Rising Pheonix


Alike all other beings she resides in this eternal future, unlike other beings however she doesn't have any desire to live in it. Saisei is a robot who has lost all purpose of living on doing the same thing over and over, she joined the Arena beacuse it gave her a false sense of purpose, but perhaps she'll find her true purpose?

When it comes to connecting with others Saisei is terrible at interaction and prefers to be alone due to her outlook on life, she is however respectful and contains an infinite amount of determination.


Saisei is a beserker meant to be played recklessly with no remorse and using the respawn system to her advantage. Upon death she will burst into flame as a last ditch attack, this is really powerful so it's best to go all out on opponents even if you may end up dying. For more exprienced players, Saisei can use her Falling Phoenix special to overhaet her reactor, raising her power greatly at the cost of slowly killing her, which leads to a grand explosion. After all, why hold back when you have nothing to lose?







Power Attack

Rush Attack

Ariel Attack

Strong Ariel Attack

Glorious Special:

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