Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division
Platform(s) RiiVolution Advance
Age Rating(s)
T, Pegi 16 (Violence, Blood)
Series Metroid
Predecessor Metroid Prime 4 (developmentally),
Metroid Fusion (chronologically)

Metroid: Virus is a game released exclusively for the RiiVolution Advance; taking place two years after the events of Metroid Fusion, Virus shows the story behind Earth's place in the Metroid universe and how the Space Pirates finally ended.


During the events of Metroid Fusion, the Pirates on the homeworld are thrown into a mass panic; with Samus destroying their home base on Zebes and several divisions and bases across the galaxy either taken or destroyed, the Pirates' roots in the Galaxy were all but severed. Even their commander Ridley apparently surviving his defeat and Zebes' destruction wasn't enough to keep them grounded. However, through moderate research, they were able to make a new base on Earth, which, due to the Leviathan's impact, had all sense of alignment screwed up, magnetically, tectonically and meteorologically. Each continent became an area reminiscent of past Pirate bases:

  • North America became a massive Mountain Range with an underground labyrinth of tunnels (like Bryyo and Brinstar)
  • South America became a lush jungle of fresh plants and occasional rivers (like Brinstar's underground vegetation)
  • Australia became a Volcanic Wasteland (like Norfair and Magmoor)
  • Europe's forests became flooded with the ocean and suddenly became a giant Everglades (like Torvus Bog)
  • Asia was changed to a massive system of underground root caverns, pools and a massive amalgamated tree growing and touching all life in Asia.
  • Africa was scorched to a point, where no plant life could exist. (like Agon)
  • Antarctica essentialy grew larger, with more glaciers. (Phendrana, anyone?)

A few months later, they successfully set up several facilities in each continent. But understandably it didn't go unnoticed.

A couple of years after they had finalized their new headquarters, Samus got word through the grapevine of the new base of her hated enemies was rooted in humanity's homeworld; now unsanctioned and wanted by the Federation as much as her old adversaries were, Samus will have to go this one mission alone, with no one but her mentor Adam Malkovich (in digital form) and her Etecoon and Dachorah companions.

With a planet full of enemies, an arsenal of various weapons, and a mysterious new foe fighting both her and the Pirates, Samus will have to stop at nothing to make her long enemies pay for their crimes - even if it means fighting the Galactic Federation to do so.

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Character Debut Species Description
Samus Aran Metroid Human (Part Chozo, Part Metroid) When she was just 3 years old on K2L, Samus's family were killed right in front of her by her eternal nemesis Ridley, and then she was later adopted and trained by the enigmatic-but-now-extinct Chozo to become a warrior of unmatched caliber; over the years she's developed quite the resume: destroying the Space Pirate operations on Zebes, eliminating the Phazon plague from the universe, wiping out the Metroids (though she saved a larva, who she later spent another mission trying to rescue), saving a crew stuck on the Federation's Bottle Ship and exterminating the X Parasites from the universe (though this act got her on the Wanted list with the Galactic Federation, who she was already on shaky ground with).

But now her life's work is about to be topped off: the last remnants of her hated enemies are based on humanity's birth world, and their base is still somewhat premature, meaning that now is the perfect time to crush them and their particular brand of mad science for good; but with the strange being Firewall holding up her and their operations, she won't have the easiest time.

Ridley Metroid Unknown ("Space Dragon") Samus's longtime nemesis that earned her eternal hate, Ridley's been the field leader of the Space Pirates since before he even knew; he's been shot up, mutated, and cybernetically enhanced more times than he would probably remember. But he loves his job, so what's the problem?

The problem: he's now the only leader left for the aimless and rattled Space Pirates, meaning that they rely on him and a few other brainiacs to keep their species from extinction; the stress of this job is about to weigh even heavier on him now that Samus has found out their main hideout.

Weavel Metroid Prime: Hunters Space Pirate (Cyborg) A cyborg Space Pirate who's only organic components are his brain and spinal cord, Weavel's encounter with Samus left him in an mechanical body that he now uses to advance his species further; though he lost the race to the Alimbic's ultimate weapon, he still fights strong for the Space Pirates, often tangling with Samus in the long run. But when Samus finds the Pirate base, her next encounter with the Pirate hunter will be her last.
Firewall Metroid: Virus Human (Cyborg) A cyborganic human, the being known as Firewall wasn't always a xenophobic cyborg: before his cyberization, he was an intern working in the Galactic Federation as a researcher - y'know, for academy credit and all that; but unfortunately he was on Earth at his research company, the Leviathan Seed struck Earth and in the chaos, he was injured severely. He was crippled for several months afterward, and he had to watch as his beloved home planet became an unstable wasteland unfit for living, a mentally grating tragedy over time.

Then came his rebirth, through cybernetic and cyborganic enhancement; he became a new being, reborn as something different: a living weapon and new force of nature in Earth. With his new power he set out on a campaign that he developed from his own sound judgement: humanity can only restart life on Earth if alien influence is removed (it worked with the dinosaurs); but with the arrival of the Space Pirates and Samus not far behind them, Firewall's ambition to keep the alien "viruses" out could be his own downfall.


Fusion Suit

Though Samus's suit has made her famous (and feared) across the galaxy, it's not in the peak "hunting" condition it could be; that's where the upgrades come in. While some are equipped immediately, others have to be obtained by exploring and expansion (like any other Metroid game).

Name Function Debut Description
Fusion Suit Basic Suit Metroid Fusion A suit Samus obtained almost by accident, the Fusion Suit was the side effect of the Metroid vaccine Samus received to cure her X infection before she infiltrated the BSL Space Station; though its ability to absorb free-floating X Parasites is no longer helpful at the moment, larval and normal stage Metroids will ignore her (unfortunately not the higher stages, they're quite territorial).
Scan Visor
  • Scan the Enviroment
  • Obtain Enemy Data
  • Obtain Lore
Metroid Prime Occasionally Samus will have to find a way around a tough new foe or a tricky obstacle with no known visible solution; that's where the Scan Visor comes in: it scans certain objects in the enviroment, providing data, solutions to puzzles, hints and various other little tidbits like enemy bios and such.

For the scannable Lore, see Lore.

Space Jump Boots
  • Adds Double Jump
Metroid Prime A pair of boosters added to Samus's feet, the Space Jump Boots allow Samus to jump again after she gets off the ground; handy for reaching ledges or areas that were previously unaccessible.
Varia System
  • Survive Extreme Temperatures
  • Reduce Damage
Metroid: Virus A system derived from the Varia Suit data, this system lets Samus stay in areas with extreme temperatures; otherwise just being in extreme temperature areas will damage her. She does gain a slight damage reduction as well.
Boost Modulator
  • Perform Sensemoves
  • Adds Speed Booster
  • Adds Hi-Jump
Metroid: Virus
Grapple Beam
  • Swing from Grapple Points
  • Break Orange Blast Shields
Super Metroid
Gravity Boost
  • Move Better in Water
  • Adds Triple Jump
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Light Suit
  • Resists Acid
  • Illuminate Dark Areas
  • Adds Phase Drift
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Screw Attack
  • Climb Up Space Jump Walls
  • Damage foes in Consecutive Jumps (Up to 3 in open areas)

Arm Cannon

Name Charge Combo Function Description
Power Beam Power Burst
  • Basic Beam

  • Power Burst -
Plasma Beam Eruption
  • Open Red Doors
  • Weld Circuitry
  • Melt Ice

  • Eruption -
Wave Beam Wavebuster
  • Activate Electric Hazards
  • Pass through semi-permeable materials
  • Open Purple Doors

  • Wavebuster -
Zero Laser None
  • Greatly Damaging Foes


Name Function Debut Description
  • Break Brinstone Objects
  • Destroy Red Blast Shields
Super Missile
  • Destroy Green Blast Shields
  • Blow up Radion Materials
Super Metroid
Ice Missile
  • Destroy Blue Blast Shields
  • Freeze Enemies and Objects
Metroid Fusion
Seeker Missile
  • Destroy Purple Blast Shields
  • Destroy multiple targets at once
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Morph Ball

Name Function Debut Description
Morph Ball Bomb
  • Breaking Sandstone Objects
  • Breaking Talloric Alloy Objects
  • Bomb Jumping
Spring Ball
  • Jumping in Morph Ball Mode
Metroid II
Boost Ball
  • Boosting Forward
  • Utilizing Half-pipes
Metroid Prime
Power Bomb
  • Breaking Denzium Objects
  • Destroying Yellow Blast Shields
Super Metroid
Spider Ball
  • Climbing Magnetic Tracks
Metroid II

Geoterra-523 (Earth)

A planet famed for being the home of humanity for years and years, over time in the universe, Earth once was a paradise, a capital for the Federation and humanity itself for a long time, though places like K2-L and other planets serve as adopted homes for humanity.

Sadly, Earth has degenerated very quickly since the events of Metroid Prime 3, when the Leviathan seed struck and drove the planet back to its near-primal roots, when the dinosaurs roamed and the enviroments were only for the ones who were fittest and capable of survival; humanity has now all but left Earth, with the only remaining human being Firewall, who's determined to see about the revival of humanity's dominance on Earth, through removal of all alien influence, Samus included.


The many areas on the reborn Earth make it resemble the past planets Samus has explored, and with the Pirates taking up strongholds in every corner in some shape or form, every area is ripe with exploration and enemies abounding in every nook and cranny. Metroids are also enjoying the atmospheric conditions of Earth, being able to evolve much like they could on SR388; good news for the Metroids, but bad for Samus: her Metroid DNA may allow the larval and normal Metroids to ignore her with no trouble, but later stages of their lifespan may not prove to be as passive, especially Omega Metroids.

Area Area Correlations Bosses Data
  • Starting Level
  • Space Station Area
    • Frigate Orpheon
    • Ceres Space Station
    • BSL Main Deck
  • Weavel (1st Encounter)
A space station built after the Cataclysm (Leviathan's impact) so as to monitor Earth's condition, Station-523 (numbered for the planetary number for Earth in the Galactic Federation) was once the head of research in a network of satellites to plan for and eventually re-establish humanity's inhabiting of Earth; now it's abandoned and desolate, floating in space for nothing more than just decoration at this point. Ever since the Space Pirates took up residence in the system, no researcher has dared come near it.
North America
  • Rock/Cavern Area
    • Brinstar
    • Tallon Overworld
    • Temple Grounds
    • Bryyo
    • Sector 6
  • Firewall (1st Encounter)
  • Meta-Kraid Delta
A massive mountainous continent covering a large portion of Earth, North America holds a ludicrous amount of underground caverns and rock formations, rivalling that of Zebes's Brinstar; holding many cliffs, chasms, tunnels and various forms of underground and aboveground life, North America is one of the first places Samus will visit in her final campaign against the Space Pirates, as the latter have set up an outpost there.
South America
  • Jungle Area
    • Green Brinstar
    • Tallon Overworld
    • Sector 2
  • ???
  • Spinosuchus
A continent replete with lush rainforests, stretching rivers and streams, and jungled plateaus that have all sorts of hostile wildlife, South America is a tropical jungle filled with all kinds of life, both non-lethal and dangerous; the predators here are so volatile and ferocious, even the Pirates fear to tread the most dense parts of the rainforest - though that hasn't stopped them from trying, as they're working on a small relay station.
  • Swampy Area
    • Torvus Bog
    • Maridia
  • ???
  • ???
  • Desert Area
    • Agon Wastes
    • Sector 3
  • ???
  • ???
  • Medley Area
    • SR388
    • Sector 1
  • ???
  • Maximum Omega
  • Ocean/Water Area
    • Maridia (Depths)
    • Sector 4
    • Torvus Bog Undertemple
  • ???
  • ???
  • Volcanic Area
    • Norfair
    • Magmoor Caverns
    • Sector 3
  • Weavel (Final Encounter)
  • Thardus
  • Ice Area
    • Phendrana Drifts
    • Sector 5
  • Skullossus
  • Alpha Ridley
  • Enemy Base Area
    • Tourian
    • Phazon Mines
    • Sanctuary Fortress
  • Dread Pirate

(More Coming Soon)


Name Size Continent Data Entry

Name Class Continent Data Entry

Name Class Continent Data Entry

Name Weakness(es) Weapons Data Entry

Name Stage Weakness(es) Data Entry


Name Area Area Encountered Data Entry
Weavel (1st Encounter) Station-523
  • Reactor Core
Firewall (1st Encounter) North America
  • Docking Yard
Meta-Kraid Delta North America
South America
Spinosuchus South America
Maximum Omega Asia
  • Timber Cavern
Submareaper Tethys
Weavel (Final Encounter) Australia
Thardus Australia
Skullossus Antartica
Alpha Ridley Antartica
Dread Pirate Lunaria


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