This page will list all known upgrades to Samus's Chozo Armorsuit in the game Metroid: Virus; the many upgrades are unlocked as you collect them by gathering the artifacts along the journey, like in the original and Prime games.

With all the various upgrades scattered throughout Earth, it shows how diverse Earth has become in recent years.

Suit Upgrades

Name Obtained Uses Description
Fusion Suit Basic Upgrade Pass by Metroids harmlessly, Protect from Damage (by consuming shielding energy), use the Power Beam (open doors), Morph Ball (travel through tight spaces). This colorful, sleek suit was the main result of Samus being injected with Metroid DNA to save her from the X-Parasite infection she suffered back in Fusion. The partial Metroid DNA as well as a special new visor will allow her to be ignored by Metroids totally (older Metroids like the Alpha and Omega forms will ferociously attack her due to territorial instincts), but the sensitive Metroid DNA can't take the extreme temperatures in certain areas.

This suit also comes equipped with the Power Beam, Samus's standard weapon throughout the game and the Morph Ball function, allowing for travel through tight spaces.

Varia Helmet
Gravity Boost
Hazard Shield
Light Suit

Arm Cannon

Name Obtained Uses Description
Power Beam Basic Upgrade
  • Opens Blue Hatches
Nova Beam
  • Opens Green Hatches
  • Passes through Semi-transparent Materials
  • Shorts out Robotic Enemies
Plasma Beam
  • Opens Red Hatches
  • Melts Ice
  • Welds Circuitry
Annihilator Beam
  • Open Gray Hatches
  • Activiate Sonic Gates
  • Auto-homing Capabilities

Name Obtained Uses Description
Missile Basic Upgrade
  • Destroy Red Blast Shields
  • Break Brinstone and Radion obstacles
Super Missile
  • Destroy Green Blast Shields
  • Break Cordite Obstacles
Ice Missile
  • Destroy Blue Blast Shields
  • Freeze Certain Objects in the Enviroment
Seeker Missile
  • Destroy Purple Blast Shields
  • Lock on and destroy Multiple Targets

Name Obtained Uses Description
Power Burst
  • Charge Up Generators
Nova Stream
  • Attack and Destroy up to 5 different on-screen Enemies
  • Melts Ice Rapidly
Sonic Boom
  • Destroys Denzium with a Reality-bending blast

Morph Ball

Name Obtained Uses Description
Morph Ball Basic Upgrade
Morph Ball Bomb Basic Upgrade
Spring Ball Basic Upgrade
Boost Ball
Power Bomb
  • Destroy Yellow Blast Shields

Movement System Enhancements

Name Obtained Uses Description
Space Jump Boots
Gravity Boost
Screw Attack
Boost Modulator Suit becomes incredibly lightweight and capable of brand-new skills. This is perhaps the most versatile upgrade for the suit: doing this not only allows you to grab most ledges (like the Power Grip), it will give you momentary Speed boosts (like the Speed Booster), lets you perform the Wall Jump, and gives you the handy SenseMove (allowing for quick evasive movements).
Light Suit

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