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Metal Mario to Metal Luigi in Fantendo².

Metal Mario

Metal Mario is the metallic version of Mario created by The Enemy. His brother is Metal Luigi.


Metal Mario was created by The Enemy before the events of Super Smash Bros. Melee as an attempt to make a new, powerful minion. The Enemy simply fused parts of Mario's spirit that he had gotten from an unknown source and pure metal to make him. In addition to these two ingredients, he used one, all-important factor: Madness. When Metal Mario was finished, he was a sadistic, yet calm entity that wanted nothing more than to vanquish Mario. Soon after, The Enemy created Metal Luigi using the same ingredients. After Metal Luigi's creation, he sent them to Final Destination to try and destroy heroes for his enjoyment. After their failure, The Enemy got angry at them and locked the Metal Bros. in a small metal box, where the two went mad for several years. Now, in the present day, The Enemy has released the sadistic Metal Bros. on a new mission...





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