Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division
Platform(s) RiiVolution Advance
Age Rating(s)
T, Pegi 16 (Violence, Blood)
Series Metroid
Predecessor Metroid Prime 4 (developmentally),
Metroid Fusion (chronologically)
Successor Metroid: Warriors

Metroid: Virus is a game released exclusively for the RiiVolution Advance; taking place two years after the events of Metroid Fusion, Virus shows the story behind Earth's place in the Metroid universe and how the Space Pirates finally ended.

Two years after the events of Metroid Fusion, much has changed in the galaxy after Samus brought about the extinction of the X Parasites; Samus has gone from a hailed hero and household name to a slandered and fallen warrior (at least that's how the Federation tells it), the Space Pirates have had to relocate from their homeworld to a less suitable base on a reborn Earth, and speaking of which, Earth has greatly changed from since it was struck by a Leviathan Seed back during the events of Prime 3, going from humanity's homeworld to a volatile neostar home to nothing but beasts (and more recently, Space Pirates). As the final chapter of the war between Samus and her hated enemies comes, a new chapter will begin, and it all starts with her arrival on a desolate space station orbiting over Earth...


Character Debut Species Description
Samus Aran Metroid Human (Part Chozo, Part Metroid) When she was just 3 years old on K2L, Samus's family were killed right in front of her by her eternal nemesis Ridley, and then she was later adopted and trained by the enigmatic-but-now-extinct Chozo to become a warrior of unmatched caliber; over the years she's developed quite the resumé: destroying the Space Pirate operations on Zebes, eliminating the Phazon plague from the universe, wiping out the Metroids (though she saved a larva, who she later spent another mission trying to rescue), saving a crew stuck on the Federation's Bottle Ship and exterminating the X Parasites from the universe (though this act got her on the Wanted list with the Galactic Federation, who she was already on shaky ground with).

But now her life's work is about to be topped off: the last remnants of her hated enemies are based on humanity's birth world, and their base is still somewhat premature, meaning that now is the perfect time to crush them and their particular brand of mad science for good; but with the strange being Firewall holding up her and their operations, she won't have the easiest time.

Ridley Metroid Unknown ("Space Dragon") Samus's longtime nemesis that earned her eternal hate, Ridley's been the field leader of the Space Pirates since before he even knew; he's been shot up, mutated, and cybernetically enhanced more times than he would probably remember. But he loves his job, so what's the problem?

The problem: he's now the only leader left for the aimless and rattled Space Pirates, meaning that they rely on him and a few other brainiacs to keep their species from extinction; the stress of this job is about to weigh even heavier on him now that Samus has found out their main hideout.

Weavel Metroid Prime: Hunters Space Pirate (Cyborg) A cyborg Space Pirate who's only organic components are his brain and spinal cord, Weavel's encounter with Samus left him in an mechanical body that he now uses to advance his species further; though he lost the race to the Alimbic's ultimate weapon, he still fights strong for the Space Pirates, often tangling with Samus in the long run. But when Samus finds the Pirate base, her next encounter with the Pirate hunter will be her last.
Firewall Metroid: Virus Human (Cyborg) A cyborganic human, the being known as Firewall wasn't always a xenophobic cyborg: before his cyberization, he was an intern working in the Galactic Federation as a researcher - y'know, for academy credit and all that; but unfortunately he was on Earth at his research company, the Leviathan Seed struck Earth and in the chaos, he was injured severely. He was crippled for several months afterward, and he had to watch as his beloved home planet became an unstable wasteland unfit for living, a mentally grating tragedy over time.

Then came his rebirth, through cybernetic and cyborganic enhancement; he became a new being, reborn as something different: a living weapon and new force of nature in Earth. With his new power he set out on a campaign that he developed from his own sound judgement: humanity can only restart life on Earth if alien influence is removed (it worked with the dinosaurs); but with the arrival of the Space Pirates and Samus not far behind them, Firewall's ambition to keep the alien "viruses" out could be his own downfall.


During the events of Metroid Fusion, the Pirates on the homeworld are thrown into a mass panic; with Samus destroying their home base on Zebes and several divisions and bases across the galaxy either taken or destroyed, the Pirates' roots in the Galaxy were all but severed. Even their commander Ridley apparently surviving his defeat and Zebes' destruction wasn't enough to keep them grounded. However, through moderate research, they were able to make a new base on Earth, which, due to the Leviathan's impact, had all sense of alignment screwed up, magnetically, tectonically and meteorologically. Each continent became an area reminiscent of past Pirate bases:

  • North America became a massive Mountain Range with an underground labyrinth of tunnels (like Bryyo and Brinstar)
  • South America became a lush jungle of fresh plants and occasional rivers (like Brinstar's underground vegetation)
  • Australia became a Volcanic Wasteland (like Norfair and Magmoor)
  • Europe's forests became flooded with the ocean and suddenly became a giant Everglades (like Torvus Bog)
  • Asia was changed to a massive system of underground root caverns, pools and a massive amalgamated tree growing and touching all life in Asia.
  • Africa was scorched to a point, where no plant life could exist. (like Agon)
  • Antarctica essentialy grew larger, with more glaciers. (Phendrana, anyone?)

A few months later, they successfully set up several facilities in each continent. But understandably it didn't go unnoticed.

A couple of years after they had finalized their new headquarters, Samus got word through the grapevine of the new base of her hated enemies was rooted in humanity's homeworld; now unsanctioned and wanted by the Federation as much as her old adversaries were, Samus will have to go this one mission alone, with no one but her mentor Adam Malkovich (in digital form) and her Etecoon and Dachorah companions.

With a planet full of enemies, an arsenal of various weapons, and a mysterious new foe fighting both her and the Pirates, Samus will have to stop at nothing to make her long enemies pay for their crimes - even if it means fighting the Galactic Federation to do so.

The game begins with a visual subtitled monologue by Samus recalling the events of her war on the Space Pirates over the years in a series of flashbacks:

  • The first encounter on K2-L, when her parents were killed.
  • Her first mission against them on Zebes, where she killed Kraid and Ridley then subsequently destroyed their base.
  • Her Zero Mission, where she armorlessly infiltrates the Pirate Mother Ship, regains her Power Suit with some upgrades, storms the ship, and then destroys that as well.
  • The mission on Tallon IV, where she stops their Phazon mining operation and destroys all they had made in their time there.
  • Her struggles with Weavel during the Alimbic crisis.
  • The mission on Aether, where she wrecked the Pirate Operations in Agon Wastes.
  • The mission on their Homeworld, where she goes in, defeats corrupted Gandrayda and destroys the Phazon Core there.
  • The fight with Ridley on SR388, where she fought to protect the baby Metroid.
  • The second and final mission on Zebes, where she seemingly destroyed Kraid, Phantoon, Draygon and Ridley (in reality, they were resuscitated and evacuated before their destruction), then destroyed Mother Brain for the final time and all of Zebes as a result.
  • Her mission on the Bottle Ship, where she encountered feral Cyborg Pirates that were no more than a minor nuisance.
  • And her mission on the BSL Research Station, where the X had infected feral Pirates moved from the Bottle Ship.

Eventually, the flashbacks fade out and catch up to the present day, where Samus is tracking down the Space Pirate base on a reborn Earth; Computer Adam then tracks a nearby Space Station where Samus can touch down and monitor the Pirate activity from an excellent point of view. Boarding the station, she works her way in to the depths, scanning the data along the way (tutorial battle) and gaining slight knowledge of what happened to Earth along the way; eventually she makes her way into the central reactor where she finds Weavel fiddling with the machinery.

Boss: Weavel 1

After his defeat, Weavel retreats, deactivating the reactor as he goes, causing the satellite to fall from orbit in a matter of minutes; since the power's out Samus is forced to take an alternate route back to her ship (like the start of the Tallon IV mission), and just barely makes it back, following Weavel's ship as it heads back to Earth only to be deterred by Pirate Fighter Ships and forced to retreat and lose them in the descent.

Landing in a mountainous region, soon to be revealed as North America, Samus resorts to ground-based recon to explore the Earth and start her final campaign against the Pirates; going through North America she has to deal with numerous hostile species, which were evolved versions of Earth creatures normally found there. After some exploration and collection of upgrades, she comes across a Space Pirate outpost, that from a distance appears under siege; making her way to the outpost's entrance, she is taken by surprise by a Pirate squadron investigating the distress signal the outpost sent, and is forced to contend with them before she investigates the outpost. But after the battle, Samus discovers the main door's power is out and the generator that keeps it running cannot be started via the controls and requires a jump start; but as she finds that out, her scan data picks up an abnormality in the enviroment: it seems unusual electromagnetic energy is being picked up in another corner of North America. With little alternatives, she sets out to find this unusual electric anomaly.

Traversing a large canyon and a few underground tunnels, Samus eventually works her way towards a small clearing of trees in the mountainscape, where after working through a puzzle, she is gifted with the Wave Beam; with the electrical weapon needed to enter the Pirate Outpost, Samus works her way back (while exploring and collecting expansion items) to the Pirate Outpost door, where a few Pirate scouts are investigating why the squadron deployed hasn't reported. Quickly dispatching them, she enters the Outpost, passing quite a bit of collateral damage on the way in; eventually, she works her way into a research lab, where she meets Firewall for the first time, who then activates a nearby force field that blocks Samus's progress and forces her to venture elsewhere in the outpost to find a way around it.

Though initially frustrated at having another obstacle, Samus eventually found a way around, through an intricate maze of Morph Ball tunnels that let to a waste disposal unit where she again had to contend with some Pirate Troopers on duty; working her way through to an assembly scrapyard, she caught up to Firewall, who locks down the exits and proceeds to attack.

Boss: Firewall 1

After the fight, Firewall disappeared in a burst of static, inadvertantly bringing down a nearby force field that blocked a door; travelling through this door, Samus found a small storage room containing the Space Jump Boots, which let her proceed a little further into the mountains to explore further. Along the way, she finds out from the data in the Pirate outpost that their commander Kraid, recovering in a Meta form deep underground, is sending broadcasts to a Pirate base off in the outer reaches of Earth's planetary field; though Samus initially wants to destroy Kraid and wipe out the Pirate presence on North America, Adam remotely contacts her, encourage her to instead locate the recipient of these broadcasts.

Tracking the broadcasts, Samus soon finds herself on the Moon, AKA Lunaria, exploring a valley that leads to a large Pirate-made structure; seeing a statue of the 4 Pirate Commanders, she realizes quickly it's a seal into the Pirate Base that can only be broken by destroying the Pirate Commanders: Kraid, Phantoon, Draygon and her eternal nemesis Ridley - Samus had to kill them and inject their DNA into the lock to override the seal and gain access to the Pirates' apparent main base in their Geoterran operations. With this in mind, she heads back to Earth in her pursuit of Kraid, only to be found by Pirate defenses and thrown off course as a result.

Landing in a lush jungle grove near some ruins, Adam confirms that being thrown off course landed them in South America instead of North America, putting them off Kraid's trail moreso than before; since they couldn't locate the exact coordinates they were at before thanks to some system interference from an unknown source, Samus decided to explore the new continent, starting toward the ruins.

(More Coming Soon)


Before the events of Virus, Samus experienced an unknown setback on her engineering which rendered her suit down to its basic functions: beam shooting, life support and other miscellaneous functions; that can mean only one thing - in order to reassure the Galaxy that the Space Pirates have no chance of returning, she must upgrade her suit again to reach its fullest potential possible.

Since some objects require certain perspectives, players will often have to switch between the 3rd and 1st-person views.

Fusion Suit

Though Samus's suit has made her famous (and feared) across the galaxy, it's not in the peak "hunting" condition it could be; that's where the upgrades come in. While some are equipped immediately, others have to be obtained by exploring and expansion (like any other Metroid game).

Name Function Description
Fusion Suit Basic Suit A suit Samus obtained almost by accident, the Fusion Suit was the side effect of the Metroid vaccine Samus received to cure her X infection before she infiltrated the BSL Space Station; though its ability to absorb free-floating X Parasites is no longer helpful at the moment, larval and normal stage Metroids will ignore her (unfortunately not the higher stages, they're quite territorial).
Scan Visor
  • Scan the Enviroment
  • Obtain Enemy Data
  • Obtain Lore
Occasionally Samus will have to find a way around a tough new foe or a tricky obstacle with no known visible solution; that's where the Scan Visor comes in: it scans certain objects in the enviroment, providing data, solutions to puzzles, hints and various other little tidbits like enemy bios and such.

For the scannable Lore, see Lore.

Space Jump Boots
  • Adds Double Jump
A pair of boosters added to Samus's feet, the Space Jump Boots allow Samus to jump again after she gets off the ground; handy for reaching ledges or areas that were previously unaccessible.
Varia System
  • Survive Extreme Temperatures
  • Reduce Damage
A system derived from the Varia Suit data, this system lets Samus stay in areas with extreme temperatures; otherwise just being in extreme temperature areas will damage her. She does gain a slight damage reduction as well.
Boost Modulator
  • Perform Sensemoves
  • Adds Speed Booster
  • Adds Hi-Jump
One of Firewall's many cyberized modifications, after Samus defeats him in the second fight, he ends up dropping one of his Boost Modulators in the retreat; when Samus picks it up (it's in digital download form), her movement potential increases exponentially. With it Samus can perform feats of advanced mobility:
  • Samus can perform Sensemoves, advanced acrobatic feats that let her evade certain lethal attacks with perfect timing. (3rd person only)
  • Samus regains the Speed Booster, allowing her to run at blinding speeds, becoming invincible in the process; if she crouches, she can store kinetic energy to charge a Shinespark attack. (3rd person only)
  • Samus regains the Hi-Jump, doubling her jump height on each jump, allowing her to reach areas like never before.
Grapple Beam
  • Swing from Grapple Points
  • Break Orange Blast Shields
A special energy lasso released from an addition to Samus's left arm, the Grapple Beam allows her to swing from specific points and yank off enemy defenses if need be; they're also the only thing capable of removing Orange Blast Shields from doors. (1st person perspective only)
Gravity Boost
  • Move Better in Water
  • Adds Triple Jump
Though this was originally Luminoth technology, the Space Pirates have been working around the clock at minimizing their aquatic tech down to a simple jetpack; though this Gravity Boost lacks the aquatic jet power, it adds another jump and completely nullifies the water's hindering effects.
Hazard Shield
  • Resists Acid
  • Nullifies Radiation
  • Halves Damage
A simple mechanism developed by the Galactic Federation, the Hazard Shield was originaly developed for resisting the acid rain on the Pirate Homeworld, but since it was pilfered by the Space Pirates, the Hazard Shield's gotten a bit of an upgrade: it now resists acid completely, it prevents damage from severe radiation, and it halves damage from enemies.
Light Suit
  • Chozo Enlightenment
    • Enhanced Arm Cannon Power
    • Invisible Objects Can Be Seen Normally
    • Enhanced Melee Counter
    • Grapple Voltage Added
    • Temporary Beam-Attuned Shield
Though they searched the galaxy for various resources to enhance their civilization and make lives better for their people, the Chozo only really obtained the enlightenment they sought after finding more Aeion deep in a mountain on Earth: through careful scientifics they were able to create a new suit that enhanced a Chozo to the most powerful it could be, but due to a civil war, was buried away to hide from prying eyes.

Though very carefully hidden, the Light Suit is the ultimate upgrade for Samus's suit:

  • It enhances her Melee Counter and Arm Cannon projectiles to a higher level than before, making somewhat-tough enemies seem like cannon fodder.
  • The enhanced visor makes things previously invisible to the standard combat and Scan Visors visible in the normal plane.
  • The Grapple Beam can now hook onto enemies/objects to either drain energy into Samus's suit, or overload enemies/objects with Samus's own energy.
  • This suit can also consume Power Bomb Ammo to create a temporary Beam-attuned shield that instantly applies an effect to the next foe that attack Samus.
Screw Attack
  • Climb Up Space Jump Walls
  • Damage foes in Consecutive Jumps (Up to 3 in open areas)
A classic upgrade that's been around since the original Metroid, the Screw Attack is possibly the most recognizable upgrade in the series: it allows her to jump 3 more times in the air (3rd-person view only) as an invincible buzzsaw of sorts; this jump skill lets her cut through any enemies in her path, and the kinetic momentum of the Screw Attack lets Samus climb Space Jump Walls.

Arm Cannon

Name Type Function Description
Power Beam
  • Basic Beam
  • Open Blue Doors
  • Combat Enemies
A simple beam that Samus always starts out with, the Power Beam is Samus's primary method of attacking foes: it shoots pure energy blasts that damage foes, plain and simple. It gains power when paired with the Charge Beam, which lets it charge Power Beam shots for more damage.
Charge Beam
  • Base Upgrade
  • Charge Beam Shots
A simple already-obtained upgrade but worth mentioning nonetheless, the Charge Beam is a universal upgrade for Samus's beam weapons; with it, she can charge her base beam shots, which increases damage and adds additional effects depending on the beam and length of the charge:

  • Charged Power Beam shots add slight knockback.
  • Charged Wave Beam shots stun foes momentarily.
  • Charged Ice Beam shots temporarily freeze foes.
  • Charged Plasma Beam shots can often disintegrate foes, destroying them.
  • Charged Nova Beam shots home in on targeted foes.
Wave Beam
  • New Beam Weapon
  • Open Purple Doors
  • Electricity-Based Beam
    • Charge Power Conduits
    • Shock Enemies
    • Passes Through Transparent Walls
A beam that Samus knows from her adventures on Zebes, the Wave Beam is a beam of arcing electric pulses (4 to be exact) that shock foes with its electric power; it can charge up power conduits with no trouble, and its special energy can travel through transparent walls (not force fields, though) and hit objects beyond them.
Ice Beam
  • New Beam Weapon
  • Open White Doors
  • Frost-Based Beam
    • Freeze Enemies and Objects
      • Frozen Enemies can be Platforms
This classic beam returns again: the Ice Beam is capable of freezing enemies solid, thought they don't do much damage and have a slow rate of fire; the Ice Beam actually has a very complicated history with Samus, as there have been times where she has been unable to use it for certain reasons.
Plasma Beam
  • New Beam Weapon
  • Open Red Doors
  • Fire-Based Beam
    • Melt Ice
    • Weld Circuitry
A geothermal-powered beam developed by Pirates in their time on Tallon IV, the Plasma Beam is a powerful weapon: it shoots blasts of superheated plasma at foes, often igniting them and doing damage over time; its uses to melt ice and weld damaged circuitry to bypass obstacles come up a few times, but its true potential is in its massive damage output: a fully-charged Plasma Beam shot is so powerful, it can often literally disintegrate some enemies!
Nova Beam
  • Power Beam Upgrade
  • Open Green Doors
  • Increases Power Beam Damage
  • Increases Power Beam Range
  • Homing Capability
Though initially developed by the Chozo, the Nova Beam was repurposed for Pirate uses in the events of Metroid Prime 3, but the version that is obtained is the original Chozo weaponry kept in holding: it is a key upgrade for the Power Beam, tripling its power and range, and adding homing capability to its charge shots; it also gains the ability to affect anything activated by the Power Beam (or defeat anything that the Power Beam kills in turn, as well as things only destroyable by the Nova Beam).


Name Function Debut Description
  • Break Brinstone Objects
  • Destroy Red Blast Shields
Metroid A consistent weapon in Samus's arsenal that always packs a punch, the Missiles do more damage than a regular beam weapon but require Samus to focus and aim at the target (AKA go into 1st-Person View); they're keyed to destroying Red Blast Shields, and their concussive force can break Brinstone structures. Unlike her beams, Samus's quantity of missiles is limited, meaning that she must conserve them to fully progress.
Super Missile
  • Destroy Green Blast Shields
  • Blow up Radion Materials
Super Metroid A power-packed Missile developed by the Chozo originally (but mimicked by the Space Pirates), Super Missiles do five times the damage of normal missiles, and do even more damage when shot over a distance; their powerful force can blow open Radion materials and break Green Blast Shields off doors no problem. Like Missiles, they're a limited quantity, but significantly more elusive as well.
Seeker Launcher
  • Destroy Purple Blast Shields
  • Destroy multiple targets at once
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes A special kind of missile launcher developed by the Luminoth but adopted by the Pirates, the Seeker Launcher is capable of locking onto and destroying multiple targets at once, making it ideal to destroy the Purple Blast Shields by blowing up their 5 pod generators simultaneously; they're also good if you need blast foes with 3 Super Missiles at once.

Morph Ball

One of Samus's many ways to traverse the enviroments across the galaxy, the Morph Ball allows her to roll into tunnels and reach areas she wouldn't normally be able to reach in her full armorsuit; with many abilities of its own, the Morph Ball is essentially it's own character in a sense.

Name Function Debut Description
Morph Ball Bomb
  • Breaking Sandstone Objects
  • Breaking Talloric Alloy Objects
  • Bomb Jumping
    • Disabled in ceretain conditions
Metroid A simple object that works extraordinarily well for a weak weapon, the Morph Ball Bomb is ideal for getting out of tight spots: in Morph Ball mode, it drops an energy bomb that can destroy certain obstacles made of Sandstone and Talloric Alloy; it's also handy for scaling certain heights with the famous Bomb Jump. Samus can lay up to 5 bombs at a time with a period of cooldown on them, depending on how many she initially laid. Bomb Jumps are limited to certain enviromental conditions, and if Samus is in an area where those conditions are met, Morph Ball Bombs (and Bomb Jumps by extension) can't be dropped.
Spring Ball
  • Jumping in Morph Ball Mode
Metroid II Though the Bomb Jump is perfectly capable of helping Samus gain some height in Morph Ball mode, Bombs won't work under certain enviromental conditions, thus requiring an upgrade with a little more jumping power: that's where the Spring Ball comes in, negating the conditions required for the Bomb Jump, letting her jump where normally she wouldn't be able to.
Boost Ball
  • Boosting Forward
  • Utilizing Half-pipes
  • "Boost Jumping"
Metroid Prime An upgrade that puts a little more speed into the Morph Ball, the Boost Ball allows Samus to charge up and store bursts of kinetic energy; when released, these charges rocket the Morph Ball forward, adding a little extra speed to the Morph Ball. The Boost Ball's charges allow Samus to use her Ball form to navigate half-pipes in hidden areas or in the open; the charges also allow Samus to jump in mid-air when leaping with the Spring Ball.
Spider Ball
  • Climbing Magnetic Tracks
Metroid II A magnetic energy field that Samus can activate on her Morph Ball, the Spider Ball allows Samus to climb certain tracks in her Morph Ball form, letting her go where she couldn't normally jump to in Morph Ball mode; in the right enviroment, Samus can come across a gigantic wall of Spider Ball compatible track and crawl on the walls freely, barring any obstacles.
Power Bomb
  • Breaking Denzium Objects
  • Destroying Yellow Blast Shields
  • Blast Jumping
Super Metroid A powerful high-grade explosive weapon that Samus drops from a limited supply, the Power Bomb is capable of a blast that could break through triple-reenforced steel and would blow a hole in Earth if not for gameplay limitations; the Power Bomb can break open Denzium objects, make pieces of the Yellow Blast Shields, and adds the ability of Blast Jumping: though not technically a jump, the Blast Jump lets Samus's Morph Ball leap across the area or high into the air at incredible distances, quickly spanning some large and potentially dangerous gaps.

Geoterra-523 (Earth)

A planet famed for being the home of humanity for years and years, over time in the universe, Earth once was a paradise, a capital for the Federation and humanity itself for a long time, though places like K2-L and other planets serve as adopted homes for humanity.

Sadly, Earth has degenerated very quickly since the events of Metroid Prime 3, when the Leviathan seed struck and drove the planet back to its near-primal roots, when the dinosaurs roamed and the enviroments were only for the ones who were fittest and capable of survival; humanity has now all but left Earth, with the only remaining human being Firewall, who's determined to see about the revival of humanity's dominance on Earth, through removal of all alien influence, Samus included.


The many areas on the reborn Earth make it resemble the past planets Samus has explored, and with the Pirates taking up strongholds in every corner in some shape or form, every area is ripe with exploration and enemies abounding in every nook and cranny. Metroids are also enjoying the atmospheric conditions of Earth, being able to evolve much like they could on SR388; good news for the Metroids, but bad for Samus: her Metroid DNA may allow the larval and normal Metroids to ignore her with no trouble, but later stages of their lifespan may not prove to be as passive, especially Omega Metroids.

Area Area Correlations Bosses Data
  • Starting Level
  • Space Station Area
    • Frigate Orpheon
    • Ceres Space Station
    • BSL Main Deck
  • Weavel (1st Encounter)
A space station built after the Cataclysm (Leviathan's impact) so as to monitor Earth's condition, Station-523 (numbered for the planetary number for Earth in the Galactic Federation) was once the head of research in a network of satellites to plan for and eventually re-establish humanity's inhabiting of Earth; now it's abandoned and desolate, floating in space for nothing more than just decoration at this point. Ever since the Space Pirates took up residence in the system, no researcher has dared come near it.
North America
  • Rock/Cavern Area
    • Brinstar
    • Tallon Overworld
    • Temple Grounds
    • Bryyo
    • Sector 6
  • Firewall (1st Encounter)
  • Meta-Kraid Delta
A massive mountainous continent covering a large portion of Earth, North America holds a ludicrous amount of underground caverns and rock formations, rivalling that of Zebes's Brinstar; holding many cliffs, chasms, tunnels and various forms of underground and aboveground life, North America is one of the first places Samus will visit in her final campaign against the Space Pirates, as the latter have set up an outpost there.
South America
  • Jungle Area
    • Green Brinstar
    • Tallon Overworld
    • Sector 2
  • Weavel (2nd Encounter)
  • Spinosuchus
A continent replete with lush rainforests, stretching rivers and streams, and jungled plateaus that have all sorts of hostile wildlife, South America is a tropical jungle filled with all kinds of life, both non-lethal and dangerous; the predators here are so volatile and ferocious, even the Pirates fear to tread the most dense parts of the rainforest - though that hasn't stopped them from trying, as they're working on a small relay station.
  • Swampy Area
    • Torvus Bog
    • Maridia
  • Piranhaconda
  • Geoterran Chykka
It seems overexposure to the various bodies of water surrounding the massive peninsula of Europe has taken its tool: Europe is now a massive swamp with underwater caverns, lush foliage (massive foliage, at that), and plenty of wildlife out there to boot; many insects and amphibious creatures populate this continent, either in its caves or in the trees and such. There is a part of Europe that is colder than most areas, so cold that Samus needs the Varia System to even set foot there.
  • Desert Area
    • Agon Wastes
    • Sector 3
  • Firewall (2nd Encounter)
  • Hellfire Phantoon
A desert-covered continent with a starship graveyard to boot, Africa's massive desert landscape holds little to appeal to the eyes, save for the foreboding graveyard of starships that spread over the northern half of the continent; with sandy predators, raiding Space Pirates, and a ghostly presence throughout most of the grounded starships, Africa is a hunting ground for predators and scavengers alike.
  • Medley Area
    • SR388
    • Sector 1
  • Firewall (3rd Encounter)
  • Maximum Omega
A varied continent with a giant tree covering most of it, Asia used to be the Pirates' main field testing for various weapons, but ever since a certain incident involving an escaped Metroid, the Pirates have pretty much retreated to an outpost with a cold-based force barrier to stave off the Metroids that have been rapidly reproducing and spreading throughout the rest of the quarantined caverns. Though they have a handle on the situation now, Firewall's attacks seem to be slowly deteriorating their resistance, and it won't be long before Metroids overwhelm them and take Asia for themselves.
  • Ocean/Water Area
    • Maridia (Depths)
    • Sector 4
    • Torvus Bog Undertemple
  • Riptide Draygon
  • Submareaper
The deep blue sea that made Earth famous, Tethys is pure ocean, plain and simple; the ocean floor is explorable, and the undersea structures house all kinds of life, most of which is hostile; the Pirates haven't much use for the vast ocean, other than dumping raided ships, failed experiments and hiding their underwater outpost where Draygon likes to swim and pretend he owns the place, when he really doesn't, as the Submareaper is the true danger.
  • Volcanic Area
    • Norfair
    • Magmoor Caverns
    • Sector 3
  • Weavel (Final Encounter)
  • Thardus
A volcanic continent with a continuous lava flow, there is no place where lava hasn't been flowing in Australia, as the entire continent is a giant volcano with volcanicly adapted wildlife and a massive amount of geothermal processing due to the Pirate presence here; however the volcanic activity makes the whole continent incredibly dangerous and requires added protection just to even set foot here, and some areas even have a hazardous radiation level due to processing waste that some suit upgrades just don't resist and require a little more extra protection. You can't even trust the rocks in this continent, thanks to the sentient boulder monster Thardus. In other words, this place is dangerous; only come if you are prepared.
  • Ice Area
    • Phendrana Drifts
    • Sector 5
  • Skullossus
  • Alpha Ridley
A cold and desolate continent, Antarctica AKA bottom of the world is one of the most desolate places on the Earth, and is where the Space Pirates keep their main on-planet base and research facilities; the Space Pirates here are armed to the teeth, and the local wildlife ain't exactly friendly either. With the cold climates and ludicrous amount of Space Pirates, Samus will need each and every trick and weapon to infiltrate and destroy the operations the Pirates hold in this cold fortress.
  • Enemy Base Area
    • Tourian
    • Phazon Mines
    • Sanctuary Fortress
  • Dread Pirate
A camoflauged and very well hidden Moon base, Lunaria is the Space Pirate HQ on Earth despite being on the Moon, where some of their most dangerous weapons and highly trained officials are kept for the next stage of galactic conquest; though initially explorable on a few areas on the surface, entry into the actual Pirate base is barred to those who don't have 4 required keys (the keys held by Kraid, Phantoon, Draygon and Ridley). Once that door is opened, expect no quarter in the amount of Pirates, killer machines, and bioweapons lying in the lunar corridors and hidden facilities.


Since the Pirates have had time to settle and develop after the events of Fusion, they're very well-equipped and armed to the teeth, having even replicated a decent amount of Samus's weapons as well.

Name Recommended Enemy Weapons Description
Pirate Trooper
  • Charge Beam
  • Missiles
  • Wrist Blaster
  • Melee Weapon
The standard Pirate foot soldier; their attacks don't do terrible damage, but can be a threat if grouped together.
Pirate Aerotrooper
  • Grapple Beam
  • Super Missile
  • Ranged Missiles
  • Jetpacks
Pirate with a jetpack, capable of long-distance aerial attacks; upon defeat, they try to ram Samus as they die, exploding and doing damage.
Pirate Commando
  • Super Missile
  • Grapple Beam
  • Nova Beam
  • EMP Grenade
  • Shield
  • Melee Weapon
A more heavily armed Trooper, equipped with a shield to deflect beam attacks, EMP Grenades to static out Samus' Visor and render her unable to target her enemies, and a melee weapon for medium-damage close-up attacks.
Power Trooper
  • Power Beam
  • Nova Beam
  • Power Beam Cannon
  • Power Energy Sword
  • Power Bomb Grenade
A special Beam Trooper with reverse-engineered Power Beam technology; equipped with a beam cannon, energy sword, and a grenade not unlike the Power Bomb. Only damaged with the Power and Nova Beams.
Wave Trooper
  • Wave Beam
  • Wave Beam Cannon
  • Wave Energy Sword
  • Wave Quake Attack
A special Beam Trooper with reverse-engineered Wave Beam technology; equipped with a beam cannon, energy sword, and an electric shockwave attack. Only damaged with the Wave Beam.
Ice Trooper
  • Ice Beam
  • Ice Beam Cannon
  • Ice Energy Sword
  • Ice Spreader Pulse
A special Beam Trooper with reverse-engineered Ice Beam technology; equipped with a beam cannon, energy sword, and a freezing pulse attack that will spread over the ground and freeze Samus if caught in the shockwave. Only damaged with the Ice Beam.
Plasma Trooper
  • Plasma Beam
  • Plasma Beam Cannon
  • Plasma Energy Sword
  • Flamethrower
A special Beam Trooper with reverse-engineered Plasma Beam technology; equipped with a beam cannon, energy sword, and a flamethrower to drain Samus's energy quickly. Only damaged with the Plasma Beam.
Nova Trooper
  • Nova Beam
  • Nova Beam Cannon
  • Nova Energy Sword
  • Nova Assault
A special Beam Trooper with reverse-engineered Nova Beam technology; equipped with a beam cannon, energy sword, and a nova-powered charge attack. Only damaged with the Nova Beam.
Aqua Pirate
  • Ice Beam
  • Wave Beam
  • Super Missile
  • Torpedo Cannon
  • Trident/Harpoon
  • Gravity Charge
Special underwater Pirate Troopers equipped with Gravity Aqua Jetpacks for submarine travel; weapons include homing torpedo cannons, a harpooning trident weapon to spear Samus if nearby, and a Gravity Charge attack.
  • Ice Beam
  • Super Missile
  • Energy Draining
  • Slashing & Biting
Space Pirate Embryo fused with Metroid DNA; feral, monstrous and deemed totally unstable by Pirate officials, thus left to rot.
Predator Trooper
  • Super Missile
  • Wave Beam
  • Plasma Beam
  • Nova Beam
  • Stealth
  • Scoped Blaster
  • Arm Blade
  • Self-Destruct
Special hunting Pirates trained to take down Samus by hunting her; equipped with cloaking devices, scope blasters and a dangerously sharp arm blade, when discovered they will rapidly attack Samus with multiple combos, and when defeated, they activate a self-destruct, getting the last laugh if they explode within range of her.
Pirate Elites
  • Charged Nova Beam
  • Seeker Super Missile
  • Beam Energy Blade
  • Beam Cannon
  • Beam Shield
  • Gravity Charge

Though Metroids are thought to have been extinct, they are very alive and well; in fact, they're flourishing throughout Asia's quarantined zones in a new evolutionary pattern unseen on SR388 or any other planet.

Name Recommended Description
Metroid Cocoon
  • Missiles
  • Super Missiles
  • Plasma Beam
Though Metroids can't naturally form Cocoons, the Pirates used these specially constructed pods to transfer multiple Metroid eggs at once, and their special incubation allowed for them to incubate remotely in the quarantined areas. Samus CAN destroy them if she wants, but there are few situations where she needs to.
Infant Metroid
  • Charge Beam
A small just-born Metroid, Infant Metroids are one of a few stages of the Geoterran Metroid life cycle that will completely ignore Samus, due to the Metroid DNA in her system; since they're so small, Infants need to stick in groups of 5 to be able to fully drain prey.
  • Super Missile
  • Ice Beam
    • Missile
The tried and true stage of the species, Metroids were created long ago by the Chozo to contain the X Parasites on SR388, but quickly spun out of control with their rapid reproduction.

Their reproduction in Virus is just as plentiful, but like their baby selves, Metroids will ignore Samus due to her being part Metroid herself; if they are aggravated, though, they will attack anything in sight.

Hunter Metroid
  • Ice Beam
    • Missile
  • Nova Beam
A different stage of Metroid seen on Tallon IV as a result of Phazon, Hunter Metroids are seen on Earth as the result of a different climate and somewhat different life energy from local creatures; Hunter Metroids can shoot out a triage of tentacles that latch onto foes over a distance and drain their energy that way. Like the regular Metroids, they will ignore Samus, but aggravate them and they will hurt anything they see.
Alpha Metroid
  • Ice Beam
  • Super Missiles
An aggressive stage of Metroid first seen on SR388, the Alpha Metroids are what happens when Hunter Metroids get a good dietary selection in their lifespan; they're agressive, capable of generating a makeshift energy shield, dropping energy bombs and have a somewhat well-shielded nucleus, making them less vunerable than before. And unlike previous stages Alpha Metroids are territorial and will treat Samus as a rival in their territory.
Gamma Metroid
  • Wave Beam
  • Super Missile
When an Alpha Metroid is able to get enough to eat in its lifespan, it can mutate into the next stage of the lifespan: the swift and lethal Gamma Metroid, with fast-crawling legs and capable of generating energy beams and a blast that can knock Samus off her feet; their mouth is a vunerable spot, however, and their capable of defending both that and their still-exposed nucleus, though not at the same time.
Zeta Metroid
  • Plasma Beam
  • Nova Beam
Though there usually isn't enough for a Gamma Metroid to eat in its lifespan to molt into this stage, Zeta Metroids aren't completely absent from the world; occasionally Samus will get ambushed by one and have to fend it off. Often times it will either cling to the ceiling and cover its nucleus (during which it can pulled down by the Grapple Beam) or head-on charge Samus while supercharged with energy, but there will be moments where it attacks with its tell or blasts of energy from its mouth. Beating a Zeta Metroid requires precision, knowing where to strike and what to do, and plenty of Missiles; luckily, by the time she encounters one, Samus should have all of that.


Mirroring past games in the series like Prime 2, Super Metroid and Fusion, Virus has a pattern for the main regions when it comes to bosses: a side boss (a boss fight with a somewhat-tough enemy that takes only one phase) and a regional boss (a typically two-phase boss fight with a powerful and challenging enemy); typically for some bosses, you gain a power-up after you defeat them, or at least some sort of story-relevant reward.

Name Description
Weavel (1st Encounter) A cyborganic Space Pirate with an axe to grind against Samus, Weavel was at one point an ordinary Pirate, before an encounter with Samus left him in a cyborganic suit with his only organic components being his brain and spinal cord; now he's a lethal bounty hunter capable of many things, and he's hoping for a rematch.

In this fight, Weavel doesn't have much attacks to go against, but since this is the first of 3 encounters, it's supposed to be the easiest one; Weavel really only has two attacks: a simple forward sword slice and a Battlehammer shot blast. Both are easy to counter: Charge Beam to interrupt the forward slice, Missiles to interrupt the Battlehammer.

Firewall (1st Encounter) Though this cybernetic human warrior is a force to be reckoned with, fighting nothing but Space Pirate grunts for years causes Firewall to greatly underestimate Samus's competence in this first fight as he holds back to only just 4 attacks and all of them being ground-based:

  • A simple two-shot missile attack that can be disrupted with Samus's own missile fire.
  • A charge attack that is easily predicted and outmaneuvered.
  • An attack that gives him a flying drone sidekick to occasionally shoot at Samus. They do more in later fights.
  • And a simple cannon shot that has some build-up and can be interrupted with Charge Shots or Missiles.
Meta-Kraid Delta Rebuilt and respliced after his last humiliating defeat back on Zebes, Kraid has had major upgrades since his last encounter with Samus within the depths of Brinstar; his cybernetically enhanced faceplate now protects his eyes from Samus's Beam weapons, and his spike cannons are now upgraded as bomb launchers to blow holes in even the thickest rocks and enemies. However, there's a loophole in Meta-Kraid's new defenses: if his Bomb Launchers are hit during their recharge phase, the metal part of his faceplate retracts, exposing Kraid's recovering eyes under a glass shield, easily penetrated by the Wave Beam.

Kraid does have a couple attacks and home court advantages in this fight so he has some chance to kill Samus in this fight:

  • The arena surrounding him is just sinking platforms in acid, meaning that Samus must stay on her feet.
  • Kraid can swipe with his arms, doing moderate damage.
  • His bomb launchers are an ever-present threat, when not malfunctioning from impact.
  • Kraid can splash in his acid pool, sending waves of corrosive acid over the platforms.
Weavel (2nd Encounter)
Geoterran Chykka
Firewall (2nd Encounter) After losing his first encounter with Samus back at the Docking Yard in North America, Firewall's a little more cautious in his second approach, as he tries more of a tactical approach in his attacks:

  • A missile attack that fires four missiles at Samus, but requires a short period of buildup.
  • Firewall summons a land drone that will home in on Samus and explode on contact, doing noticeable damage.
  • A one-two hand blast attack that does more damage than before and has less buildup than the last fight.
  • Firewall summons two aerial drones that fire at Samus, and attempt a self-destruct charge like Flying Pirates when taken down.
  • In the second half of the fight, Firewall gains a boost apparatus that lets him fly around the arena, and he continues to attack Samus while airborne. In this phase, he no longer summons the drones, but instead has new attacks to assault Samus.
    • A flying swoop attack reminiscent of Ridley boss fights.
    • A bomb toss attack where Firewall throws a Power Bomb facsimile at Samus; decent blast radius, but not much damage.
    • An aerial slam attack where Firewall flies higher into the air, then slams down, releasing a shockwave attack upon impact.
Though Firewall is vunerable all over his armor, in his aerial mode he's harder to hit, as he'll more or less boost out of the way of every Beam Shot you fire, and he can guard against Missiles, unless fired by the Seeker Launcher, in which case it will track him and daze him from the concussive force, allowing Samus to pull him down with the Grapple Beam, and blast him down with a Super Missile. Eventually after enough hits, he'll flee again, but leaving behind one of his Boost Modulators in the process.
Hellfire Phantoon
Firewall (3rd Encounter)
Maximum Omega Though Metroids have flourished naturally throughout Earth's largest continent, remnants of the early Space Pirate experiments on them remain in this mutant Omega Metroid; Maximum Omega, as it was called, is much more aggressive and powerful than the Zeta Metroids seen throughout, and definitely a mark above previous encountered Omega Metroids: its red-and-orange coloration isn't for show, as it can self-ignite a body-spanning fire shield, repelling weapon fire except for a severe overload of cannon energy, but even then it still takes less damage than when it would when the shield is down.

Maximum Omega has several attacks to cut down Samus in seconds:

  • A charge attack that can slam into a wall and leave Omega vunerable.
  • A fire shot attack (when flame shield is not up).
  • A one-two-three claw swipe combo.
  • A spinning tail attack not unlike the Screw Attack.
  • The aforementioned fire shield.
  • A flaming wave attack (when flame shield is up).
  • A sweeping flamethrower (when flame shield is up).
  • A fiery explosion (when flame shield is up, but deactivates upon use).
However, the Metroid experimentation didn't remove Maximum Omega's classic weakness, Power Bomb to the chest then followed by cold-based assault (Ice Beam).
Riptide Draygon
Weavel (Final Encounter)
Alpha Ridley
Dread Pirate



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