[A ship enters onto the surface of Zebes and the door of the ship opens. Samus exits out.]

Samus: - Okay, so I do what...?

Communication Channel: - Your supposed to take down the Space Pirates by yourself.

Samus: - you consider this a suicide mission?

Communication Channel: - Yeah, pretty much. Now go!

[Samus walks across the planet and falls into a hole.]

Samus: - Good thing I'm wearing this armor... otherwise I'm pretty sure that would have killed me.

[Samus walks to the left and spots a yellow orb.]

Samus: - *pauses for a bit, then grabs the orb*

Samus's Armor: - Ball Morph activated.

Samus: - *curls into a ball* Huh, it works. Onwards then.

[Samus walks to the right and slides under a small shaft.]

Samus: - Seems rather modular for a landscape... the fact it had a Maru Mari tells me something about the place...

[A Skree drops down from the ceiling and Samus dodges the creature before shooting it. ]

Samus: - That was a bit close...

[Another Skree drops down and Samus dodges it again and shoot it just like the previous Skree.]

Samus: - Gah!

[Samus continues to the right and shoots the Zebs on the ceiling.]

Samus: - A door.

[Door is shattered as Samus shoots it.]

Samus: - This isn't a landscape... it's a maze.


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