According to my calculations, this should succeed.
Metallix-117 talking to Mario

Metallix-117 2
Full Name Metallix-117
Current Age 16
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Black Bishop (KeyBlade)
Vulnerable To Darkness, Water, Electricity
Latest Appearance Fantendo Chronicles: Episode 1

Metallix-117, originally known as JetStreak, is a robot who is an excellent engineer and also quite the fighter. He is created by JetStreak.


Metallix-117 wields the Keyblade known as Black Bishop.


Metallix-117's elements are speed, light and space. He can also use Chaos Control with only one Chaos Emerald.


All-Star Heroes: The Series

Metallix-117 makes his debut in All-Star Heroes as one of the first fan made characters in the series.

Fantendo Chronicles

JetStreak/Metallix-117 appears in first appears in Fantendo Chronicles: Episode 1 as the owner of a mechanic shop in Fantendo. Later, after Fantendo is invaded and taken over by The Mysterious Mr. ?, he becomes the leader of a band of resistance fighters fighting to liberate Fantendo from the clutches of ?. During the first game, during a raid on one of ?'s bases, there is a large explosion, and Jetstreaks's body is damaged immenesly.