Chapter 1: A Hunting Trip

Dalax Valstone lay in bed on a warm summer morning. He imagined that his father was out hunting. Dalax rose from his bed and wondered downstairs. His mother, the High King Dadada and his son, Prince Dedede's cook, was preparing breakfast. Dalax grabbed a bowl of Apple and Max Tomato Porridge, ate, and left to help his father hunt game for the royal breakfast.

"Morning Dalax" came the familliar cheerful, content voice of Kirby. He was only 5, but Kirby Puffanius had already decided he wanted to be Dalax Valstone when he grew up.

" Are you going out hunting?"

"Yes, Kirby I am." Replied Dalax

"Can I come?"

Dalax thought.

"No Kirby,Your'e too young."

Kirby turned away dejectedly

"But, seeing as i am getting apples from wispy woods, you can tag along."

"REALLY! NO JOKING" squealed the pink puffball

"yes. No joking"

They set out into the Green Greens. As they traversed a field field Kirby cried

"Look Dalax, your dads sword!"

Dalax turned and saw Galaxia Sticking out of the ground. Then he saw a rustling shape move towards it in the grass. Dalax motioned to Kirby to be quiet. Dalax crept forward, drawing his sword and leapt apon the shape.


"Dedede?" Asked Kirby.

"Yes its me!"

"What were you doing with my fathers sword?" demanded Dalax

"Its my Sword. I found it!" cried Dedede.

"i'll duel you for it then. One-on-One."

"Fine" retorted Dedede."To make it fair you can use Galaxia"

"OH MY GOD!" cried Kirby "THIS IS AWESOME!"

He pulled a deckchair, some Coke, popcorn, a hot dog and an Apple from his backpack.

"Comfortable, Kirby? asked Dalax.

"Yep!" replied Kirby holding a foam finger."I'm rooting for you."

"Good," smiled Dalax, "EN-GUARDE!"

He lunged at Dedede, barely missing. Dedede whipped out a hammer and swung at Dalax, who leapt back like a gzelle. Dalax then swiped at Dedede's feet. The Prince jumped into the air and fell, almost squahing Dalax. In the one man crowd, Kirby furiously munched on popcorn. He then proceeded to film the battle. Dedede swung the hammer downwards. Dalax then jumped onto it, ran up the handle and kicked Dedede over

"Do you yeild?" he asked

"Fine. I yeild" cried Dedede.

As Dalax and Kirby marched onwards, Dalax beagan to wonder how his father could have lost his sword.

"And it was so cool when you jumped on his hammer and Dedede was all like No don't hurt me Dalax and you were all like Yeah im so awesome and i was all like YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! MUch MUNCh MUNCH." wittered kirby. Dalax then heard a faint growling and a fire lion bounded towards them. With Dalax,s fathers hunting cape hang from its mouth. His fathers mask on its back. Both bloodstained.

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