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This article describes Meta Knight's role in Kirby: Power Struggle.

Meta Knight is depicted as the trainer in the game. He owns a dojo that allows you to upgrade your abilinexes.

He is a playable character as well.

Image Attack Ability HP Unlocked Perk Rage Ability
Meta Knight Icon SSB5

Galaxia Slice

985 damage

Has a 25% chance of stunning target for 3 turns.

Dimensional Cape

Has a 90% chance of dodging attacks.

Lasts 3 turns.

1050 Shadow Forest Level 15


Dodges melee attacks.

Shuttle Loop

Target takes 1350 damage. Other enemies take 950 damage.


  • Deals high damage.
  • Dimensional Cape is very useful against crowds of enemies.
  • Has highe HP.


  • Unlocked late in the game.

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