Metroid: Unfusion is a game for the Nintendo Wii by N-Tendo. It is set for release in January.


Samus Aran and Adam land on K2-L when Adam informs Samus he can restore her normal suit. Samus tells him to do so, but during the surgery, Samus is once again infected by the X. But this time, it doesn't kill her. Adam says this is because he couldn't remove all of her Metroid DNA. Samus finds that the X parasite gave her a new suit, the X Suit. Adam informs her that there are power-ups that she couldn't use before that she can now use, Samus also finds she can transform into a beast similar to the SA-X. Adam scans the planet and finds some space pirate bases. Samus leaves to destroy them.


Normal Samus

Hold the Wii Remote Sideways

2: Jump

1: Shoot

Control Pad: Up: Aim up, Down: Morphball, Left and Right: Walk/Run

+: Pause

B: Switch weapon

Beast Samus: Hold Wii Remote Vertically

Beast Samus

Hold the Wii Remote Vertically

Walk/Jump: Point and press A

Punch: Press B

Normal Samus: Hold Wii Remote Sideways


X beam: Gained in tutorial level, switch to with B, scan an enemy, then fire your beam to duplcate it, except the duplicate fights for you!

X visor: Gained towards the end of the game, Scan an enemy to infect it, killing smaller enemies instantly.

More coming soon!