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Metal Sonic
Metal Sonic, striking a pose.
Full Name Metal Sonic
Current Age N/A
Gender None, but referred to as a male.
Location Death Egg, Mobius
Current Status single
Class Villain
Eggman Empire
Family and Relations
Dr. Eggman (creator)
Sonic the Hedgehog (enemy)
Amy Rose (common hostage)
Main Weapon(s) any weapon Sonic has
Ability/ies sharp claws, chaos control, super speed, homing attack
Vulnerable To Water
First Appearance Sonic CD (1993)
Latest Appearance Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II (2012)

Metal Sonic is a powerful robot created by Dr. Eggman, for the sole purpose to kill the famous Sonic the Hedgehog and assist his creator in world domination. However, he has betrayed Eggman a few times to conquer Mobius on his own.

Metal Sonic will do anything to make sure Sonic is out of the way, even if it means wiping out Eggman. There are times when he still follows his orders, but this is usually for his own purposes.


Sonic Heroes 2

Metal Sonic makes an appearance in Team Badnik in Sonic Heroes 2. Here, he has the ability to talk, and talks much; his angst about having been abandoned by Team Eggman catalyzes incense in the rest of the team. Much of this storyline involves preparing assault on Team Eggman.

Sonic Generations 2

Metal Sonic appears as the main villlain in Sonic Generations 2, and sends Sonic to a land when time is frozen. In the end, Metal transforms into a Super form of himself, but ultimatly fails to destroy Sonic and fulfill his reason of creation. After the credits, Metal gets into a humorous conversion with his Classic and Modern form of his own creator involving who's plan was better in the first place, how the Modern Eggman should have never created Metal, and the Classic Eggman, unaware of Metal's previous betrayal, arguing with his Modern self that Metal is an excellent creation.

Mario Kart U: Nitro

Metal Sonic appears as a playable racer in Mario Kart U: Nitro. Not much is known about the game, but he is shown in his car from Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing in a stage resembling Green Hill Zone.

Metal (2013 game)

Metal Sonic appears as the main character in Metal (2013 game). In the game, he can protect the Earth, or make evil choices and stay the way his currently is. He roams Station Square, defeating Dr. Eggman's robots, and everything in his way. He can transform into Neo Metal Sonic and upgrade himself in Tails' old workshop. In the story, he rampages trying to find Sonic, but is defeat by the hedgehog. He then defeats Shadow, Dr. Eggman's robots, and Silver Sonic II, and collects six Chaos Emeralds before destroying the Death Egg in space, or even destroying Dr. Eggman, depending on what choices he makes.

Sonic CD 2

Metal Sonic appears to be recreated in Sonic CD II. Robotnik also created his past self, Silver Sonic, and his future self, Mecha Sonic. All three robots captured Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. When the 2 robots have been destroyed, Metal Sonic and Robotnik is the final boss with Amy captured. Sonic destroyed both villians and ran out of the Death Egg III exploding with Amy in his hands. At the end of the credits, Robotnik was in his Egg Mobile livid as he crushed Metal Sonic's head, which was the last part of the destroyed robot.



  • In Sonic CD 2, Metal Sonic's actions in the Final battle is a lot like Super Sonic from Sonic 2 on the SEGA Genesis.
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