You were probably looking for the user Metal Chaos or the first party company Metal Chaos Inc.


Metal Chaos's present appearance.

Lychee "Metal Chaos" Broccoflower
is a robot designed like Chaos and was originally a Chao. When he was a Chao, he had the ability to fly higher and longer than other Chao that existed. In his robot from, he has the ability to fly (because he has a jet pack attached to his back), shoot lasers from his hands, can talk in full sentences rather than "Chao", and destroy other robots and mechanics by using his mind. Even though he was turned to a robot by Dr. Eggman, he is still good and on Sonic's and friends' side. He is also about 3 feet tall.



Lychee when he was a Chao.

One day in Mobius, a Chao named Lychee wanted to go on an adventure. While his mother was making dinner, Lychee set off into their backyard and climbed over the fence blocking the woods and entered. While he was looking around for sticks and flying carefully, Lychee spotted one of Eggman's Egg-Robos! Lychee dropped the sticks as he was looking left to right briskly and worried. He stopped a tree and flew faster than a normal chao, but the Egg-Robo spotted Lychee. The Egg-Robo blasted off to catch Lychee, the Egg-Robo came closer, closer and closer! Lychee decided to exit but before he could get to the fence, the Egg-Robo grabbed his legs and zoomed off to Eggman's base. Lychee woke up, and found out he was trapped in a chair with handcuffs chained on the chair so he couldn't escape. Lychee found out he was in a dark room with a light bulb on the ceiling, showing Lychee trapped. It was not long until dozens of lights turned on, showing the whole construction robot room. Dr. Eggman walked up to him and said "You are going to have a new face, little one! Hahahahahahahahaha!" Eggman pulled out all different kinds of robot parts. When Eggman finished the robot he opened a slot from the robot's head an instered Lychee inside. Robotnik drilled the head so Lychee couldn't escape. "I shall call you Metal Chaos!" announced Ivo. Lychee inside Metal could control Metal Chaos. Lychee shot off back to his home as Dr. Eggman yelled, "Dang it! Dang it! Nooooooooooooooooooo!" When Lychee's mom yeled that dinner was ready, Lychee came near the house. His mom screamed, but knew that he was Lychee. "Chao chao chao, chao? (Go with Sonic and your friends. I will leave food for you every point of the day, okay?"  "Okay, mother," said Metal as he dashed off to Sonic and his friends and all of them had several adventures.


  • Lychee's first name is a fruit, and his last name is a vegetable.