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Join or be conquered: the law of the land, what will befall you?

Metal Militia: Zaxinian Battle of the Bands
Metal Militia
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Developer(s) TimeStrike
Publisher(s) TimeStrike
Director(s) Athena Hawkins
Platform(s) The V², TimeStrike Falcon
Genre(s) Rhythm, fighting
Series Zaxinian Lifts
Metal Militia: Zaxinian Battle of the Bands is a music rhythm / fighting video game developed and released by TimeStrike for The V² and TimeStrike Falcon consoles. It is a spiritual successor to the Guitar Hero franchise, featuring largely similar guitar-shredding gameplay, although it prominently features a new fighter-game twist that differentiates the game from others of its genre. The game is the first to feature characters Genesis and Death Maiden, both of whom would eventually show up in the mainverse Zaxinian Lifts. Metal Militia is focused in an alternative version of the Zaxinian Lifts known as the "Zaxinian Amphitheater", where character personalities, backstories, appearances and abilities are all somewhat retooled to fit into the rock atmosphere of this game better.

Compared to the more realistic look of the Zaxinian Lifts, Metal Militia follows a drastically different theming scheme, with a far more prominent rock scene look to it. Characters are more scantily clad or more ridiculously dressed, often covered in makeup, and bear exaggerated physical features that help strongly differ them from their original counterparts. While original personalities and abilities are somewhat intact in these reborn characters, they still notably lean towards the all-new rock theme. Flashing lights, stage props, recording rooms, and record stores are all the rage in the Zaxinian Amphitheater, and every character rests on the sole street known as Zeppelin Street, which is a giant apartment building that's connected to the rock stadium and all of the different venues.

Plot synopsis

In the game's story, stadium owner Fandraxono announces a competitive tour where the best-performing band receives the cash prize of $10,000,000,000, which motivates rookie guitar player Genesis to get going with forming a new band with the long-term goal of getting the cash so they can break down the wicked government and use what remains of their money to bring things back into order. During the course of Genesis' adventure, they must play wild on tours, overcome opponents' levels of play, and get as fancy as possible to take the stage to themselves entirely. They will be playing on many different venues that are based on the different planets featured in the mainverse Zaxinian Lifts, with each progressive venue being more difficult than the last. The main objective is for Genesis to crush their rivals and take the prize, but can they do it?


Metal Militia's presentation is focused almost entirely on the metal scene, with much of its content built for metalheads in mind. Environments are urban, dark-looking and creeping with a scene of fear and death, and much violence occurs in the amphitheater under the influence of a corrupted government. Many of the game's characters are anarchists or band players, with exceptions often being rookies attempting to work their way upwards or characters that have retired from the industry as a whole. Dresses of varying styles and levels of ridiculousness are often seen on these characters, and when they're not present on a character, then they're likely very underdressed to the point of intentional over-the-top design. Gothic makeup, thick outliner, wacky hairstyles, torn-up clothes, and religion-defying clothing are all the rage in this new atmosphere.

Sharp, pointy text and equally sharp, well-edged menus form part of the game's general aesthetic, and a flying skull serves as the player's cursor during the game. When selecting different options or confirming/canceling actions, guitar plucks can be heard that confirm the player's choice. When starting a venue, the player can hear a random riff taken from one of the game's music tracks. When flipping through the menus, the menu last used aesthetically burns up in hellish flames, and low-pitched laughing intended to mimic "Satan" can be heard when attempting to access something that the player does not have access to yet. The tones to this game are dark, so bright and family-friendly colors are generally not present unless used in moments of irony by the guest bands that happen to be featured in this game.

Zaxinian characters are typically assigned to only one instrument, although some happen to be multi-talented musicians. The player typically needs a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer if they want to get the ball rolling, but they can also hire a keyboardist and secondary rhythm guitarist if they don't want to pay fees to temporarily borrow some when they need to play songs with those instruments live in the game. The player has the choice of using Zaxinian voices for songs they play in the game or using the guest bands' voices. Depending on the person in charge of Genesis' band, the mastering, mixing, and pace of the song may vary, which gives the player a lot of room to explore with what sounds they like. When recording songs in the Music Maker section of the game, the tracks will often sound like demos recorded in a garage, and the same applies when the player is practicing songs.

The game's songs may be mixed into black, death, doom, extreme, funk, glam, industrial, metalcore, nu, power, progressive, rap, speed, thrash, or traditional heavy metal, and genres can be mixed if multiple singers are on-board in a band.


The general gameplay is very similar to Guitar Hero, in that the player must hit fret buttons on a ¾-sized ESP Snakebyte controller in time with scrolling notes on a note highway to finish off a song. The guitar is required in order to play the game, although a free copy of it is always available upon purchase of Metal Militia. By hitting the four different-colored fret buttons near the guitar neck's tip while strumming accordingly with the bar featured on the body of the guitar, the player can play the notes that rush down towards them and clear them off. Hammer-on and pull-off techniques can help clear off nots that can't otherwise be ridded of through standard play. The player can earn Star Power by hitting series of glowing notes perfectly and utilizing the whammy bar located near the guitar's bottom during sustains. If the player swings their guitar right up, they can double their performance power for ten seconds, which can make difficult sections easier at times.

A "Rock Meter", divided into four pieces and looking much like a car's wind gauge, is present in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and tracks the player's performance. If they're doing really well, they will be on the green portion of the meter and that's their ideal position. If they're doing okay, they'll be on the yellow position. If they're doing poorly, they will be on the red section and are at great risk of being thrown out if they don't up their performance level in time. An all-new blue section exists to the right of the green bit, divided into five sub-sections. If at least the first section is filled up, the player can choose to hit a fifth fret button on the guitar's bottom to fire out Note Blasts -- which are used to hit the player's opponent. The more of the blue section that's filled up, the more powerful the blast the player can fire out, but this requires expert play and sharp decision-making, for if the player makes even just a few misses, they'll fall off the blue area! The blue section only exists in battle matches.

The player also receives a set of drums, a keyboard and a mic with every purchase of the game. To play with the drums, players need to strike the appropriate drum pad or kick with the bass drum pedal. Playing the keyboard requires that the player taps the appropriate keys at the right moments in order to succeed. As for using vocals, the player needs to get their pitch just right throughout the song in order to succeed. To attack with any of these three different styles of gameplay, the player will need to pound a blue section on any drum pad, hit the blue button on the keyboard's top, or shout "FIRE" when on vocals. These instruments are all capable of being used competitively. The person the player fights will always be using the same instruments as them, and it's always leader against leader. If the player is playing as Endal, for example, the player will be playing against another drummer.

In the story and in competitive play, the player will be facing off against an opponent with their instrument, with the goal being to knock the style out of each other with their Note Blasts. During these battles, longer songs tend to play and complex sections are common. Opposing note attacks can only be blocked if the player is countering them with their own, so the player needs to figure out if they want to conserve note energy to block attacks or for a massive attack that's sure to overpower the opponent's. Note Blasts only cancel each other out if they're at the same level of power, although weak Note Blasts tend to weaken the opposing force's weapon. A Level 3 blast, for example, can be brought down to the first level with a weaker Level 2 blast. These competitive matches don't stop until just one of the players is down, but when live, the songs must be finished in order to succeed! There is a secondary option for competitive player where the player just simply has to play better than a rival.

There is another gameplay mode where the player may be riding in a car, walking across a sidewalk, or making their way up to the stadium or something like that where thieves may attempt to sabotage the player. These sections somewhat play like rail shooters, although instead of pointing their guitar peripheral towards the enemies, the player must watch a note highway that exists in the bottom right corner. When notes are coming down, the player must hit the fret buttons correctly to damage enemies or overcome unprecedented obstacles while keeping in line with the notes. Players should be on their toes, for some notes may not come along until several seconds have passed. There are plenty of action-themed versions of these stages where the players will need to be pressing buttons often to overcome onslaughts of enemies. These sections are often where power ballad songs or songs that don't exactly work for story live performances may play, increasing the game's replay value overall.

The player has the option to organize their own tours, almost always around the Zaxinian Amphitheater, so they can make lots of money off of it, although they must keep true to their in-game schedule and make it pay off or they may end up in dept. On these tours, they can use whatever songs they want and whatever band members they've recruited over the course of the game and have a real blast. It is up to the player if they want to make these into competitive tours where opponents may be pounding at their doors in an effort to maul them down. Competitive tours always ensure more money if the player is successful at defeating their opponents. It's not all competitive however: players may be joined by other bands and share the stage with them. It is often through a player's personal tours where the player can obtain random music sheets that allow them to perform "Secret Songs", which are music that can only be collected through usage of the World Tour mode.

The player is also fully capable of recording their own music in a warehouse under the supervision of Sinapis Lapis, where they can record songs of any length they desire with whatever instruments they have, and record vocals if they find it necessary. They can either sell these songs out as singles or bundle a bunch of songs together into an album, and mix / produce the album themselves or choose form one of the many presets available. These singles and albums can be released onto online servers and the player will gain in-game money depending on how many views their material gets. Higher-rated material means more money as well. If a song / album gains more money than the production cost of it, it is deemed a success and it leaves a positive mark on the player's reputation. Creating music may be somewhat tedious on paper, but in Metal Militia the game tries its best to line up all instruments together and have players separate the beats / make new ones as the please.

Genesis, the game's main character, can be customized to the player's will, with outfits, makeup and instrument pieces aglore in the Zeppelin store for purchase although a great deal of items are already available for Genesis from the get-go. The player's own live introduction and script can be changed there, too, and new taunts and animations can be chosen. The player can also create their own stage and purchase props for it. They can also hire band members off of Zeppelin Street when they're running short on 'em, but must be sure to pay them well so they stick on the player's team. If they're treated poorly and the player needs to attend a venue or something, they will have to put up with mediocre players that will damage the player's reputation due to their low-level playing. When visiting new locations, Genesis should be nice to their fans and treat them respectfully, and ensure that the quality of their stage is quite high.


Please know that all character arts do not match up with how they'd actually appear in the Zaxinian Amphitheater timeline, and are simply here to prevent the article in question from looking dry.

NOTE: DLC characters can only be played if they're the leading player.
Metal militia adexeneMetal militia arikanMetal militia black eyesMetal militia bowieMetal militia chelimaxMetal militia clairMetal militia coffinaMetal militia crimsonMetal militia crymsiaMetal militia cyanideMetal militia death maidenMetal militia devinaMetal militia elizeMetal militia endalMetal militia fandraxonoMetal militia frinkMetal militia genesisMetal militia ghasjaMetal militia hethMetal militia maliceMetal militia minuteMetal militia oysterMetal militia pennyMetal militia pierceMetal militia scotchMetal militia sheddaneMetal militia shredderMetal militia silverMetal militia siniciniMetal militia snickersMetal militia syandeMetal militia syiMetal militia valerieMetal militia voetriceMetal militia waxyMetal militia xtiseMetal militia zodiezMetal militia zonas

Genesis female

Genesis male

💀 Genesis 💀
The extremely customizable "Genesis" character that you can customize to your very own liking! Ready for the stage, chock-full of energy, and bearing all of the traits that define your own Genesis. Initially just a rookie, you can train yourself to become the most feared name in all of heavy metal and take on the name of champ even against the most rowdy and popular of bands. Genesis is highly adjustable, able to learn any instrument advertised in the game and capable of playing for any band. Their vocal tone is also super adjustable, able to fit any genre of metal. Take them wherever you want, because they are certainly going to be one of your most valued characters in the game!

Production style: Your preference!
Music style: Your preference!
Instrument(s): Your preference!
Wage preference: None
Starting rank: ⭐

💀 Zonas 💀
Well-acknowledged worrywart and a boy fearful of the metal world ahead of him. He's shaking in his boots at every corner and picking at his sweater often before the concerts start. He sings in a rap tone and a lot of the songs become more bouncy and vibrant when he's the band's leader, although they retain being heavy and dirty. When speaking to his audience, Zonas is often gasping or nervously attempting to keep his composure, but can get aggressive and really into the spirit when pissed off or drunk, which adds considerable flair to his stage. Along with Sinicini and Adexene, he is a metal rookie and is simply a starter choice for Genesis' band.

Production style: Kid Rock's "Devil Without a Cause"
Music style: Rap metal
Instrument(s): Vocals, bass guitar, song mixer
Wage preference: $5 per song
Starting rank: ⭐

💀 Sinicini 💀
The very fashionable girl that just got finished with Metal High, Sinicini is a guitar-shredding wiz and a well-known rock lass. She is sweet, soothing, and plain sultry, and takes her metal looks up a notch by foulmouthing those she doesn't like and sneaking money from the player's wallet when they're not checking. She has this strict glam metal style to her guitar play when she's in the lead, and the songs are a bit slower when playing as 'er. Sini often blows kisses on stage and twists around elegantly, she's not the type to show off her body but she does try to take on her audience with a sense of distant love.

Production style: Poison's "Open Up and Say... Ahh!"
Music style: Glam metal
Instrument(s): Lead guitar
Wage preference: $5 per song
Starting rank: ⭐

💀 Adexene 💀
Robots aren't primarily known for taking part in the music industry, but honestly who cares? This high-tech drummer is skilled with thrashing the bongos and flashing bright colors on her gear to entertain audiences with her techno body. Adexene is always quick and to the point, and shows very little interest in doing anything but drumming and hanging out with her cuties. When she's leading, there is a noticeable amount of computer-generated effects in the music as well as strange, unusual sounds that give songs this Rob Zombie-like feel to them. She rarely speaks to the audience, but often pumps her fists in the air when not drumming and fires lasers from her eyes to burn stuff.

Production style: Rob Zombie's "Hellbilly Deluxe"
Music style: Industrial metal
Instrument(s): Drums
Wage preference: $5 per song
Starting rank: ⭐

💀 Scotch 💀
An aggressive and crippled Scotch that took one two many glasses of beer and wound up in too many streets fight. Burping up feelings of depression and anxiety ever so often, Scotch expresses his drunken feelings through light vocals and occasional screams in his slowly paced songs. He's much more burly and stingy than his original counterpart and jumps around when he's pissy. When speaking to audiences, he's all drunk and stuff and can really get off the topic quite fast, and he's prone to eating the heads off of things he shouldn't be consuming at all. Despite an angry life, Scotch is very energetic on stage and tries to get his audience to pump their fists and cheer.

Production style: Black Sabbath's "Paranoid"
Music style: Doom metal
Instrument(s): Vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Wage preference: $15 per song
Starting rank: ⭐

SyandeVictory HalloweenAlt
💀 Syande 💀
A sultry succubus vampire that really knows how to light up the stage with her sexy antics and hyperactive personality. She plays with her audience, wagging her fingers and shaking her hips to get the night parties all riled up. Syande is super skilled with her keyboard, flying around with it and sliding her fingers across the keys while smirking at her audience, and is also capable of singing fine back-up vocals. Her music style when she's in the lead is very fast-paced, but snarly and really dirty, reminiscent of Motörhead in style. After the songs are all said and done, Syande likes to leave her fans off with kisses.

Production style: Motörhead's "Ace of Spades"
Music style: Speed metal
Instrument(s): Back-up vocals, keyboards
Wage preference: $30 per song
Starting rank: ⭐

💀 Snickers 💀
Compared to his siblings, Snickers has two different instrument specializations: bass and drums. His drums are pounding and the snares are loud, yet fresh and clean. His bass play, however, is quite dirty and sloppy, although that's true to some of the metal bassists of old. His music style, therefore, is quite clean yet super heavy when he's the leader of the band. Snickers is not a very confident man on the stage, being afraid that he'll screw up on the stage and feeling like a pipsqueak when compared to his siblings, and has become the center of jokes for being made fun of. Snickers tends to shrivel up on the stage when not playing, and often faces away from the audience.

Production style: Megadeth's "Countdown to Extinction"
Music style: Heavy metal
Instrument(s): Bass guitar, drums, song mixer
Wage preference: $30 per song
Starting rank: ⭐

💀 Valerie 💀
Ms. Heartgold is very revealing and dirty, and brings all the flash to the stage she can with her goth-based looks and seductive tones. Her music is speedy, but rhythmic and catchy as if she were leading a pop show than a metal showcase. Valerie is careless and ignorant of everything but money, and makes it apparent when she's not on stage, always thinking about money and leaving behind crises for others to clean up. She's often been described as a moth that'll soon go into the flame or a rock superstar on the verge of falling down from her pedestal. Despite her carelessness, her stage performance is full of vigor -- perhaps so she can get the most money and sardines possible.

Production style: Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Blood Sugar Sex Magik"
Music style: Funk metal
Instrument(s): Vocals, back-up vocals, lead guitar
Wage preference: $75 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐

💀 Silver 💀
If Silver's leading the band, he'll lend over screaming growls, aggressive pounding and unrivaled speed in his music in exchange for singing about mutilation, torture, cannibalism, dissection and necrophilia?? Silver is actually a pleasant person that likes to joke around with his bandmates a lot and get super interactive with the fans, and has no intents to offend anybody with his... style of music. Silver is very skilled with taking the vocals and shredding rhythm guitar, and has fingers that can move fast to just about any genre of music, often taking things to the extremes. Watch Silver make the most innocent songs in this game victim to his extreme-based style of play...

Production style: Death's "Scream Bloody Gore"
Music style: Death metal
Instrument(s): Vocals, back-up vocals, rhythm guitar
Wage preference: $75 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐

💀 Syi 💀
A determined, hardcore rocker that puts up a powerful stage performance with hip shaking and hand claps despite the soft instruments and vocals that define the core of Syi's rather bouncy music. Syi is a crazy risk-taker that pumps up lots of energy for her audiences, she appears on many brands of alcohol and she also has her icon show up on all sorts of musical instruments. Syi is experienced with a violin, and that's what she plays in metal. When Syi is present, a violin line is added to the songs. In some cases, songs may begin with a violin intro before the rest of the it all kicks in. After shows, Syi likes to windmill her arms and pull the horns.

Production style: Skyclad's "The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth"
Music style: Folk metal
Instrument(s): Violin
Wage preference: $95 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐

💀 Crymsia 💀
Groovy cuts and audience singalongs make up Crymsia's musical style, with the most pop-oriented rock style around. Audiences are intended to jump up and down, clap, and sing along with Crymsia's wondrous band. Crymsia isn't particularly scantily clad, but when she's not playing, she's licking her fingers or showing off her royal groove. When she's in the lead, there are cheerleaders and DJs playing on the field with her. One may assume Crymsia is nice enough, but she's a vicious rock n' roller that has the tendency to kill time by severing the heads of those that get in her way and find her way around legal issues.

Production style: AC/DC's "High Voltage"
Music style: Rock and roll
Instrument(s): Rhythm guitar, vocals
Wage preference: $90 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐

💀 Penny 💀
There may not be metal in Penny's music, but she's a gloriously dressed blues rock artist with a heavy heart that brings down heavy tears! While she rarely is seen singing, her audiences weep and stay silent during the main meat of the song. She can both handle lead vocals and bass guitar, often speaking softly or speaking slightly above average tone for her vocals and fingering her bass with her left hand. When Penny's not active on the stage, she may be the mixer for live performances, which can make the songs sound better and more clear on the ears. This is great for genres that are intended to sound pretty, like Penny's.

Production style: Clutch's "Robot Hive/Exodus"
Music style: Blues rock
Instrument(s): Bass guitar, song mixer, vocals
Wage preference: $100 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐

💀 Bowie 💀
Bowie is a silent type, but that doesn't mean he can't get up there and do some rock n' roll! Bowie's not talkative and rarely communicates with other band members, often just using hand gestures to get by. Bowie's music is not metal, but pure hard rock, meaning he's a little more classic-y than a lot of the other metal buddies out there. He is able to adapt to any instrument, be it guitar, drums, or a keyboard, but the trade-off is that there are better players than him and Bowie can't really excite the audience all that much. Bowie is cute and cuddly, and when he's in the lead, the music has a more pop-friendly pace and everyone can jam together!

Production style: Kiss' "Dress to Kill"
Music style: Hard rock
Instrument(s): Any exc. vocals
Wage preference: $80 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐

💀 Endal 💀
Bowie's persistent rival joins the metal scene with a "nu" style: Linkin Park and Korn-fed music. Solos are cut out in his songs in exchange for heavy riffs and twisted, dark music, and vocals are often dark and ominous while he's in the lead. Endal is a sadistic mad scientist that wants to destroy the Zaxinian Amphitheater and kill everyone he knows, but he can't do that without money, which is why he's at the player's knees begging for help. When Endal's not on vocals, Endal is a great drummer that has a lot of energy and can motivate bands day and night with his onslaught of power. He's one of the best drummers out there, but his wage preference is a little high.

Production style: Linkin Park's "Hybrid Theory"
Music style: Nu metal
Instrument(s): Vocals, drums
Wage preference: $100 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐

Crimson SI
💀 Crimson 💀
A tamed and famed Pokémon raised by an abusive Pokémon trainer that ended up being tossed down to the sewers after failing a battle. He was able to find his way out and make his way to the Zaxinian Amphitheater, where he quickly learned how to speak... Spanish of all languages. Crimson is a skilled drummer, able to pound his lance and rose hand against the drums for a unique percussion taste, and all lyrics he sings are in Spanish and are smooth and even "sexy". He looks torn up from the abuse he's taken from his trainer, but he is a viable metal player and expects a good raise if he wants to regain some of his skin back.

Production style: Subway to Sally's "Foppt den Dämon!"
Music style: Medieval metal
Instrument(s): Vocals, drums
Wage preference: $215 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐

Frozerade SI
💀 Frozerade 💀
A powerful orchestra worker that can get a whole crew of classical music players to work in conjunction with heavy metal. Able to speak English, she can easily set up orchestrated performances and add a new layer of awesomeness to Genesis' music. She's nice enough, but isn't very receptive when it comes to things she doesn't like and can get cold if she's annoyed enough. To play Frozerade properly, the player will need to swing their mic around according to the directions on the screen in order to make her orchestra work as well as it can. Because of her unique position as conductor, she doesn't have any other instrument to toy with.

Production style: Metallica's "S&M"
Music style: Symphonic metal
Instrument(s): Conductor
Wage preference: $200 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐

💀 Pierce 💀
Heavily distorted guitars and mournful vocals make up the dream-like atmosphere of Pierce's music style, complete with low screeches and melancholy tunes.  Pierce grew up in the musical world alone, having lived a happy life... but was somehow never satisfied with it. He ended up taking drugs to get rid of feelings that were never there to begin with, and that's how things have been rolling with him ever since.  Sometimes he's abrasive around his fans or murmurs his vocals, which makes him a weak vocalist, but his synthesizer effects are incredible. To play the synthesizer, one must know how to play the keyboard, as they'll be using one to mimic it.

Production style: Esoteric's "The Pernicious Enigma"
Music style: Funeral doom
Instrument(s): Synthesizer, vocals
Wage preference: $225 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐

💀 Oyster 💀
A famed rockstar that grew up underneath the seas, having learned classical forms of music... but somewhere along the way, she was captured by fishermen and was forced to learn electronic music! Using her new skills, she's trying out strange dubstep material and electronic crap that's rarely been seen in the Zaxinian Amphitheater, and is doing quite well with it. She behaves rather drunkenly on stage, but is active with her fans and is often seen pumping her fist in the air or making positive signs whenever she's not using her Mellotron. When Oyster is added to a band, they gain more of an electric feel to their music... sort of ironic, because undersea dwellers hate being shocked!

Production style: Celldweller's "Wish Upon a Blackstar"
Music style: Electronic rock
Instrument(s): Mellotron
Wage preference: $230 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐

💀 Devina 💀
Devina is seriously one of the most skilled metal musicians out there, having mastered the guitars you'd normally find in metal and having exceptional skill with each of them, especially the bass. There's a lot of power and vigor Devina has in her music, screaming and growling constantly in her music and getting wild with her fans by stretching her clothes and consuming radioactive stuff constantly just for the sake of showing off. Devina has been warned with the thought of her eventually becoming a moth for the flame, but she disregards these warnings and continuously leads herself on a wicked, maniacal path of self-destruction.

Production style: Pantera's "Vulgar Display of Power"
Music style: Groove metal
Instrument(s): Bass guitar, lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Wage preference: $225 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐

Colored Voetrice by Exo
💀 Voetrice 💀
Voetrice carries a very energetic personality to the stage, letting out abrasive, watery vocals and fiercely shredding her lead guitar! She is a very well-formed musician, capable of playing everything she's given to do, although isn't exactly the best in any of these fields and is highly priced. She can play more than one instrument for the player, up to four, but each additional instrument other than vocals requires she gets $50 more per song. Yikes! Voetrice is hypnotic and wants to brainwash the world to follow her lead, and hopes to assemble "Damage, Inc." so she can take on Arikan's "Feel Good Inc." and take everything that belongs to her.

Production style: Repulsion's "Horrified"
Music style: Goregrind
Instrument(s): All
Wage preference: $280 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐

💀 Arikan 💀
Another all-purposes musician that flirts and plays with her audience all the time, winking and flirting to everyone in their seats. She can play up to four instruments at a time using her magic. Although she doesn't raise the price of her performance per instrument, her play gets progressively worse with each instrument she's playing, and it's pretty easy to  flunk a song unless the player can play the main instrument extremely well, almost flawlessly. Arikan is also hypnotic, but simply wants friends and wants to assemble "Feel Good Inc." for that purpose, but also so she can combat her rival Voetrice's "Damage, Inc.". Arikan's music is filled with filthy grooves and "sexy vocals", and is similar to Voetrice's.

Production style: Gut's "Spermany's Most Wanted"
Music style: Pornogrind
Instrument(s): All
Wage preference: $220 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐

💀 Malice 💀
Pirate jargon and songs from the sea cram with heavy metal to form thrashy pirate metal, with Malice playing as the drummer and wearing pirate attire alongside a large assortment of little things that make her appear even more like a dangerous sailor from the seven deadly seas. Sea shanties and underlying beats help define the pace of her quick thrash. Her performances are often described to be like plays of sorts, with the sea-themed stages she's got and all the makeup she wears to look like the most impressive pirate possible. Just like a pirate, she's been known for robbing others of their money and for taking their loot, but she's especially known for going after "some booty".

Production style: Running Wild's "Under Jolly Roger"
Music style: Pirate metal
Instrument(s): Drums
Wage preference: $355 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

💀 Coffina 💀
Bassy and dirty defines Coffina's rusty metal music, and she provides some guttural grunts and growls to the music she brings when in the lead. She works with her tentacle friends collectively known as Sangie to bring life to the stage, breaking parts of the show's ground to ascend her and the band members high into the sky, the ground under each band member floating precariously. Coffina appears very gothy and often quite dirty, as do her Sangie companions. The parts of Sangie that don't hold up parts of the stage are instead helping play notes on Coffina's rhythm guitar while she focuses on her back-up vocals. Coffina is particularly known for her introduction to the audience, where she slowly rises from her coffin before playing.

Production style: Hellbastard's "They Brought Death"
Music style: Crust punk
Instrument(s): Rhythm guitar, back-up vocals
Wage preference: $375 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

💀 Shredder 💀
Shredder's name really fits into the metal scene, for Shredder can easily pick up and play any guitar with absolute ease, able to power his way through solos and breakdowns like it were no big deal. Shredder's a nice dude, he gives away free autographs and parties with his fans after the shows. Sure he's a costly dude to have around, but he gives lots of hints on how to raise up money so he can be kept in the band and really enjoys relaxing with the player whenever possible. One may question how Shredder can even hold the guitars he plays, but he just simply says "It's a secret!" Whenever he's performing well, he exchanges happy glances with his audience, grinning wide.

Production style: Iskra's "Bureval"
Music style: RABM
Instrument(s): Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass guitar
Wage preference: $390 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Elize Bolt
💀 Elize Bolt 💀
Perhaps the person to stray the furthest from metal while not losing touch with the amphitheater's world is Elize Bolt, who has calmer music in exchange for stronger, more sophisticated music. Like Syi, Elize makes extensive use of a violin in her songs, and adds a whole new classical touch to everything she performs. Elize is rather scantily clad on the stage, wearing a cybernetic sports bra and having several nuclear-green spots on her body light up when the performances are going well. Shall she be doing poorly, however, those spots will glow red and she will look very tired. She is nice enough, although she tends to think irrationally and behaves almost entirely on impulse if worried.

Production style: Gorillaz' "Demon Days"
Music style: Alternative rock
Instrument(s): Vocals, violin
Wage preference: $400 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

💀 Fandraxono 💀
Despite being the owner of the Zaxinian Amphitheater, Fandraxono is a masterful metalcore artist that screams and yells in his music while singing powerful melodies, and occasionally performs when he's got nothing else to do. Breakdowns, heavy guitar riffs and double bass drumming are all there in Fandraxono's music, making some of his stuff the most complicated in the entire game. He is a very skilled vocalist and a dirty bassist, playing with raw power and aggression as his bugs trample and run over the stage and in and out of his body. Due to his disgustingness and lack of cleanness, he's popular with those that hardly bathe or just don't at all. 

Production style: Bullet for My Valentine's "The Poison"
Music style: Metalcore
Instrument(s): Vocals, bass guitar
Wage preference: $345 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Zodiez flashback
💀 Zodiez 💀
Dressed up in fantasy/mythology-styled clothing, Zodiez is a guitar-shredding master that has her assistants do bombastic drumming and master classical instruments.  Like with Scotch, Zodiez's music is slow, but powerful and filled with a sort of dread despite the lighthearted fantasy themes. Zodiez is serious and ferocious on stage, and behaves violently towards people that are directly in her path. She is, however, very playful with her audience, always bringing ridiculous clothing to the performance and flashing herself openly (with the game's cameras pointing to her backside -- pervert). While she is a fantastically clean vocalist and guitarist, she requires a lot of money per song.

Production style: Candlemess' "Tales of Creation"
Music style: Epic doom metal
Instrument(s): Vocals, lead guitar
Wage preference: $400 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ghasja May 20172
💀 Ghasja 💀
Ghasja's music style focuses around clean instrument tracks and vocals that are damn easy to hear -- although Ghasja has no instruments to play, the player will have to instead use his song mixer for his band to make the performance as high quality as possible. The gameplay is very unique for Ghasja -- he has to set up the stage just right and all the special effects under a time limit, and has to run by tests with the team. Players will find a surprising amount of challenge in this as there is very little room between the band arriving and the show starting. Once he's done though, it is up to the rest of the band on how they play. If they succeed, Ghasja did well with them and the audience!

Production style: System of a Down's "Toxicity"
Music style: Alternative metal
Instrument(s): Song mixer
Wage preference: $325 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

💀 Heth 💀
The third and final violinist in the game, Heth is a pro-classical player that specializes in orchestral arrangement and progression, and is very highly skilled with conducting a band of his own. Heth is a handsome man known to get laid... intentionally, of course. No gender seems to matter, so he's got a lot of great male mates and a bunch of kids to take care of. Heth is really skilled, so his talents should be put to the best use as he can easily eat away at the player's money if their performances are underwhelming.  On the stage, Heth often flexes and does some punches to showcase his full power, and makes audiences go wild with his fully shown six-pack and aching muscles.

Production style: Adagio's "Sanctus Ignis"
Music style: Neoclassical metal
Instrument(s): Violin, conductor
Wage preference: $590 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Colored Minute by Exo
💀 Minute 💀
Minute is a narcissistic ass that's only in the industry for the money, having spent little time in preparing himself for the music world. He only knows the drums, and while he's really good with them, he favors himself over other band members in the mix and makes the drums really pound and mutes the bass almost entirely. Minute is often known for adding riffs and beats into a song for no reason, meaning that Minute can really mess up flow. However, Minute's drum beats are easy to perform, and audiences can enjoy a Minute-led stage if the player is partially good with him. On stage, Minute hardly interacts with the audience, focused on just handling the drums.

Production style: Metallica's "...And Justice for All"
Music style: Progressive metal
Instrument(s): Drums
Wage preference: $560 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Colored Waxy by Exo
💀 Waxy 💀
Noisy, chaotic music argumented by sorrowful keyboard melodies form Waxy's music, although she restricts herself  to playing the bass. Waxy keeps herself quiet on the stage, but is very skilled at playing the bass and offers warm smiles to everyone she sees. In the case of fast songs, however, Waxy is likely to be standing up and shredding her bass with literal firepower, putting up an aesthetic that can rack  in money quite quickly. Waxy adapts very easily to any type of music, being just as happy to perform for classical-themed music as she would be for playing death metal, which are two very different things in the musical world. While only a bassist, she is extremely skilled and worth having.

Production style: Bathory's "Hammerheart"
Music style: Viking metal
Instrument(s): Bass guitar
Wage preference: $560 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

💀 Chelimax 💀
Harsh, abrasive instruments define the core of Chelimax's music, with his voice  always shouting or screaming for the vocals. He has a very energetic stage performance, using vicious language to pump up his audience and insulting them to really bring his personality to life. Despite appearing to be an ass on the stage, Chelimax is actually quite pleasant to talk to and always makes sure that his audience is aware that his personality on the stage is separate from his off the stage. Tempos change constantly through the  songs he plays as do time signatures and the instruments are really distorted, really bringing in the doom-metal feels that sludge metal was so inspired off of.

Production style: Eyehategod's "Take as Needed for Pain"
Music style: Sludge metal
Instrument(s): Vocals, rhythm guitar
Wage preference: $575 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

💀 Clair 💀
J-pop melodies and  Japanese aesthetics form up Clair's stage approach, with friendly vocals and cute-ass stage performances. Pop, rock, and dance mash up with standard heavy metal to form a wonderful, sweet musical style that only Clair properly embraces in this game. Kitten, chocolates, etc. give Clair's stages a really... friendly, almost childish appearance that can properly work for all families and audiences that watch her play. Clair has no specialization in any instruments, but Clair is really good with vocals and can perform just as well in the lead as she can in the back. Clair often bows, dances and twirls around to emphasize her personality.

Production style: BABYMETAL's "Metal Resistance"
Music style: Kawaii metal
Instrument(s): Vocals, back-up vocals
Wage preference: $600 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

💀 Black Eyes 💀
Out of all amphitheater incarnations of Zaxinian characters, Black Eyes resembles his original self the most, retaining his snickering sick self and his undeniable lust for deceased bodies and that weird disgusting crap. He is loud and malevolent in his tone, and his mechanical parts whirl around when he is angry. Black Eyes' music is dark and distorted, and his vocals are always like low growls. His music can either be passionate or intense, but occasionally it can be both. When playing as Black Eyes, the player must hit notes on their guitar to play different distortion effects from Black Eyes. When on the stage, Black Eyes behaves wickedly, licks his teeth, and maniacally cackles.

Production style: Type O Negative's "October Rust"
Music style: Gothic metal
Instrument(s): Vocals, distortion
Wage preference: $620 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Colored Death Maiden by Exo
💀 Death Maiden 💀

Death Maiden is a robot built by Nightshade Co. in an effort to take over the metal industry, with arms that can rival any lead guitarist out there. She is considered to be a modern-day mascot of the metal music industry and overpowers her opponents with her impossibly fast guitar shredding. She is highly priced and a menace to anyone that wants to obtain the high cash prize at the end of the journey. Death Maiden does not really speak, but likes to showcase all her various weapons and her over-the-top skills, occasionally firing weapons from her body to scare her audience or to intimidate opposing bands near her. While on the outside she may look cold, she has a melting, fun-loving heart.

Production style: Slayer's "Reign in Blood"
Music style: Thrash metal
Instrument(s): Lead guitar
Wage preference: $640 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

💀 Xtise 💀
This six-star elite emerged from space to participate in the Metal Militia, rivaling Scotch and his allies as a one-man army: an excellent drummer and a super stellar vocalist that can hit all sorts of notes and different voice pitches! Xtise brings an aggressive behavior to the stage, stomping around and tempting his audiences to hop high into the air and dance around to the beat of his band's music. As with other six-star entities, he has no production style or music preference, believing himself to work in any style.

Production style: The player's choice
Music style: No preference
Instrument(s): Vocals, back-up vocals, drums
Wage preference: $720 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Frink SI
💀 Frink 💀
Frink retired from his mailman duties to participate in the world of rock 'n' roll some time ago! His fast skills apply to his excellent violin playing talent and his ability to conduct an orchestra extremely well! Though he's silent, he's very effective at his job and can wow audiences from any location! While conducting, he'll occasionally throw mail and other packages into the audience. As with other six-star entities, he has no production style or music preference, believing himself to work in any style.

Production style: The player's choice
Music style: No preference
Instrument(s): Conductor, violin
Wage preference: $775 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

SheddaneExo Red
💀 Sheddane 💀
Sheddane is an extremely skilled guitarist, being hands-down the very best one present in the Zaxinian Amphitheater! With her merciless shredding talent, she can impress anyone as she easily nails down toughie songs like "Through the Fire and Flames". She has been known for hopping off the stage, still playing, and playing with random members in her audience. As such, she often makes headlines each time she makes a stage accident! As with other six-star entities, she has no production style or music preference, believing herself to work in any style.

Production style: The player's choice
Music style: No preference
Instrument(s): Lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Wage preference: $750 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

💀 Cyanide 💀
Cyanide is an old rival of Syande's that got really jealous of her, kicking things up a notch by stealing many elements of her appearance and playing just as trashily and naughtily! While she excels with a keyboard, having used it to rival Syande her entire life, she is also super skilled with a bass guitar. As with other six-star entities, she has no production style or music preference, believing herself to work in any style. However, she may attack the audience if she doesn't do well or her band doesn't as a whole!

Production style: The player's choice
Music style: No preference
Instrument(s): Keyboards, bass
Wage preference: $790 per song
Starting rank: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Funko James
💀 James Hetfield 💀

An animated giant Funko Pop modeled after the one and only James Hetfield. Effortlessly plays rhythm and acoustic guitars and brings energy to the stage. James is super focused on the audience and gets 'em headbanging in no time flat. While costing zero money per song, his performances are for perfectonists and for certified Metal Militia experts.

Instrument(s): Vocals, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar
Wage preference: $0 per song
Starting rank: 🌟 DLC

Funko Lars
💀 Lars Ulrich 💀

An animated giant Funko Pop modeled after the one and only Lars Ulrich. Smashes the drums and clashes on the snare while beating down on the double bass for all songs, giving them extra feeling and power. Even though his performances don't sap money, his drumming style is really hard to master and only those that are really dedicated will nail down his beats.

Instrument(s): Drums
Wage preference: $0 per song
Starting rank: 🌟 DLC

Funko Kirk
💀 Kirk Hammett 💀

An animated giant Funko Pop modeled after the one and only Kirk Hammett. Shreds the lead guitar with ease and performs breakneck solos that cause chaos in the headbanging audiences. Even though paying him isn't necessary, his guitar skills take a lot of work to master and can leave players absolutely exhausted by the end, so they'd better play well.

Instrument(s): Lead guitar
Wage preference: $0 per song
Starting rank: 🌟 DLC

Funko Robert
💀 Robert Trujillo 💀

An animated giant Funko Pop modeled after the one and only Robert Trujillo. He picks the bass guitar really well and gives songs vocal support with his rough, scratchy ones, and plays around with the audience bouncily. While paying him will never be a requirement, his bass guitar is a pain to master and the bass lines can prove challenging for even experts.

Instrument(s): Bass guitar, back-up vocals
Wage preference: $0 per song
Starting rank: 🌟 DLC


Here are the songs present in each venue in Metal Militia: Zaxinian Battle of the Bands. Note that only eight songs out of each setlist require to be completed before one can move on to the next chronological venue. The songs come from a wide variety of different metal-themed bands, although some songs aren't truly metal and are merely rock songs. These songs contain a lot of what game director Athena Hawkins listens to on her spare time.

Year Song title Artist Year Song title Artist
1982 I Love Rock 'n Roll Joan Jett 1996 Bulls on Parade Rage Against the Machine
2000 In the End Linkin Park 1970 Iron Man Black Sabbath
1992 Thunder Kiss '65 White Zombie 1984 Rock You Like A Hurricane Scorpions
1972 Smoke on the Water Deep Purple 1993 Heart-Shaped Box Nirvana
1994 Infected Bad Religion 1975 Rock and Roll All Nite Kiss
1983 Shout at the Devil Mötley Crüe 1987 Talk Dirty to Me Poison
1994 Erotomania Dream Theater 1983 Holy Diver DIO
2003 Mercury Clutch 1980 Breaking the Law Judas Priest
1976 Jailbreak Thin Lizzy 1980 Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne
1983 The Trooper Iron Maiden 1991 Symphony of Destruction Megadeth
1993 Rooster Alice in Chains 1991 Monkey Business Skid Row
1977 Cat Scratch Fever Ted Nugent 2016 Hardwired Metallica
1982 Princess of the Dawn Accept 1986 The Widdershins Gig Skyclad
1981 Denim and Leather Saxon 2002 Warriors of the World Manowar
2011 The Devil's Orchard Opeth 1993 Beyond Good and Evil At the Gates
1980 Back in Black AC/DC 2005 Love You to Death Type O Negative
1973 The Ocean Led Zeppelin 2006 Crystal Skull Mastodon
1982 Countess Bathory Venom 1980 Am I Evil? Diamond Head
2000 Xeper Vader 1996 Graves of the Fathers Cryptopsy
1980 Ace of Spades Motörhead 2002 Final Resistance Dark Tranquility
1993 I Am The Black Wizards Emperor 2002 Never Gonna Stop Rob Zombie
1980 Living After Midnight Judas Priest 2004 Conquer All Behemoth
2002 Spheres Of Madness Decapitated 1986 Zombie Ritual Death
2004 Festering in the Crypt Cannibal Corpse 2002 Toxicity System of a Down
1990 War Inside My Head Suicidal Tendencies 2006 Freya The Sword
2004 Ashes of the Wake Lamb of God 2007 Anarchy in the U.K. Sex Pistols
1990 10001110101 Clutch 2002 Cochise Audioslave
1990 Cherry Pie Warrant 1985 Madhouse Anthrax
1990 Cowboys from Hell Pantera 1991 Even Flow Pearl Jam
1987 Welcome to the Jungle Guns N' Roses 1991 Enter Sandman Metallica
1991 No More Tears Ozzy Osbourne 1968 Crossroads Cream
1989 Higher Grounds Red Hot Chili Peppers 2001 Fat Lip Sum 41
1998 Dragula Rob Zombie 1990 Stop Jane's Addiction
1978 Hell Bent for Leather Judas Priest 1975 Megalomania Black Sabbath
2000 Stellar Incubus 2004 Before I Forget Slipknot
1974 Stone Cold Crazy Queen 1982 Hallowed Be Thy Name Iron Maiden
1986 Possessed by Fire Exumer 1989 Beneath the Remains Sepultura
2004 War Is My Shepherd Exodus 2005 Chop Suey! System of a Down
2008 Evil Mercyful Fate 1984 Voivod Voivod
1989 Eliminiation Overkill 2005 Stricken Disturbed
1987 Over the Wall Testament 1995 Dante's Inferno Iced Earth
1990 Psychobilly Freakout Reverend Horton Heat 1986 Angel of Death Slayer
2015 Victory or Die Motörhead 2003 Bring Me To Life Evanesence
2001 Click Click Boom Saliva 2000 Papercut Linkin Park
1998 Freak on a Leash Korn 2000 Down With the Sickness Disturbed
1998 Bawitdaba Kid Rock 2004 American Idiot Green Day
1979 Highway to Hell AC/DC 1971 Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin
2001 Bodies Drowning Pool 1987 Welcome to the Jungle Guns N' Roses
1990 Painkiller Judas Priest 1987 Escape to the Void Sepultura
1982 Fast as a Shark Accept 1987 Over the Wall Testament
1988 Hello from the Gutter Overkill 1985 Strike of the Beast Exodus
1988 Masked Jackal Coroner 1987 I Am the Law Anthrax
2006 Beast and the Harlot Avenged Sevenfold 1990 Cliffs of Dover Eric Johnson
1983 Heavy Metal Maniac Exciter 1986 Master of Puppets Metallica
1990 Holy Wars... the Punishment Due Megadeth 2006 Scorched Spawn of Possession
1987 You Suffer Napalm Death 1991 Jesus Built My Hotrod Ministry
2004 Frantic Disembowelment Cannibal Corpse 2017 Reanimator Terrifier
2011 Locust Machine Head 2005 B.Y.O.B. System of a Down
1991 Rise Pantera 2006 Through the Fire and Flames Dragonforce
1991 Killing in the Name Rage Against the Machine 2015 Empire of the Clouds Iron Maiden
2005 Bat Country Avenged Sevenfold 2006 American Witch Rob Zombie
2000 One Step Closer Linkin Park 1999 Voodoo Godsmack
1978 Rock 'n' Roll Damnation AC/DC 1995 Brain Stew Green Day
2011 Locust Machine Head 1993 American Jesus Bad Religion
2001 Left Behind Slipknot 1970 I'm Eighteen Alice Cooper
2003 Right Now Korn 2001 Punk Gorillaz
2010 You Will Know Our Names Nintendo 2005 Still More Fighting Square Enix
2013 Dirty & Beauty / F-L-O-W-E-R Nintendo 1991 Forgotten Temple B1F ESTsoft Corp.
2014 Final Destination Ver. 2 Nintendo 1998 Holy Orders Atlus
2001 Live & Learn SEGA 2006 Burn My Dread Atlus
2006 His World (Crush 40 Mix) SEGA 2006 The Battle for Everyone's Souls Atlus
2009 Knight of the Wind SEGA - Instrumental Medley* Metallica


  • The game's title "Metal Militia" and tagline originate from the song of the same name by the band Metallica, which has a central role in the game's metal scene design overall.
  • The game has been noted for religiously offensive and emotionally offensive imagery due to how true to the metal scene Metal Militia attempts to be as a whole.
    • When questioned by concerned fans, director Athena Hawkins stated that they were merely keeping true to the more hardcore elements of the metal scene, where bands such as Motörhead or Slayer collected Nazi memorabilia. They never did such out of sympathy, but merely due to their aesthetic and design.
    • A clean version of the game, featuring no offensive imagery, is available through the options menu, which removes most offensive content and makes the game enjoyable for everyone.
  • The battle-based aspects of gameplay are inspired by the multiplayer competitive contests featured in Guitar Hero: Metallica.

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