Metroid: Virus
Series Metroid
Predecessor Metroid: Fusion
 Metroid: Virus is a Metroid Fangame and the 5th episode in the series.


During the events of Metroid Fusion, the Pirates on the homeworld are thrown into a mass panic; with Samus destroying their home base on Zebes and several divisions and bases across the galaxy either taken or destroyed, the Pirates' roots in the Galaxy were all but severed. Even their commander Ridley apparently surviving his defeat and Zebes' destruction wasn't enough to keep them grounded. However, through moderate research, they were able to make a new base on Earth, which, due to the Leviathan's impact, had all sense of alignment screwed up, magnetically, tectonically and meteorologically. Each continent became an area reminiscent of past Pirate bases:

  • North America became a massive Mountain Range with an underground labyrinth of tunnels (like Bryyo and Brinstar)
  • South America became a lush jungle of fresh plants and occasional rivers (like Brinstar's underground vegetation)
  • Australia became a Volcanic Wasteland (like Norfair and Magmoor)
  • Europe's forests became flooded with the ocean and suddenly became a giant Everglades (like Torvus Bog)
  • Asia... I don't think Asia actually changed much, save for the massive tree spreading over half the contine- nevermind, it has changed.
  • Africa was scorched to a point, where no plant life could exist. (like Agon)
  • Antarctica essentialy grew larger, with more glaciers. (Phendrana, anyone?)

A few months later, they successfully set up several facilities in each continent. But understandably it didn't go unnoticed.

Flash forward to a year after the events of Fusion. Samus gets word that the former capital of the Federation is now a Pirate base and immediately heads their to end the Pirate threat permanently, but the Pirates have gained a new enemy in this: a robotic bulkheaded humanoid by the name of Crusher, who seems determined to get everyone (including Samus) off the planet. What does he hide?

Pirate Data

See Pirate Data for more.

Samus's Armorsuit

For more detail on the armorsuit power-ups, see Armorsuit Upgrades.


For more detail on Earth's world layout, see Geoterra-253: Codename Earth.


Boss Area(s) Upgrade Gained Description

North America, Asia, Antarctica Boost Modulator (2nd Encounter)

Meta-Kraid Delta
North America ???

South America ???

Europe ???

Africa ???

Chykka (Larva, Pupa, Adult)
Asia ???

Australia ???

Alpha Ridley
Antarctica ???

Colossal Squid
Tethys ???
??? (Final Boss) Lunaria None




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