Adam,"My lady, you nearly escaped death back there. What do we do now?"

Samus,"Adam, well, we go back to that hell-hole, Galactic Federation Base."


Adam,"Now what could that be?.........incoming target.....judging by speed....accessing data files........comparing.....Ridely!

Samus,"Okay, I will deal with him."

Adam,"Hold on. It is a suicide mission. Those mines that exploded increased his power tenfold. You don't stand a chance."

Samus,"Well what do we do then huh? Sit here and die? I might be able to injure him."

Samus heads out to battle as she puts her ship on auto-pilot.

Adam,"My lady, wait!"

Ridley begins to start gaining speed as he notices Samus arrive out to play. Samus charges her blaster, Ridley opens his mouth and begins charging a massive flaming-energy ball. It's fireball and energy spiral around. He releases it at her. Samus tries counter it with her Charge Beam. The flaming-energy-death ball devours her charge beam. It speeds at her. She jumps, but not at the right time. It smack her shin causing her spiral down. The ship swoops down and catches her. She is on her knee, examining her wound. All of a sudden, her Varia suit shatters down to her power suit. Left to her doom, Ridley prepares to end her life. Out of the blue, a green lighting-energy ball slams across Ridley's face. Ridely drops down.

Adam,"My lady, we have a COM link up."

Samus,"I approve."

Samus enters down into her ship. Her screen pops up. A blue figure is slowly made out. Samus nearly has a stroke. Her face turns white.

???-Happy to see me? Sis?

On her screen, the image that nearly gave her a stroke, The Fusion Suit all onn its own, speaking to Samus.


Chapter 1. Seth

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