Meta Knight's Adventure is a brilliant game idea for children who are sick and tired of Kirby and would rather be someone different. It is fun, however, and fits great time for them to enjoy themselves in.

The story starts at the top turret of a castle, with a blue tower in the shape of a human sitting there. Then, a fifteen-year-old boy emerges from the tower and swipes with a golden sword, before flying into the night.


Meta Knight-Player 1

Sword Knight-Player 2

Mace Knight-Player 3

Axe Knight-Player 4


Whispy Woods

Paint Roller

Grand Doomer

Adeleine (Ice Dragon, Dark Matter, Mega Titan, Kracko)




Poppy Brother Senior

Mr. Frosty

Captain Vul



Peanut Plains

Marrow Mansion

Cocoa Cave

Melon Mountain

Icecream Isle

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