This is a list of upgrades Metal Sonic and Neo Metal Sonic can achieve and purchase in Metal (2013 game).

Health Upgrades

Upgrade Cost
Starting Health Default
Recovery Boost 250 Points
Health Increase 350 Points
Health Increase 2 500 Points
Titanium Plating 700 Points
Recovery Boost 2 800 Points
Health Increase 3 1,450 Points
Recovery Boost 3 1,950 Points
Blessed Armor 2,500 Points

Chaos Upgrades

Power Cost Description Chaos Drainage Requirements
Chaos Control Default Allows Metal to teleport using Chaos Powers. Light Get a Chaos Emerald.
Control Boost 450 Points Upgrades Chaos Control, allowing Metal to teleport farther. Light Achieve Chaos Control.
Chaos Blast None Allows Metal to make an explosion around him. Medium Get the fifth Emerald and defeat the Egg Golem II.
Blast Boost 650 Points Upgrades Chaos Blast, making the explosion go farther. Medium Achieve Chaos Blast.
Blast Training 800 Points Upgrades Chaos Blast, making it do more damage. Medium Achieve Chaos Blast.
Chaos Spear 750 Points Allows Metal to throw a spear of energy at foes. Light/Medium Buy Blast Boost and Control Boost
Boomerang Spear 950 Points Makes Chaos Spear go farther. Light/Medium Buy Chaos Spear.
Spear Training 800 Points Makes Chaos Spear use less Chaos Powers. Light Buy Chaos Spear.
Chaos Impact 1,250 Points Makes Metal punch the ground with an Emerald, making an earthquake. Medium/Heavy Get to Chapter 7, "The Egg".
Chaos Inferno 1,500 Points Makes Metal send out a blazing attack. Heavy Finish the story.
Chaos Punishment 2,000 Points Makes Metal strike extremely powerful blows at enemies in quick succession. Heavy Buy Blast Training and Chaos Impact.

Attack Upgrades

Attack Cost Description Requirements Neo Exclusive?
Homing Attack Default You should know by now. None. No.
Basic Claw Default Metal scratches a foe with his claw. None. No.
Iron Claw 250 Points Improves Basic Claw. None. No.
Steel Claw 400 Points

Improves Iron Claw.

Buy Iron Claw. No.
Titanium Claw 750 Points Improves Steel Claw. Buy Steel Claw and get two Emeralds. No.
Power Kick Default Metal kicks the enemy with his foot. None. No.
Rapid Kick 300 Points Improves Power Kick, making it faster. None. No.
Kick Training 450 Points Improves Power Kick. None. No.
Master Kick 700 Points Improves Kick Training and Rapid Kick. Buy all the Power Kick upgrades. No.
Flamethrower 900 Points Metal shoots a barrage of flames from his wrist. Get 3 Emeralds. No.
Blue Flames 1,350 Points Metal shoots out blue flames, doing more damage. Buy Flamethrower. No.
Machine Gun Cannon 1,600 Points Metal wears a cannon on his right shoulder, and it shoots out bullets in rapid speed. Get 3 Emeralds. No.
Dual Cannons 2,100 Points Metal can use two cannons at once. Buy Machine Gun Cannon. No.
Martial Arts 700 Points Makes all melee attacks do more damage. Buy Steel Claw and Kick Training. No.
Electric Burst 1,450 Points Metal uses a Chaos Blast, but deals less damage and shocks enemies. Buy Blast Boost. No.
Laser Scope 2,400 Points Metal shoots two lasers out his eyes, dealing damage to enemies. Very good for taking out large groups. Get five Emeralds. No.
Scope Upgrade 4,800 Points Makes Laser Scope do more damage, and be used from far away. Buy Laser Scope and use it on 100 enemies. No.
Neo Scope 6,400 Points Double the range, double the power, double the speed. Buy Scope Upgrade and beat the story. Yes.
Lightning Bolt 10,000 Points Neo Metal Sonic shoots out a giant lightning bolt, doing massive damage to enemies. Beat the story. Yes.
Lightning Bolt 2 13,500 Points

Neo uses two lightning bolts, making it double the power.

Buy Lightning Bolt. Yes.
Ultimate Upgrade 50,000 Points Improves all upgrades, making it more speed, more damage, and more range. Buy all the upgrades. No.

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