The final game in the Shadow: The Hedgehog Remakes Series, starring Metal Sonic


Escaping Eggman's captivity, Metal Sonic, or Metalix, is on a quest for knowledge and power but he needs the Chaos Rings, so he sets off to find Knuckles, the last one who used them


The Dark mode Characters are Metal Knuckles and Dr. Eggman and the Neutral mode Characters are Shadow and Knuckles


Instead of weapons from G.U.N., Metalix can pick up fuel for the rocket on his back, upgrades for his machine guns and Chaos emerald shards to power your core


Dark Mode bosses are Sonic and Diablon and Neutral Mode bosses are Mecha Knuckles and the Eggbreaker 4.0


Just to prove how evil he is, Metalix can earn dark points by taking innocent lives, or Metal Knuckles telling you to kill Soldiers and Shadow and Knuckles telling you to Destroy Egg-Robos and Shadow Androids


Even though Metalix's combat isn't that good it does critical damage because he is made of Metal, Metalix's Homing attack colour is Cyan Blue and packs a powerful punch,, when Metalix gains fuel he can sustain limited flight, and with a full machine gun EVERYONE eats lead, with a full Neutral Gauge, you can use Chaos Control, but with a full Dark Gauge, you can choose between Chaos Blast or Chaos Impact, a distortion in space-time that appears out of Metalix's cannon on his chest, it looks like Mephiles' Dark Chaos Lance, which he used to kill Sonic

Last Story

Peviously Hyper Sonic defeated Super Scourage, but now, Metalix learns that he dosen't need to obey Eggman, so he abandons him and sets off to kill Sonic, Meanwhile Shadow hears the news and trancends to Hyper Shadow to stop Metalix, Metalix arrives in Central City as Super Metalix with Shadow waiting for him and so they fight while Sonic escapes with his life, during the battle you say "I will Destroy Sonic the Hedgehog!" and "I am the REAL Sonic!", so after you defeat Shadow you return to your normal state and decend to the ground to claim victory, but Shadow has other plans, Shadow: If your the Real Sonic and if you are going to destroy Sonic then you must Destroy yourself! Metalix: Illogical...Illogical, System Failure, I am Sonic, Must Destroy Sonic, Must Die., Shadow has just Created a mental paradox for Metalix, resulting in a Chaos Burst, or a "Self Destruct", So Shadow, realising the damage Chaos Burst does, uses Chaos Control and teleports Metalix into Deep Space, hoping the 600 metre radius explosion dosen't destroy the planet, Metalix: 3,2,1... Chaos...Burst, BOOM!, Shadow: I hope you have learned somthing from this, Doctor, Dr, Eggman: That my creations have apocalyptic outcomes?, Shadow: Precisely, now where did Sonic go?

The End


Metal Sonic

Shadow the Hedgehog

Knuckles the Echidna

Sonic the Hedgehog

Metal Knuckles

Dr. Eggman

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