brutus" and was left in a secret room in the fort protecting the Hangar due to its "unpleasant personality". The Alpha Geryn hurls its horns in such a way that they generate a small magnetic field that causes them to target metallic objects like the Power Suits.
Items Description
Seeker MissileSeeker Missiles A powerful upgrade to the Missiles, Seeker Missiles as their name suggests are able to lock onto enemies and attack with high accuracy, in addition the player can charge up to 5 missiles to fire in a quick volley which is necessary for activating particular switch based puzzles, the missiles are controlled by locking onto targets, once a target is locked onto the player presses the down arrow to lock that target and go onto the next Seeker Missile or fire all locked missiles.

Defeating the Alpha Geryn the creature explodes from its own horn igniting on accident. The creatures remains fade away leaving Samus with the Seeker Missiles. Using these missiles she busts through main compartment of the hangar causing an incredibly massive explosion. Upon entering the area, Samus quickly using the smoke to her advantage, dodging the Space Pirate patrols and reaching an air duct allowing her to evade detection. Samus quickly navigates her way through the air ducts soon reaching a control room, checking the information she finds that her gunship is being held by four generators, one of which has been shut down however 3 still remain active, fortunately for Samus one is very close to her while the other less fortunately is in the Heating Center which is stated by the computers to be radiating extreme levels of heat.

Samus also notes that near the first Generator is a room with gear for handling the Heating Center and will likely allow her Power Suit to activate its Varia Upgrade which the Space Pirates had deleted upon her capture. Moving through the metallic corridors, Samus soon quickly reaches the first Generator only to find it is protected by an Elite Space Pirate Captain, this Space Pirate lets out a roar causing more Space Pirates to enter the room as it locks itself so Samus cannot escape.

Boss Description
Elite Space Pirate Captain A very high ranking Space Pirate, these Space Pirate Captains have survived for well over a decade in direct combat with the Galactic Federation as such they were promoted and given special armour, said armour has couplings on the back that can be destroyed however the Elites have thought of that and will keep their front to Samus at all times. They also come loaded with heavy energy rifles capable of firing in quick succession and can do a low jump charge.

After defeating the Elite Space Pirate Captain it falls as Samus deals the crippling below as the Elite Space Pirate Captain explodes. Samus walks over to the Generator and shuts it down quickly moving onto the nearby room which was noted for having an Environmental Hazard Station. Samus enters the room finding more Space Pirates blocking her path although all are quickly defeated as Samus quickly overwhelms them, however something pecualiar happens as Samus approaches the Environmental Hazard Station, the ground below her begins to rapidly heat up before exploding, from the dust a new creature, the Gorbydiamus attacks Samus with its fiery arm cannons as Samus attempts to shoot its head the attacks only bounce off like nothing.

Boss Description
Gorbydiamus A powerful fiery creature that was recruited by the Space Pirates from an unknown Planet. Gorbydiamus serves as a new commander of the Space Pirates, often operating on various bases and usually concealing itself within areas of extreme heat to deter any bounty hunters after him. Gorbydiamus can fire blasts of hot lava from its arm cannons and can charge with great force, in addition he is heavily armoured to the point in which any damage to his front will do nothing. Only the Lava Containment Unit on his back provides any point of weakness.
Items Description
Varia Suit A special upgrade for Samus' Power Suit that was put in by the Chozo as a template for how Samus' suit identifies potential upgrades. The Varia Suit allows Samus to survive in extreme temperatures as well as better endure attacks of fire and ice. It doesn't protect her from hazardous materials however.

After finishing off Gorbydiamus, the Space Pirate Commander denies Samus the ability to finish him off, although in seering pain from the lava capsule on his back having erupted, Gorbydiamus flees before Samus can deliver any final blow. Slightly annoyed that the commander got away, Samus continues on her escape mission and activates the Environmental Hazard Station regaining her Varia Suit abilities. Traversing through the newly created hole in the ground, Samus enters the Heating Center and finds it to be quite manageable due to the general lack of Space Pirates in the area.

Navigating through the hot environment, Samus quickly reaches the Heating Center's Generator however finds it to be guarded by some sort of large worm, the creature awakens and notices Samus, burrows underground and surrounds her with its body revealing it to be a Mecha King Worm.

Boss Description
Mecha King Worm Once used by the Space Pirates on Zebes to attempt to stop Samus, the Space Pirates used the data and knowledge they recreated the behemoth to serve them directly. Upgrading its arsenal, the Mecha King Worm is able to fire its thorns like its predecessor as well as ram its head at Samus, in addition it can try and grab Samus with its pincers. One of the new upgrades is its two laser attacks; the first is a large Charged Laser which sweeps across the floor while the second is a small shot that bounces off Mecha King Worm's reflective body. If either laser hits Samus it'll freeze her solid and if it hits the small lava Pools in the arena it will freeze them over.
Items Description
Ice BeamIce Beam A specialized Beam designed to handle various enemies including the Metroid Species itself, the beam deals an icy shot that can heavily damage its target, freezing them solid. In addition, a frozen enemy becomes weaker to Missiles, making it an effective method of dispatching stronger enemies.

Taking down the Mecha King Worm, Samus obtains the Ice Beam from its Central Processing Unit within its eye, she then approaches the Generator looking over it she finds its being powered by the very lava beneath her. Samus fires a blast from the Ice Beam to freeze the tubes on the Generator before blowing them up with Missiles. Samus then begins her movement out of the Heating Center using the Ice Beam to access her ship.

Reaching the main hangar room, Samus quickly bounds across the large chamber as she hears sirens coming from deep within the other part of the hangar. However just as she reaches the other side she sees the one that the computers had identified as Aria, the bounty hunger the Federation was using to replace Samus. Samus found her replacement however was not angry to see her but rather confused, with a slight state of shock seen through her visor, it was clear that Aria hadn't expected Samus to be the escapee due to the destruction she'd caused. Aria quickly asked Samus what had happened, as Samus glanced over she noticed that all four generator fields had been de-activated, however Samus also noticed the sirens had gained the attention of numerous Space Pirates and warned Aria that Space Pirates had laid a trap for them and that the young bounty hunter should prepare herself for a battle. Just like Aria's storyline, a sudden rumbling is heard which catches both bounty hunter's attention, as the ground shakes from the approaching footsteps the two prepare themselves for what they are about to face, in a blinding instant Samus sees massive gashes through the metallic hangar doors just as they are blown off, covering her visor in a thick dustcloud. As the dust settles, she sees a familiar foe, the giant lizard Kraid, almost certain that she'd destryoed Kraid in their last encounter on Zebes, the giant lizard merely glared at the bounty hunters as it readied itself to fight.

The massive creature poses a great threat to the two bounty hunters, although through their co-operation they were able to combat the creature. They would distract the creature from each side as they slowly ascended up the platforms around the hangar and eventually reach Kraid's head to deal phenomenal damage, however Kraid being a tough foe took these hits and repelled greatly. However, it would not take too many tries for the bounty hunters to overwhelm the Space Pirate Commander who eventaully fell from exhaustion and battle damage. As the two were ready to celebrate their success they are cut off by the sudden arrival of Space Pirates, without any other options, Samus signals to Aria to make a run for the Gunship, the two quickly reach the gunship and hop in, Samus quickly taking control flies the ship out through the open section of the hangar. Reaching orbit, Samus quickly realizes that the Space Pirates had stolen the Gunship's Hyper Driver denying it from leaving the star system. This however was the least of Samus' worries as her ship began to pick up numerous Space Pirates, with no other option, Samus flew the gunship down towards another planet in the system, Torano, the great jungles of the planet would obscure the Space Pirates from finding Samus and Aria as the two would be able to plot a way to escape.

Chapter 4: Jungles of Torano

The player can choose to play as either Samus or Aria, secret bosses will be listed in side sections of their stories for these chapters. Whoever the player does not choose stays with the ship doing repairs on the vessel. From this point onwards the story will refer to the individual as "The Player" to avoid confusion.

As the pair land, barely on Torano the quickly find themselves in the thick of a particularly aggressive vine species, ensnaring the gun ship and holding it in place. The two hunters agree that the ship must be freed and the cause of the vines would be the best option, one decides to stay with the ship to remove the vines while the other goes out and searches for the root of the vines.

Enemies Description
Bull A large orbus-shaped fungus that lives in the depths of Torano and numerous other planets, Bulls exhume a toxic gas that varies from planet to planet although in general all are equally deadly.
Fune Serpentine creatures that live in the walls of most environments, Funes are the weaker of this split evolution, they are also more calmer and some individuals have proposed trying to domesticate them although the Fune is dangerous due to its lashing jaws.
Namihe The larger and more dangerous of these wall-dwelling creatures, Namihe are fast, unpredictable and more dangerous, the spines on their back are sharp enough to cut through any metal.
Ghalmanian A quirky chameleon-like creature, Ghalmanians are known for being able to turn invisible and attack with their long, spiked tails. They can also hang onto walls and are extremely fast, only small details of their bodies cannot camoflauge so be vigilant.
Bullowara A large immobile fungus, the Bullowara are distant relatives of the Bulls although can be much more dangerous if not handled properly. Bullowara contain massive numbers of spores that are corrosive, destroying a Bullowara with an explosive is a very bad idea unless done from a distance.
Kihunter Flying, dangerous insects, Kihunters are a menace to most life in the galaxy, often creating massive nests they are a pest to deal with and can be surprisingly durable for their sheer numbers.
Alpha Kihunter The alpha of a squad of Kihunters, this particular kihunter emits a pheromone that causes other Kihunters to protect it from damage. The Alpha Kihunter is now slouch itself as it is faster and more dangerous than its regular counterparts.

Delving into the Jungle Treetops the player finds that micro-environments have developed within and around the trees harbouring numerous forms of life, as they descend deeper into the Jungle they slowly discover a massive ecosystem of glowing fungus that thrive on the darkness and humidity of the climate. However as the player reaches what appears to be the jungle floor a mysterious creature leaps up to attack the player, the visor of the player quickly identifies the creature as a Lurimmin, a large flat-looking creature that mimicks the fungus of its environment before ambushing its prey trying to crush them under its weight. The creature bellows as it prepares to crush the player.

Boss Description
Lurimmin A large fish-looking creature, Lurimmin are rare sights even on planets. Lurimmin uses its massive weight and near perfect camoflauge with the dark, fungal environment to ambush foes and crush them. The creature can also release a blinding light to temporarily obscure the player's view.
Items Description
Illumination Visor An upgrade to the visor that helps the player's vision in extreme darkness and against bright lights, the visor is necessary if one wishes to be able to use devices in the darkness.

Defeating the monstrous creature, the remains wither away to reveal an orb for the player, picking it up the visor suddenly flashes numerous colours before returning to its original colour, what the player finds however is their vision has become perfectly clear allowing them to see through the inky darkness that previously surrounded them. Continuing deeper down into the tendril of vines that had trapped the Gunship, the player begins to encounter smaller vines that are protecting whatever the core of the vines is. Defeating these smaller vines the player soon reaches the root of the vines, a massive seed-like structure with a massive maw capable of eating the gunship whole, the plant notices the player and attacks with fury ready to devour them in an act of surprise.

Boss Description
Rootrath Rootrath is a native species of Torano, it's known to be the apex predator of the planet despite being a plant. It's massive vines are able to ensnare any prey even flying ones, in addition these creatures are known to grow to huge sizes and are considered a parasite to other plants, they often begin their growth on trees and can grow to the point of crushing their host under their weight.
Items Description
Laser Hook The Laser Hook is a powerful item that the Chozo mainly used on the wilder planets to work around the difficult native species. The hook allows the user to slash through thickets of vines as well as yank down rusty structures. In addition it can be used in combat to daze an enemy and pull them in close for fast destruction.

The vicious flora lunges as the player avoids the onslaught of vines attempting to ensnare the player and bring them to the gaping maw ready to devour the player. However through swift movement and adapting to the lighting of the area the player soon defeats the creature. As the creature begins to wither away it reveals a Chozo Statues and a large ancient door that it had been growing over, the player walks over to the Chozo Statue and acquires an item known as the Laser Hook. Using this new item the player opens the doors which appear to have jammed due to rust and damage over time. The player then ventures into the ancient temple to find out why it was even on this planet.

Delving into the entangled mix of flora and technology the player finds themselves battling the barely active machines that haunt the temple and the numerous insects and plants that have overrun the place. Navigating the maze like rooms the player soon comes to what appears to be a sort of control room, activating the main machine in this room provides artificial lighting to the rest of the temple although at the same time causes a large chunk of the Temple to crumble away revealing a massive cave system to the South-East of the Control Room. The player ventures onwards to search for what could be the lost part of the temple.

Enemies Description
Cactaroc An cousin species of the Cacatacs found on Zebes, the Cactarocs have geological growths on their bodies which are oddly natural, in addition they can launch spiked projectiles powerful enough to break through metal although they are rather slow in movement.
Chozo Security Cannon One of the numerous types of security the Chozo has set up to protect their temples from those attempting to uncover their secrets, the Chozo Security Cannon can fire a powerful laser that can penetrate any armour, attacking the cannon itself will do nothing as one needs to detach it from the power source first.
Chozo Bomber The Chozo Bomber is often mistaken in ancient text as a Chozo itself similar to the Torizo, however the Chozo Bomber is smaller than the Torizo and instead of using swiping attacks it swoops whatever challenges it to a fight with its sharp, metallic talons.
Demon's Plantea A native species to Torano, the Demon's Plantea got its name from its distinct Red and Black colouration, although pretty to look at the plant is capable of lunging out of its stem to grab and crush its prey with powerful jaw-like petals.

Delvng deeper into the temple now becoming less temple-like with every room, the player soon discovers the cause of the caverns, a mutation on the Kihunter species known as Kihivers had created a massive nest, suddenly however the player is caught off guard by some random tremors, followed by a distant screeching sound, the player determines that these screechs likely originated from the leader of the Kihivers and notices the few pieces of temple rock that remain have fallen out of the wall. Causing concern for the player as whatever secrets the Chozo had may be lost forever, the player makes it their new goal to exterminate the Kihivers' leader.

Enemies Description
Kihiver Larvae The larval form of the Kihiver, these creatures may not put up much of a fight but their acidic spit which is commonly used to allow them to burrow into the ground and pupate is quite dangerous, be on the lookout in case they've burrowed into the ceiling.
Kihiver Drone The drones of the species, although relatively weak in numbers they can overpower even the strongest Chozo technology, their sharp fangs and powerful legs allow them to attack quickly and violently.
Kihiver Warrior A warrior sub-species of the drone, although they don't look too different their larger mandibles allow them to lift up large rocks and rubble and hurl it at intruders. They appear to be the main force that has burrowed out these tunnels as well as caused the destruction of the Chozo Temple.
Kihiver Guard The most powerful Kihivers bar the queen herself, the Guards are massive in comparison to the drones, having bulky shells and massive legs these creatures can crush their prey under their feet. In addition the creatures have retained their acid spitting ability from their larval form.

Delving deeper into this monsterous hive, the player finds themselves battling the ferocious Kihivers as well as their larger guards and even the larvae whom have developed acidic spit to help them create holes in the wall to pupate. The player begins to find themselves in a weird mix of cave rock, chozo temple and Kihiver silk as they inch closer and closer to the leader's den. Soon however the player comes face to face with the centre of the hive, a massive silk covered room with a large, immobile Kihiver Queen nestled at the back, the creature lets out a screech causing rocks to fall blocking the player's exit. With no other option the player raises their arm cannon at the Kihiver Queen and prepares to fight.

Boss Description
Kihiver Queen The Queen of the Kihivers, this giant insect is able to call upon the aid of powerful Kihiver Guards as well as use her own natural defenses, although completely immobile her long scythe-like claws can reach far beyond her body and her ear-piercing screech can cause the unstable rocks and rubble of her den to fall. It would appear that she has been in battles before as a large scar across her underbelly has left her internal body exposed.

The player frantically battles the Kihiver Queen and her numerous offsprings dishing out damage the the weakened part of her underbelly, eventually dealing enough damage that the exposed body gives up as the Queen lets out one last screech causing the boulders above it to crush its lower abdomen. The creatures remains quickly wither away leaving only the husk-like exoskeleton behind. The remaining Kihivers realizing their Queen has died let out a combined screech as they flee. However the player quicky realizes they are unable to go back the way they came instead having no other option than to enter the mysterious tunne behind the remains of the Kihiver Queen's husk.

Delving into this mysterious area the player works their way past numerous Kihiver Larvae likely protected by the queen for special reasons, soon however the player reaches what they'd seen on the map of the temple, a second body to the temple that supposedly contained a great power. Delving into the other part of the Chozo Temple the player begins once again encountering more Chozo Security although this time not hindered by the aggressive plant species in the other part of the temple. The player soon reaches the room of this part of the temple that was the mirror of the control room. The player however quickly realizes it to be a trap as the door seals behind them and the security of the room activates revealing some sort of Robotic Mainframe.

Boss Description
Chozo Engineer Said to be the constructor of the Chozo Temple the Chozo Engineer is a biomechanical creation, a hybrid of many species it is equipped with a powerful flamethrower and a high fire rate laser cannon this giant is extremely dangerous and must have each of its limbs destroyed to access its heavily guarded core.

Eventually the player breaks the numerous limbs of the biomechanical creation and destroys its core causing the giant Chozo Engineer to collapse as its head crashes down onto the ground, in the wake of its destruction a new secret room opens up, the player investigates and finds it to be a Chozo Item room, upon the walls numerous symbols are written and the mysterious orb that contain one of the numerous abilities awaits the player. Picking it up the orb shines brightly before fading away, giving the player the Chozo Dash, an ability that lets the player Shinespark Charge in either direction immediately. As the player picks it up the door behind them closes leaving to find another way out.

Items Description
Chozo Dash A special upgrade that was not commonly known about, one of the numerous late age Chozo technologies the Chozo Dash upgrades the nature of the Shinespark ability in Power Suits with boosters that allow the individual to Shinespark in the horizontal directions instantly.

Dashing their way through the opposite wall the player finds themselves in a darkened area of the Chozo Temple, searching deeper and deeper into the temple hoping to find an exit the player soon stumbles upon a mysterious room, although too dark to see anything the room is colossal in size and seems to lead up all the way to the surface, looking around in the inky darkness the player soon finds one room with power, an observation deck to the giant room found earlier. Activating the panels the lights illuminate the area revealing the giant room's purpose, it's a hangar for the Chozo spaceships, within a single Chozo ship still sits. The player finally gets reception again and contacts the gunship to talk and tells the other escapee that they'd eliminated the cause of the vine problem and have found a way to get the gunship working again.

The other escapee glad to hear this tells the player that they need to still get a Hyper Drive which presumably the Chozo have the technology of and they will also require a new power cell as one of them had been blown when they crashed. The player looks around the observation deck and finds a lever indicating a platform to raise, activating this lever a small tremor occurs as the ceiling of the giant room opens up revealing the exposed planet surface. The platform including the observation deck rise up from beneath the surface until they soon stop now positioned on the ground with the tower stretching nearly 50ft into the air.


The Items in Metroid 4: The Necrosis War contain a mixture of new and old weapons although the major change is the availabiliy of weapons. Weapons are split into three categories; Starting Weapons, Exclusive Weapons & Crossover Weapons. Starting Weapons are weapons that both Samus & Aria have that are needed for most puzzles and for fighting bosses and include stuff like Bombs, Missiles and the Morphball. Exclusive Weapons are weapons only found in one character's storyline and are mandatory to complete that story, these weapons are generally opposites between Samus and Aria with few exceptions. Lastly the Crossover Weapons are weapons that can be found by either Character thanks to crossover between their routes of escape, however the catch is that whichever character gets the weapon the other character will be unable to get. These weapons are not mandatory for completion although unlock some secret bosses and can make traversing later sections easier.

Item Chapter Obtained
Power Suit Chapter 1
Varia Suit Chapter 3
Gravity Suit
Pyronia Suit Chapter 3
Hyper Suit
Illumination Visor Chapter 4
Heat Visor
Energy Beam Chapter 1
Charge Beam Chapter 1
Trident Beam Chapter 1
Wave Beam
Wide Beam
Spazer Beam
Ice Beam Chapter 3
Burner Beam Chapter 3
Plasma Beam
Phasing Beam
Diffusion Beam
Splinter Beam
Nova Beam
Hyper Beam
Bomb Chapter 1
Reflector Bomb Chapter 2
Super Bomb
Missile Chapter 1
Seeker Missile Chapter 3
Super Missile Chapter 3
Morph Ball Chapter 1
Spider Ball Chapter 2
Charge Ball Chapter 3
Boost Ball
Hi-Jump Boots Chapter 2
Gravity Boots
Chozo Dash
Chozo Leap
Space Jump
Screw Attack
Minethrower Chapter 1
Grapple Beam
Laser Hook Chapter 4


Boss Upgrade Player
Space Pirate Captain None Aria
Security System Gamma Trident Beam Samus
Security System Beta Spider Ball Either
Rynite Behemoth Reflector Bombs Aria
Space Pirate Captain II Hi-Jump Boots Samus
Weavel Super Missiles Aria
Security System Alpha Charge Ball Aria
Security System Delta Burner Beam Aria
Alpha Geryn Seeker Missiles Samus
Elite Space Pirate Captain None Samus
Gorbydiamus Varia Suit Samus
Mecha King Worm Ice Beam Samus
Kraid None Both
Lurimmin Illumination Visor Either
Rootrath Laser Hook Either
Kihiver Queen None Either

More TBA

Major Characters

Character Description
Samus Aran A legendary bounty hunter, many believed Samus was nothing but a myth, her feats legendary in the eyes of many, having taken down numerous activities involving Space Pirates, Phase and Metroids. Samus is however at the same time branded as a traitor to the Galactic Federation who view her as a danger to their military research. She knows the danger that the Galactic Federation has tried to harness in the past, although the Galactic Federation often covers up its errors or involvement with them.
Gorbydiamus One of the new commanders of the Space Pirate army, Gorbydiamus is a ferocious leader who uses his intimidation of size and destructive capabilities to scare, if not terrify his subordinates. Gorbydiamus himself heavily fears death and after several close encounters has heavily armoured himself to protect against such an outcome. The Commander has seen a number of encounters with the Galactic Federation and is mainly known for causing the implosion of the planet, Argius which was serving as a Galactic Federation Stronghold.


  • This is the first Metroid Game to feature two simultaneous playable characters
    • It is also the first Main Series Metroid Game in which a character other than Samus is playable
  • The game features one of the largest groups of Items for a Metroid Game thanks to its split character story
  • The game has 4 Main Story Arcs, one for each character which leads up to Samus and Aria meeting, a middle Arc where they escape Meora and the final arc where Samus and Aria discover the Galactic Federation's end-game plan
  • This is the first game in which the Space Pirates actually become allies (albeit temporarily and not really intentionally) as they attack the Galactic Federation to allow Samus and Aria to reach the Galaxia, the General's Ship
  • This is also the first game in which the player directly controls the ship for a major battle unlike Metroid Prime: Hunters & Metroid Prime 3: Corruption where it was more predominantly used to move from one area to another
    • It also brings the feature of moving from one area to another back as well
  • This is the first Metroid Game to be numbered that is not part of the Prime Series since Metroid 2: Return of Samus, it should be noted however that the game does not refer to being the 4th entry in the main Metroid Series but rather the 4th Entry in the Post-Baby Sub-Series which consists of (at the current time); Metroid: Other M, Metroid Fusion, Metroid Fluxuation & Metroid 4: The Necrosis War
    • In some areas of Europe the game is called Metroid 8 which is referring to it being the 8th entry in the core series of Metroid (all games except the Prime Series)


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