Metal Independece
Developer(s) Icy Cold Gaming Industries
Publisher(s) Icy Cold Gaming Industries
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Crossover Fighting
Series Metal Independence
Predecessor None
Successor Metal Independence 2
"Metal Independence" is an upcoming crossover fighting game for the PC. The game is a collab between various companies and Icy Cold Gaming Industries, and will feature many different characters and stages. The game will feature characters that are all robots, hence the title of the game. The game is planned to have a multi-platform sequel, currently titled "Metal Independence 2."


The game seems to take after Mortal Kombat in the fighting department, but has a lot of new features added. The game includes seperate minigames, which will be listed below. All minigames can give you coins, which can be used to unlock collectables and stages, and even a special teaser for the sequel.

No Strings is a minigame featuring the robot, Ultron. In the game, Ultron must lead his army of Ultron Bots to attack the Egg Fleet, controlled by Metal Sonic. You must use the mouse (or Mousepad) to aim the Ultron Bots so they can attack the Egg Fleet. When you win, you see the Egg Fleet crash down.


Starter Robots

There are 6 starter robots, with all 6 being comfirmed already.

Image And Name Franchise Description



Avengers smash logo Ultron is a robot created by Hank Pym, aka Ant Man, to save the world. Ultron eventually turned bad on his own instinct. He can use alot of his regular attacks, along with Ultron Bots.


Metal Sonic

SSB Sonic Series Metal Sonic is considered to be Eggman's best creation, but constantly turns against his own creator. Metal Sonic is as fast as Sonic, can shoot lazers and electricity, and even do his own little Spin Dash.

Toy Bonnie

Toy Bonnie

Fnaf Icon New You wanted Freddy? Or regular Bonnie? NOPE. WE NEED A SLIGHTLY CUTE ROBOT. Toy Bonnie can use his guitar to attack, along with facial recognition software to identify you.

B-2superbattledroid 1Battle Droid

Battle Droid/Super Battle Droid


Without the Super Battle Droid, these guys would be pretty weak. They can use an E-5 Blaster Pistol and a Single Trooper Aerial Platform.

The Super Battle Droid is a B1 Battle Droid, only stronger. They can use a rocket launcher, a plasma cannon, and even tight-spray flamethrower.

Pink Gold Peach MK8

Pink Gold Peach

SSBMarioEmblem Pink Gold Peach is widely hated by Mario Kart fans. She is now evil because Wynaut? She uses randomly generated karts to drive over her rivals.


Sonichu The Tool

SSB Sonic SeriesPokemonSymbolSSBV I know I said only metal things/robots, but Sonichu is a COMPLETE TOOL..WHICH IS METAL. (Oooooooh.) Sonichu can MACH PUNCH old ladies, hate on gays, and use Sonic and Pikachu attacks...what a twat.

Unlockable Robots

Like starters, there are 6 unlockable characters. Only 3 have been comfirmed.

Image And Name Franchise Description How To Unlock


Air Man

SSB Mega Man Symbol Can YOU defeat Air Man? Eh, maybe you can. Air Man attacks with, what else, air?...That's about it...CAN YOU DEFEAT! AIR MAN?!?! Play as Metal Sonic 2 times.



Mortal kombat smash logo Cyrax is a robot straight from Mortal Kombat, and a damn good one, too. He can use an energy net, timed explosives, and Funky Spin Kicks. Unlock the "FATALITY" challenge and beat Cyrax.



Roboticon ROB used to be a toy robot, then he got transported into the game world. He can use tops and race in a Mario Kart. Complete the "Toys To Life" challenge and fight ROB.

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