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Metal Slug 8 is a 2D run 'n gun platform game developed by Stardust Citadel and published by SNK. It is the sequel to the 2008 Metal Slug 7 and the first one not developed by SNK ever since Metal Slug 5, which was developed by Noise Factory. Metal Slug 8 features new content to the Metal Slug series, including four-player co-op, squads as well different melee attacks as well returning features, like branching paths from Metal Slug 3, the slide dash from Metal Slug 5, the medal system from Metal Slug 4, score multiplier from Metal Slug 6 and etc.

The game was originally announced as Metal Slug Remix, thanks to it's original plan of utilizing the best mechanics of all previous installments but later it was remade into it's own game. The game was announced in 2016 and later released Spring 2017, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U. A portable version entitled Metal Slug 8X was released later for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.




Playable Characters

The game includes multiple playable characters, according to the developers, the biggest amount of playable characters that a Metal Slug game ever had.

Character Description
Marco Rossi
Full Name: Marchrius Dennis Rossi
Debut: Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 (1996)

Marco Rossi is one of Peregrine Falcon Special Forces Squad's expert agents who is specialized in field combat as well in the field of computer science. Although gentle by nature, the mention of General Morden, the one who killed many of Rossi's allies and friends, will trigger an uncontrollable rage within Rossi.

Marco Rossi's special skill is the ability to fire faster than other characters. He can shoot the handgun faster than anyone else and by holding down the fire button with the up button will make him shoot faster with any other weapon, although he cannot move while he does this.

Tarma Roving
Full Name: Tarmicle Roving III
Debut: Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 (1996)

A young graduate and newcomer of the Peregrine Falcon Special Forces Squad whom joined Marco in his missions in the Great War, where the two became fast friends. He usually makes quirks and jokes about Marco but still respects him in high regard thanks to his merits as a soldier. Having a love for motorcycles, Tarma makes custom motorcycles which are used by Marco's squad in combat.

Tarma Roving's special skill is the ability to fix the vehicles by holding down the fire button, as well recieving double cannon ammo when entering the vehicle and extra durability against enemy fire.

Eri Kasamoto
Full Name: Eri Kasamoto (笠本 英里)
Debut: Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II (1998)

An orphan who was raised in a church and then became the leader of a street gang. Her leadership skills got people from the Goverment Forces Special Forces interested in her and offered her a job as a secret agent, which she declined because she thought the assasination and subterfuge missions to be distasteful. She later joined S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S., a group created to help the world in the Great War.

Eri Kasamoto's special skill is the ability to aim her grenade throws, which deals more damage than the other grenades and she gets more grenade ammo from pick-ups.

Fio Germi
Full Name: Fiolina Germi
Debut: Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II (1998)

The single daughter of a wealthy military family, whom due tradition became a soldier herself. She became a member of S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S. and is a complete opposite of Eri, in terms of life origin and personality, where as in Eri has a hot blooded personality, Fio is more quiet and calm. Despite being a seasoned soldier, Fio has a childlike naivete and exuberance.

Fio Germi's special skill is the ability to start with a Heavy Machine Gun and she gets more ammo and damage for her weapons.

Trevor Spacey
Full Name: Trevor Spacey
Debut: Metal Slug 4 (2002)

As a young boy, Trevor became a tech wizard, becoming specialized in the field of computer science. After seeing the uprising of the Korean company Amadeus Syndicate, whom was funding General Murden's evil plans and seeing Rossi's squad, he became inspired to join the Peregrine Forces to take down the Amadeus Syndicate. Despite his name, Trevor is from South Korea.

Trevor Spacey's special ability is his Knife Boots, that allows him to attack enemies while slide dashing as well kicking them.

Nadia Cassel
Full Name: Nadia Cassel
Debut: Metal Slug 4 (2002)

As a young girl, Nadia wanted to be a supermodel, although she couldn't because she had a food addiction and couldn't get into the weight that the managers wanted and so she enlisted in the Peregrine Forces, which helped her to stop her addiction. Finding her new path in life to be much better than her original plan, she decides to be a soldier herself.

Nadia Cassel's special ability is the Walking Machine, a monkey shaped machine which she comes with whenever she spawns. It works similar to other vehicles, but only she can utilize the Walking Machine.

Hyakutaro Ichimonji
Full Name: Hyakutaro Ichimonji (一文字 百太郎)
Debut: Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II (1998)

A living legend, Hyakutaro is a spy who disguises himself as a prisoner of war to get inside the enemy's facilities. He is a master of martial arts and has mystical abilities. He is not available at first but he appears as a random prisoner of war. Finishing the level with him alive unlocks him as a playable character.

Hyauktaro is an unique character, he doesn't utilizes any weapon, but he can take more damage than others and has a high variety of special moves, specially his Energy Burst, no copyright infringement intended.




Sprite Name Ammo Fire Power Fire Ratio Range
Murder50AESprite Murder .50AE Handgun Infinite Low Medium High
Murder38Sprite Murder .38Mk.1Am Handgun Infinite Low Medium High


Icon Name Ammo Fire Power Fire Ratio Range
HeavyMachineIconSprite Heavy Machine Gun 200 Low High High
HeavyMachineIconSprite Super Heavy Machine Gun 200 High High High
RocketLauncherIconSprite Rocket Launcher 30 High Low Long
FlameShotIconSprite Flame Shot 30 Very High Low Medium
ShotgunIconSprite Shotgun 30 Massive Low Low
ShotgunIconSprite Big Shotgun 15 Massive Low Low
LaserGunIconSprite Laser Gun 200 High High High
GrenadeGunSpriteIcon Grenade Gun 16 High Low Medium
IronLizardIconSprite Iron Lizard 30 Average Medium High
SuperGrenadeIconSprite Super Grenade 20 Massive Medium High
EnemyChaserIconSprite Enemy Chaser 40 Medium High High
DropShotIconSprite Drop Shot 30 Medium Medium Medium
TwoMachineGunsIconSprite Two Machine Guns 300 High High High
ZantetsuSwordIconSprite Zantetsu Sword 10 Massive Medium Low
ThunderShotIconSprite Thunder Shot 50 High Medium High
MissilePodSpriteIcon Missile Pod 16 High Low High
MobileSatelliteIconSprite Mobile Satellite 200 Medium Medium High
ThunderCloudIconSprite Thunder Cloud 30 Medium Medium High


Sprite Name Ammo Fire Power Fire Ratio Range
GrenadeSprite Grenade 10 High Medium Medium
FireBombSprite Fire Bomb 5 Medium Medium Medium
StoneSprite Stone 10 Medium Medium Medium


Sprite Name Power
KnifeSprite Knife Medium
WrenchSprite Wrench Low
VulcanPunchSprite Vulcan Punch High






Stages Paths
Stage 1 X: First Blood
Stage 2 Path A: Operation Pyraid
Path B: Race Against Time
Stage 3 Path A1: Rise of the Ptolemaic Army
Path A2: The Mammoth Tower
Path B1: The Great Escape
Path B2: They Came... Back!
Stage 4 Path A1: Metal Rear
Path A2: The Secret Weapon
Path B1: Big Trouble in Little Korea
Path B2: Martians Strike Back
Stage 5 Path A1: Great Wall
Path A2: Chase the Spirit
Path B1: Rock Me, Amadeus Associate
Path B2: District 999
Stage 6 Path A1: Prepare for the Final Battle
Path A2: To The Top
Path B1: Reach for the Stars
Path B2: Invasion of the Clones
Stage 7 Path A1: The Final Battle
Path A2: The Top of the World
Path B1: Star Wars
Path B2: They (Won't) Live (Anymore)
Stage 8 Path A1: Evil Spirit Incarnate
Path A2: The Remnants
Path B1: The Remaining Invaders of Mars
Path 2: Mars Needs Better Guns
Stage 9 Path A1: The Fall
Path A2: One Last Time
Path B1: Close Encounters of the Gun Kind
Path B2: Dawn of the Dead
Stage 10 Path A1: The Enemy Within
Path A2: Highway to Hell
Path B1: The Last Stand
Path B2: It's Him!
Stage 11 Path A1: Don't Fear The Reaper
Path A2: Welcome to Hell
Path B1: The Last Last Stand
Path B2: For Once and For All
Stage 12 (Finale) Path A1: Fear the Reaper
Path A2: Lord of the Underworld
Path B1: The Lastest Stand
Path B2: Like Old Times

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