Metal Locked v2
ML 3D 2
Full Name "Locke"
Current Age Immortal
Gender N/A
Location None
Current Status Alive
Class Hunter
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Heart of Steel
Vulnerable To N/A
Latest Appearance Ultimate End

Metal Locked v2 is a robot most famous for being a host of Fandemonium. Since having competed in the London Olympics with Sonic, Clyde and Mario, he had an upgrade much similar to Metal Sonic, as of now, he is working with Hiro, Tara, Gaia and Aura in the Ion Army.

"Locke", as it is sometimes called was once considered to be the king of Iron City because Locke constantly talks about leaving home after the upgrade, Locke describes his former home as a giant metal city, filled with technology from before it's own time.


In Fandemonium, Locke and Steel the Chameleon were hired by the producers to set up the titular reality show. Locke treated the imprisoned contestants rather badly, but not badly enough- at the climax of episode 30, he was knocked unconscious and replaced by a sinister duplicate sent by the producers to be a more effective and ruthless version of Locke.
He returns later, helping the other inhabitants of the mansion defeat the duplicate. Recently, Metal Locked was revealed to have been hypnotized by The Yellow Eyed Man for an unknown period of time, causing him to become even crueler than usual.