MetalMan is a puzzle game by Metroidfan01 (tbc) for the DS. It stars MetalMan and is the first game in the MetalMan series.


In the year 2020, an evil scientist takes control of the earth government, manipulating it to create solar weapons to use for his own diabolical uses. Soon, an anti-government organization known simply as M.E.C.H. formed to stop them. They constructed MECH-1, dubbed The Metal Man, to destroy the solar weapons and restore peace to earth.


The gameplay is simple, it is made up of two types of puzzles, Navigation, and Brawl. In Navigation, which make up the majority of the game, you move grey, "path", bricks around to create paths to clear the level. In Brawl, you move colored bricks, called weapon bricks, into groups of four or more to attack bosses. The weapon bricks are created by shooting your arm blaster.


  • MetalMan
  • Doctor Wikowsky

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