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According to my calculations, this should succeed.
Metallix-117 talking to Mario

Metallix-117 2
Full Name Metallix-117
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Black Bishop (KeyBlade)
Element(s) Speed, Light, Space, Metal
Vulnerable To Darkness, Water, Electricity
Family and Relations
Latest Appearance Fantendo Chronicles: Episode 1

Metallix-117, originally known as JetStreak, is a robot who is an excellent engineer and also quite the fighter. He is created by JetStreak.


Metallix-117 wields the Keyblade known as Black Bishop.


Metallix-117's elements are speed, light and space. He can also use Chaos Control with only one Chaos Emerald.


All-Star Heroes: The Series

Metallix-117 makes his debut in All-Star Heroes as one of the first fan made characters in the series.

Fantendo Chronicles

JetStreak/Metallix-117 appears in first appears in Fantendo Chronicles: Episode 1 as the owner of a mechanic shop in Fantendo. Later, after Fantendo is invaded and taken over by The Mysterious Mr. ?, he becomes the leader of a band of resistance fighters fighting to liberate Fantendo from the clutches of ?. During the first game, during a raid on one of ?'s bases, there is a large explosion, and Jetstreaks's body is damaged immenesly.


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