'Meta-Form 2: KiloBot's Revenge'
Old logo by LegendaryIce (tbc)
Developer(s) Futurastic Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U, rereleased with Meta-Form (Game) for the Evo-Gem
Release Date(s)
20 november 2012 (All country for Wii U), 2016 (Evo-Gem)
Adventure, Battle Mode, Challenges
Age Rating(s)
E10+ for cartoon violence
Genre(s) 2.5D/3D Platformer
Series Meta-Form (Series)
Media Included Wii U disc, Evo-Gem disc
Meta-Form 2: KiloBot's Revenge is the second main game of the Meta-Form series (third if Stelog's Betrayal counted) and is the sequel of the first one. Unlike the two previous games, it is a 3D Adventure and have multiple characters, which up to four players can play together, and "hearts" are replaced by HPs.

There are 4 default characters and four unlockable, plus two unlockables exclusive for the re-release. The gameplay is familair of Super Mario Madness but with different goals. It was first released for the Wii U at February 12th 2012 then ongoing to be re-released for the Evo-Gem with the same first game for 2016.

Playable Characters

Moondusk and Sunshine are exclusive for the Evo-Gem re-release version.


Character Description Special Attacks Ability

Meta-Form returns with his friends! He must investigate the mysterious assault of Iouga...

He uses the Fight Element but changes Element via Transformation.

Charge Punch: Meta will charge his fist to do a powerful punch. Stationary, but deadly against most foes.

Sum-hotto: Shoot a smashing laser to destroy faraway obstacle and enemies. Element changes depended on forms.

Transform: Swap into Fire Form, Water Form and Thunder Form. Doable via Wii U Pad Touch Screen or D-Pad for Wii Remote or Wii U Pad.

Meta-Form's best buddy. While physically weak, he got awesome mental power and uses Psychic Element.

His ability can even protect him from Dark and Light Elements, espeacilly Luniar and Doppelight.

Mental Ray: Shoot a mental-outraging ray from his mind. Weak but 50% chance of confusion.

Strategic Cannon: Shoots a strong, fast exploding rectangular-shaped aura.

No Dark-Light: Halves Dark and Light attacks. Immune to secondary effects from any Dark and/or Light attacks.

The adventourous yet hotheaded sister of the hero. She cannot transform but she have better jump and agility than her short-tempered brother.

She uses the Love Element to dupe male foes...even those who attacked her.

Cute Rush: Rushes at foes with full of cuteness. Makes males foes In-Love by 50%.

Heart Shot: Shoot a heart-shaped beam at a foe. Makes the latter one In-Love by 50% (if it is a male that is)

Sharp Cuteness: If a male foe hit her with a contact attack, the that foe will be In-Love by 75%.

The Leaf Elite of Tobor. Kindhearted and rabbit-like personality, he have high speed and jumps really high.

With the Leaf Element, he can drain water floors, and his sword can cut any trees.

Carrot Cut: Swing his carrot-like sword to cut out enemies and thin obstacles.

Leaf Wind: Throw multiple leaves at distant enemies. Handy against invasion of enemies.

Water Drainer: Can drain water floors and attacks by using Leaf Element.


Character Description Special Attacks Ability

The tiny noob of the group. Highly noisy and arrogent, he pushed the others to frustrations. He uses the Fire Element and can easily scares foes away with "Annoying".

He is unlocked by beating the first boss.

Weirdo Flame: Fires a fireball by just yelling. He yells "N00B!" or rarely "Junk!!" to do so. Powerful and handy against tough foes.

Burst Slam: Bodu Slam himself into the ground with spreading flames. Good when near numberous enemies.

Annoying: Makes foes to run away by 30% chance.
Freezebot The freezing robot with a big TV screen as his face. Using the Ice Element, he can turn of fires and freezes water. He is the elder brother of Denity.

He is unlocked by beating the second boss.

Freezeshot: Shoot a freezing beam to hurt enemies and freezes them by 25%.

Cold Slam: Body slam at foes. Freezes them by 30%.

Freezer's Body: If a foe made a contact attack with Freezebot, that foe will be frozen by 45%.
Junkins The trash who tried to be servant of humans. Using the Fight Element, he can smash solid structures and obstacles with one to few hits. He also the best defense, become invincible when using the Block (Zr or Z). He is also used for extra stockage.

He was unlocked by beating the third boss.

Junk-Smasher: Swing his sword-hand to destroy most obstacle, and hurts enemies.

Cogshot: Throw a solid cog. Can stun a foe by 35%.

Extra-Storage: Can store double the maximum of items he can carry.
Astereion The shy, calm and a bit distant robot. He can only friendly to people who he trusts. From the cosmos and born by the metallic asterioid that landed on Tobor, he picked curiousity of scientists and hides until things solved. He got also a serious grudge against Arcanus, when the latter on got chased by Astereion.

He uses the Cosmic Element and is unlocked during the Iouga battle 2.

Star Bomb: Astereion throws an explosive and superpowerful but slow bomb. Causes Distorted by 40%.

Distort Rush: Rushes at foes with power of space, hence the name. Causes Distorted by 35%.

Powerful Space: His attacks cannot be resisted.
Moondusk The former KiloBot worker who is usually with his sister, Sunshine. He is strong, skilled and a bit smart, but can be very impulsive. The power of darkness he uses is nothing compares to his cognitive system of gold, and whoever dares to harm his friends and sister will face his warth. Dark Body Slam: Moondusk will jump (if he is on the ground) and falls on his targets, causing heavy damage and temporarily flatten the foes.

Shadow Waves: Moondusk send up three waves of darkness at his foes. There is a 10% chance of each hit that the foes would be flinched.

Avenging System: Shall an ally is taken out, Moondusk will have his Berserk meter boosted at 50%.
Sunshine Another former KiloBot worker who tend to be around with her brother, Moondusk. She is a cunning and savvy mind that can work a lot to outsmart her foes, but she is a bit narcissistic and only minds of her friends if she, Moondusk or they get into danger. Whoever hurt her brother will receive a blinding sight... Blinding Glare: While weak, she can blind her foes for several seconds by using it. This Special Attack only cost little Special Battery energy the first use, but it consumes more the more times it is used in a row.

Exploding Glitters: She unleashes a powerful light sphere that exploded into glitters which actually deals a heavy damage to foes. It have a chance to blind her foes by a chance of 20%.


Normal Bosses

These are normal bosses where you need to defeat them. The Special Attacks are attacks with secondary effects.

Character Description Special Attacks Ability World
Iouga The giant Metal Robot. Having a tiki mask and two drills that can transform into hands, he can also throw junks at heroes. He can be defeated when his face received sufficent hits after his mask got broken. He was fought twice and is the first member of the Feared Four. Drill Kill

Junk Throw

Solid Mask: Protect his weakness, his face, unless such mask is destroyed. World 1
Tick-Tock The clock-like Time Robot. While actually more intellegent than his leader, Seducy, he is traitorous and betrayed other members multiple times, yet he is still part of the Bad Bots. He is weak offensively and defensively, but he can time travelling to fix his errors. He is the second member of the Feared Four.

Clock Arrows

Slow Claw

Cheatsy Time: Time travels to get rid of his most recent damage. World 2
Arcanos The seemely Death Robot with no feels nor feelings. Being the 3rd member of the Feared Four, he'll only obey Sedacy and KiloBot. However, he got a more gruesome goal than any members, even than KiloBot's; exterminate humanity. Too bad for him, he got frailed by Astereon.

Creeps Feels

Sinister Attack

Death Call: Summons ghosts to serves him as shield. Useless against Elemental Attacks. World 3 (Rematch at World 7)
Sedacy The leader of the Feared Four, and usually second-in-command to King Cube KiloBot. Her appearence tend to be attractive to other robots and even other sentient creatures, but she is also quite good at fighting. She also believe that KiloBot is her biggest idol, which flatters quite much for the Bad Bot King...

Beauty Deceive

Harsh Slap

Reinforcement: Summons enemies when damaged enough. World 4 and 8.
King Cube KiloBot The king of Bad Bots himself, in metal-skin and golden armor. This time, he is tougher to deal with now that he have ultra-high-tech orbs called Skilletons that drastically changes his shape and gains new abilities. You got it why this is called "KiloBot's Revenge"! Varies between Skilletons Varies between Skilletons Every last level of each Worlds, excluding bonus Stages.

Special Guests (Spoilers Alart!)

The secret bosses of the game. They are from other series than Meta-Form and are optional. In the rerelease, Zouméras's appearence had changed to match his apppearence from Battle of Bracelet 4: Overlight Truth.

Character Description Special Attacks Ability World

What? It's one of those villains from Battle of Bracelets...

He seems superbly powerful, but he is slighly slow, so you can run away when he is using a strong physical attack.

Multiple, including Rainbow Apocalypse.

Killing Soul: If Zouméras missed, his attack will be boosted by 1.5 the next time. ???
Valdrika The seductive succubus from another planet.

While being sexy in a way, her appearence doesn't seems to affect the robots, atleast not for long. Her lust power can be actually somewhat damaging...

Multiple, most attacks involving darkness and some as love.

Attractive Devil: Any physical attack that damages Valdrika would also make the character in "Lust", which is much shorter than attraction but also somehow periodically damage the victim. ???